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Happy New Year!  I always enjoy the fresh start and blank slate that a new year brings, do you?  I’m not a huge “new year resolution” but I do like to make goals and lists! Smile  I have been just so excited for it to January and be back to home projects.  I love the months of January and February because there is no yard work to be done and its sort of hibernate season becasue it is cold, which means I have lots of time spent inside getting things done.

So I went back and looked at my home goals for 2017 and was actually surprised at how much I got done on a pretty massive list.  I sometimes feel like we have so much more to do, and frustrated/ashamed that we have lived here for so long and don’t have every room at least to phase 1, but then I have to look back at where we came from and see that I really have gotten quite a bit done doing pretty much all of it myself with a 1 year old helper Smile.

So let’s go back and see what I had on my list for 2017

1. Guest room – phase 1 (paint room, paint furniture, arrange and decorate)DONE!  I tackled this room back in January of 2017 and got it to guest ready phase 1.  I have a lot of other things I would like to do in here but want to complete the other not worked on at all rooms in our house first before I circle back to work on this room.

0  IMG_5930

2. Nursery – finish and reveal (paint, add organization to closet, do accent wall of wood, build shelves, curtains, decorate) – DONE!

I installed a wall of faux shiplap, built those shelves, installed a closet system, added curtains and decor and this room was done! Smile

Gray and white girls nursery-9

3. Guest bathroom – finish (paint room, paint cabinets, build shelves, build towel rack, frame in mirror, add finishing touches)DONE!

This was the other room I completed during a $100 room challenge.  And I just love how it turned out!  We may eventually circle back and replace faucets, lighting, flooring but this room is so much better than it was!

guest bathroom before  DSC_0271

4. Laundry room – phase 1 (paint room, add trim and storage/hooks on wall, new flooring)didn’t get this done

5. Mudroom hallway– (paint, add decor on walls) – DONE!

I tackled this for a $100 room challenge and it added so much function/storage and decor to this area.

Farmhouse Style Mudroom makeover (done for under $50!)

6. Kitchen – phase 1 (paint, blinds/curtains, new appliances), phase 2 (new flooring)DONE!

The kitchen and eat in kitchen underwent major transformations this past year!  All I had done going into 2017 was paint the walls – but then I refinished the table and chairs, added decor and curtains to the eat in area, we extended our wood flooring from the living room into this space, and I tackled painting the cabinets.

Eat in kitchen new paint and flooring-2  Eat in kitchen new paint and flooring-3


7. Living room – phase 1 (paint, curtains, add decor to wall), possibly phase 2 (new furniture and add built ins)phase 1 DONE!

We had the walls painted right when we moved in but it was a while before I got around to painting the trim.  I’ve added curtains and decor, and we actually added some new furniture right before Christmas that I’ll share soon!

One year later house tour-3-2

8. Office – (paint, add shelving and storage into closet, blinds, curtains, arrange room, organize and decorate)DIDN’T GET THIS DONE

I got this room painted and have added blinds and shelves in closet but it still needs a lot of organization and work!

9. Bonus room – paint, paint furniture, build headboards, arrange room75% DONE

I got a lot done in this room but it isn’t quite finished yet.  I need to build headboards, paint trim, possibly rearrange a few things and it will be finished.  I’ll share more of the projects I’ve worked on in this room soon.

One year later house tour-1-5

10. Attic – build shelves for storage – DONE!

I guess I actually squeaked this one in during the last week of 2017!  Still doing some organizing and rearranging and then I’ll share them!

So what’s my plan for 2018?

2018 Home Goals

1. Laundry room – paint, add cabinets and shelves above washer/dryer, add a large pantry cabinet or shelf, add some sort of wainscoting to walls in hall portion along with bench and hooks.  You can see I am already tackling the laundry portion of this room this month for a $100 room challenge.

2. Master bedroom – I honestly haven’t touched this room except to move our stuff in and add 2 things on the wall.  So this room needs to be painted, rearranged, build a headboard, possibly find some different furniture, add curtains and decor.

3. Master bathroom – again haven’t done anything except hang the shelves I had above our large tub for storage in our last house.  So this room needs to be painted, add frame around mirror, paint cabinet, add shelves above toilet, add curtains and decor.

4. Add coffee bar area in kitchen

5. Living room – new rug, do some kind of treatment to brick on fireplace, possibly do built ins in corner nook.

6. Finish bonus room – build headboards, paint trim, finish arranging and decorating

7. Finish office.  Do major sorting/organizing/purging, add curtains, paint desk, and add decor.

8. Work on landscaping in backyard.  We have a lot of work to do in the back yard and hoping we can make major progress on it this spring.  Stain fence, finish painting shed, clear some bushes, plant landscaping around pool, plant landscaping/roses along fence, landscape hill in front of pool, add firepit.

9. Work on back porch – just needs rearranging, possibly staining or painting the concrete, creating a towel/flip flop station for the pool, adding some decor.

10. Decide what we are going to do with front room/dining room – we have tossed around several ideas of not using this as a dining room but possibly a library/2nd living room or possibly even using as a dining room.  Just need to nail down what we want to do and I’d love to make some progress on accomplishing that this year.

11. Transition nursery into toddler/big girl room.  Awww.. I am so not ready to do this although a new room to decorate and plan is a little bit exciting.  But this will probably happen this summer after her 2nd birthday.  No big renovations just rearranging some things, adding toy storage, doing a bit of redecorating.

12. Create a workspace for me and my husband in the garage.  We are already working on this but it’s going to be a big process but I’ll share some our progress soon.

Another huge home goal I have this year is to BUILD!    I really want to challenge myself and learn how to build furniture and things we need for our house.  Tackling attic shelves last week was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to build more.  So I want to take the time to really learn how to build/use some new tools to me and I have a list of things I would like to build – rustic X style shelf for a coffee bar, floating shelves above the coffee bar, a worktable for me, bench for mudroom portion of laundry room, possibly a cabinet/shelf for in there too, headboards for bonus room twin beds, headboard for our bed, and possibly an entryway shelf/table.  Built-ins for living room along with a new coffee table and even a dining room table if we go that route are on the want to build list too but not sure I will get to those this year.

I am really looking forward to tackling all these projects this year!  As far as blog goals I also hope to post twice a week – life may sometimes get in the way and sometimes I am busy at work and don’t have much to share but I really do hope to post more and consistently.   I also hope to share some different kinds of posts like furniture refinishing 101 tips – a massive post on all I’ve learned in the last 8-10 years refinishing furniture, tips on where I find decor on a budget, more posts on how I save money in our home… things like that!  I would love to know some things you would love to see here on the blog, or have me write about.  Drop me an email or comment/message me on facebook.

Here’s to a productive 2018!!  I’d love to hear what you hope to accomplish in your home this year!


  1. Loved looking at all of the before and after pictures and would can’t wait to see what you do to your house this year! 🙂

  2. Donna Marie says:

    You are doing so much more than I did when I had a one-year-old!!!

  3. Can’t wait to see your laundry room, and whatever else you tackle in 2018!

  4. I miss your Friday Frugal Finds! Any chance of it making a return to the blog?!

  5. These are very ambitious goals! I am trying to get a toddler into a big girl bed, which has been challenging. And potty training too 🙂

  6. Hi!!! Your living room looks really amazing.

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