Modern Farmhouse Inspired Bathroom Makeover (One Room, One Month, $100 challenge reveal!)

My guest bathroom makeover is DONE!  I am so happy to have a pretty, welcoming bathroom and another room that is my style/taste/and finished for now in our fixer upper home. 


If you have been following along this month I have been participating along with 20+ other bloggers in a One Month, One Room, $100 challenge.  Erin over at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry started this challenge last year and it happens in various months throughout the year – you can read more about it here. But basically I had $100 and one month to makeover the room I chose which was this bathroom.

guest bathroom before


This bathroom by Lauren at Bless’er House was my inspiration since it was nearly identical in layout/size to mine and I just loved her makeover.

BlesserHouse farmhouse bathroom

And here’s how my turned out!


I so wanted to shoot all of the final reveal pictures with the lights off (I hate taking pictures with overhead lights on!) by doing this complicated method involving tripods, timers, lots of editing, and a lens that I don’t even have…but these shots are all I managed to get with a 10 month old baby crawling at my feet and a broken lens I had to hold on my camera to get it to work.  This bathroom has no windows and is in a hallway with no windows so it is pretty much pitch dark and almost impossible to shoot with no lights on.  Hopefully one day when I upgrade my camera I can reshoot this room and do it proper justice.

But these few shots show you what a soft green is on the walls (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt mixed in Behr paint) and the warmth of all the wood accents I added mixed with all the whites.


Now back to lights on.

Let’s go back and look the before and after again…

guest bathroom before

And now!


And this side of the room before…


And now!


I’ll just let you scroll through all the next pictures and then I’ll share links to all the projects and sources at the end.











You can find tutorials and more details on all the following DIY projects I completed in this room below:

As for all the items in the room here’s some sources for those:

  • paint color – SW Sea Salt mixed in Behr paint
  • shower curtain – Target
  • towels – Kohl’s
  • accessories – most came from my decor stash and some are yard sale finds
  • wood lantern – Aldi
  • potted plant on shelves – IKEA
  • potted greenery on counter – TJMaxx
  • rug – Kohls
  • shower rod – Kohls
  • shower curtain rings – not sure but I spray painted them ORB
  • cabinet hardware – D.Lawless Hardware

And here’s how the budget worked out:

  • Towel hooks – $7.47
  • stain for all wood projects – $8.48
  • pulls for cabinet – $9.90
  • framed mirror – $12.91
  • wood shelves – $17.76
  • paint for room, paint for cabinet, window – already had
  • shower curtain – $19.99 (on sale a few months back)
  • shower curtain rod and rug – $19 (with coupon and percentage off at Kohls)

And the total is $95.51.  Right under budget!  Not bad for painting an entire room and the cabinet, purchasing new cabinet pulls, buying a new curtain rod/shower curtain/rug, and building 3 different projects for the room too.

I really enjoyed participating in this challenge!  It kept me on task for the month and a deadline helped me work hard to get all the projects done and boy has it been a busy month!  I plan to do another One Room/$100 challenge soon!

I think you would be blown away to see what everyone else accomplished this month too – click through the links below to see all the other bloggers reveal their room that they completed this month.


  1. Heather B. says:

    Beautiful Christina! I loved watching the weekly transformation.
    The power of paint is unbelievable!

  2. You did a great job of transforming your bathroom. Now it expresses your personality and looks warm and inviting! I’m excited to see what you tackle next!

  3. Sandy Manning says:

    You amaze me. It looks fabulous. How do you do all this with a baby and then get dinner on?! Dinner is the thing that always slays me! Great job once again girl!

  4. Beautiful!! I’m so inspired to do a $100 makeover in my bathroom now lol. You did a fabulous job!

  5. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love how the bathroom turned out – what a transformation and so beautiful!! Love the projects you chose to update the bathroom, and also love the different elements you brought into the decor! Thanks for sharing…..

  6. The wood features, the paint on the walls,along with the white elements, and the accessories adding more natural elements- AMAZING!!!!
    Another home run!!!!

  7. it looks really gorgeous and so close to your inspiration room! And I think you did a great job with the photos under the circumstances!

  8. Sherri S. says:

    So pretty!! Love this room. Glad you shared


  9. It looks great! I especially love those floating shelves!

  10. Char Fisher says:

    The guest bathroom is absolutely beautiful! Another great job!

  11. Christina, I think you’re playing with us! This cannot be the same room! Whaaaaaat?? I’m simply in love with this bathroom. Can I be your guess? (joking!) Wow, great job. So many things done, it’s beautiful!
    Natalie recently posted..$100 Room Challenge – Bathroom makeover – Reveal!My Profile

  12. It doesn’t even look like the same bathroom! I love how it turned out… especially the shelves!
    Betsy @ Happily Ever After, Etc. recently posted..How to Upcycle a Washi Tape HolderMy Profile

  13. This turned out incredible! I love all the rustic elements that you made!!! Great job.

  14. You did a beautiful job!!! I love those shelves!
    Tracy recently posted..Boys Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover $100 Room Challenge Week 5My Profile

  15. NO WAY!!! I LOVE this room! You took that inspiration from Blesser House recreated it in your own space so perfectly. I cannot believe the difference. I think it’s so funny that you and I had such similar visions, and something we didn’t mention was the old window. I made a towel rack in my kids’ bathroom with an old window and hung pictures of my kiddos in it very similar to you 🙂 (but that was almost 18 months ago). I am SO glad you joined the challenge. Your makeover is amazing!
    Erin @ Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry recently posted..One Room Challenge: Introducing the OfficeMy Profile

  16. Both your bathroom makeover and images look fantastic! It can be SO hard to get good pictures of small spaces like that.

    You’ve inspired me to do a bathroom makeover to our next $100 Room Challenge in July!
    Ashley ~ 3 Little Greenwoods recently posted..How to Add Fabulous Curb Appeal with Flower Box IdeasMy Profile

  17. NO WAY!!! I LOVE this room! You took that inspiration from Blesser House recreated it in your own space so perfectly. I cannot believe the difference. I think it's so funny that you and I had such similar visions, and something we didn't mention was the old window. I made a towel rack in my kids' bathroom with an old window and hung pictures of my kiddos in it very similar to you 🙂 (but that was almost 18 months ago). I am SO glad you joined the challenge. Your makeover is amazing!.

  18. This is such a great post I really like the photos that you used great quality you gave me inspiration for my bathroom

  19. Jessica says:

    I’m in love with this remodel! Is the cabinet painted with the same color as the walls?

  20. Wow, what a makeover, it looks great! The pink bathroom was pretty awful 😛
    And for only $100 – impressive.
    Katy recently posted..Are Towel Warmers Worth It? – Some Things to Consider FirstMy Profile

  21. Love to colors! What color did you use on vanity? would love to do something like this in my bathroom.

  22. Love it! What color paint is on the vanity?

  23. I absolutely love what you’ve done! My bathroom is almost identical in layout, just flipped! This has definitely given me inspiration to update mine!

  24. Sherry Yoder says:

    What color is the bathroom vanity painted??

  25. I love this makeover!! What an awesome transformation. We have that paint color on our bathroom wall as well and I really love it. I will be participating in Erin’s next challenge. I can not wait!

  26. Kendra Thompson says:

    I absolutely love this and blown away that you kept it all under $100!! I would love to incorporate this same look in our (small) bathroom downstairs. Can you tell me what color you painted the vanity?

  27. What color did you use for the stain, and on the vanity?

  28. Misti Nevins says:

    What color is that cabinet? You have the exact same floor plan that I have for my guest bathroom and I love this color of the cabinet

  29. How did you do the floors?

  30. Can you tell me the dark color you painted the cabinet in the bathroom?

  31. Love the design, but the $100 is a bit deceiving. You had the paint. Paint would have cost around $40 for walls alone and then more for the cabinet. No cost listed for towels. Also, no cost listed for new hardware for cabinet. These can get expensive. Then I guess the decorations all are also not included. The wall accessory you also had. My husband is very handy and it will not take much at all for him build the shelves or towel rack. I can manage something like the window picture frame. I found a new shower curtain for about the same cost. I am looking at least $300 minimum for our bathroom remodel. So love the design, but no way is it possible for $100 unless you have most of the supplies.

  32. It says this is done with only $100. Not possible. She already had paint, and some decorations. Paint alone is $40 just for walls. Wood for shelves, mirror, shower curtain, rugs, hardware, towels, wall display etc. will be way over $100. Love the design, but the cost is not realistic.


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