Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover (done for under $50!)

I have so enjoyed doing this little makeover on our mudroom/hallway!  This little space is like the hub of our home so I am in and out of it constantly all day.  And I just smile now every time I see it with the farmhouse touches, the organized storage space, and just finally looking pretty!

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-2

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-7

Farmhouse Style Mudroom makeover (done for under $50!)

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Let’s go back and look at the before so you can truly appreciate the after like I do! Smile This is what it looked like when we bought the house a year ago.

Hallway-mudroom before-2

Since then I had painted the walls (Wheat Bread by Behr), installed a new thrifted light fixture but it was too big/hung down too low, we had new flooring installed, and I found a bench at a yard sale.

Hallway-mudroom before

But none of the trim or doors had been painted,

Hallway-mudroom before-6

and the bench was in desperate need of a makeover.   This space also needed more storage/function so I had storage for purses/tote bags, keys, and my husband had someplace for his sunglasses.  And it just needed some prettying up and decor too!  You can see more before pictures and my plan for the room here and how I challenged myself to do my own little one month, $100 room makeover challenge on this room.

Hallway-mudroom before-8

Painting and recovering the $10 yard sale find bench was one of the first things that I did.  And I also made that sign (tutorial coming soon) and made that little coat hook shelf.  So now this little area looks like this!

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-8

All the trim and doors were painted and my DIY cotton wreath hangs on this door for now.  I love it because I can see it from the kitchen and living room.

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-4

I added a gray rug found at Walmart for the door coming in from the garage and then this old schoolhouse/farmhouse style light fixture from Home Depot.  I really do like it but was sort of hoping for something a little more fancy or that hangs down (as much as it can because of the doors opening) so I will be keeping my eyes out of something else and if I find something I will switch this light to our other hallway.

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-6

Here’s another view from this side…

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-15

And view from this side…

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-16

This little space is my favorite! Smile

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-11

I truly am a homebody at heart so this little sign and this space welcoming my home is just perfect.

Farmhouse Style Mudroom Makeover reveal-10

So how did I do on my less than $100 challenge?

  • rug – $8.44 from Walmart
  • light fixture – $34.98 (but it’s even cheaper right now!)
  • coat rack – $6 for hardware

= $49.42! 🙂

I think that’s pretty good considering I had to buy a new light fixture and rug for the space. Everything else I already had like the decor pieces, scrap wood for the coat hook, paint, etc. The bench was bought several months before for $10 a yard sale and the wreath I didn’t make specifically for this space and I’m sure it will probably end up someplace different for fall so I’m not counting those in the total.

And here’s info and links to everything you see in the room:


  1. This space is so cute! It just needed a little TLC and you gave it!

  2. The wall grouping that you put together looks Great! You made good use of a tiny space that I would have overlooked. I’ll be excited to see what you tackle next!

  3. Beautifully done,I liked your sign board.

  4. venue bazaar says:

    Seriously just for $50 i will check if it can be done for $50 and i will be really appreciate your efforts if it cost same for me because i have to implement this on my Karachi Farmhouse

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