Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

This past weekend we went to visit some close friends that live outside Charleston, SC.  My friend Molly blogs about all her frugal finds and how they are fixing up and decorating their new home at Pennies ‘N Grace.  Anyway, we both share a love for yard sales, thrift shopping, painted furniture, DIY, decorating, baking, pretty much everything!  So you know when we get together we plan a thrift shopping trip! 

I am so jealous of her area!  She has like 15 Goodwill’s in a 30 mile radius – unbelievable!  We visited 6 of them including a Goodwill outlet/clearance center and 2 other thrift stores. 

Here was my haul!

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

2 sweaters for me.

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

2 scarves – one was $1.49, the other was included in 4 other items that I paid $1.19 for TOTAL at the Goodwill clearance center!

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

Games – all of these were $2.00 or less since some of them were half off.

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

Pillows were high on my list to find – I was hoping to find several gray/white/teal ones for our bedroom makeover and maybe some fall/Christmas pillows too.  But I only came home with ONE pillow.  But I do like it and for $1.99 it was a great deal. 

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

This may seem insignificant but it was a HUGE find!  I broke one of the lids to my glass canister jars a month or so ago.  I bought a new jar at Walmart but held on to the extra jar hoping to find a replacement lid at a thrift store or online someplace.  My friend saw this one on a shelf and it was half off and only $0.49!  Yay!! 

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

The purple one will definitely get a spray paint makeover but I loved these bird cages for décor around the house and for shower/party decorations too.  They were $3 and $4 each. 

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

2 large latching glass jars which I have already put to use in my pantry – $2 each.  Found at separate Goodwill’s but they are basically matching!

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

And this was my last find – I was hoping to find some metal decorative wall pieces but only found this metal wall organizer thing.  Paid $7.50 for it thanks to my friends 25% coupon she had for Goodwill. 

Friday Frugal Finds–Goodwill shopping spree!

Every state’s Goodwill system is totally different – my stores are priced higher overall than hers, BUT one color tag is 1/2 off each week. (For example kids clothes are $2.92 here and $2.29 there)  Her stores are priced a bit lower, but no clothing is half off each week and housewares are numbered and anything below the # of the week is 1/2 off.  AND she has a rewards card for Goodwill – after 250 points you get a 25% off your entire purchase coupon!  Really wish Georgia Goodwill’s offered a reward card! 

How does your state’s Goodwill work – rewards cards, 1/2 off sales?

So that’s our finds – we had a super fun day shopping together!!  She got some Christmas presents for her kids too and found some good deals too.  Sure wish I had that many Goodwill’s in our area!   But I do love my Value Village so don’t think I would trade that for more Goodwill’s.

Have you ever done a Goodwill shopping spree day? 


  1. I was in Goodwill last week and I was surprised at what I found. I went in looking for some cheap shirts to repurpose into doll clothes. I was surprised to find that adult shirts were all priced at over $5. With careful shopping, you can get a brand new shirt for not much more. I will be buying new fabric since I can get a quarter or half yard for less than the cost of a used shirt.

    Are you seeing this at your Goodwill as well?

  2. That was so exciting reading about your Goodwill finds, and they’re all awesome. I honestly couldn’t pick out a favorite, you really scored. In Virginia, we have a “color” which is 50% off and the color changes weekly. We also have a card(s) which is stamped each time you donate, which when filled (4 stamps fills it) gives you 20% off. I’ve been donating a lot lately as I’ve been purging big time, so I currently have 3 cards waiting for a shopping trip. Within our Richmond area, we have 10 with another opening soon, plus an outlet, plus a Goodwill Boutique (high-end donations). Also numerous other thrifts. But is there anything better (less expensive) than a yard sale?! So many thrifty ways to shop.

    I’m new to reading your blog and really enjoying your posts.

    ~ Mary

  3. Do you ever shop Volunteers of America? It’s my absolute favorite AND on the last Tuesday of every month the ENTIRE STORE is 50% off. It’s awesome. I’ve brought home garbage bags full of clothes for all four of my boys for less than $50. Amazing! A lot of their kids clothes are already priced at 99¢, so half off that, etc! Love it!

  4. Our local goodwill, in Fort Worth,Tx has a rewards punch card, for every $10 you spend you get a punch. When you get 10 punches you get $10 off your purchase. They also have a certain color that is 1/2 price that week and will randomly do 50% off a certain categories. Our does the random sales around 6 or 7 on Friday nights and the sale only last for an hour

  5. Such great finds! Our Goodwill here in Central Florida has very FEW sales and are mostly over priced..unfortunately!

    Have a HAPPY weekend 🙂


  6. Great finds!! I really love that yellow & white scarf!
    Susie@homemaker-mom recently posted..How to Hang Pictures On Different Types of WallsMy Profile

  7. Love your Goodwill finds. I have two Goodwills near me and I frequent them often.
    Sharon recently posted..Thursday Thrifty Treasure Week 5My Profile

  8. Hello,

    I know I’m a little late to this blogpost, but I just stumbled upon it! Can you tell me what you do when you find secondhand decorative pillows? Do you wash them, and if so – how? I have always ignored pillows that are one piece (as in, I can’t remove the cover and launder it) at secondhand stores/sales because I imagine they are full of unknown mystery dirt/stuff! Can I just throw them in the washing machine? Thanks 😀


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