Laundry room new paint ($100 room challenge)

It’s week two of the One room, one month, $100 room challenge and my laundry room is coming right along!

This is what I started with (you can see all the before pictures and my plans for the room here)

Laundry room before pictures-1-2

Just builder cream walls with lots of scuffs, marks and holes and wire shelving.

Laundry room before pictures-2

Laundry room before pictures-4

This week I cleared the room, repaired lots of holes and dents in the walls, and then painted the walls, doors and trim.

I took a picture mid-painting one night so you could see the difference in between the paint colors.  I wanted a very light paint color because this room gets no natural light and wanted something in the creamy gray color.  Statuesque by Behr Marquee ended up being the perfect paint color!


I just love the new paint color!  Of course just having the flat cream paint with marks and scuffs all over covered up makes the room look so much better!


And no, I didn’t paint that spot right at the ceiling.  lol!  The cabinets I plan on putting there should go all the way to the ceiling so I wasn’t worried about it.  I wasn’t going to paint at all behind there but after patching the massive holes the wire shelving leaves I hated to share it with you looking like that Winking smile


A fresh clean slate to start with!


I may be changing up my plan a bit with the cabinets which I am a bit excited about – hoping it will work like I want it too!  Can’t wait to share the next update next week!

Here’s what everyone else worked on during the second week:


  1. I love the new paint color! It looks great!

  2. Heather B. says:

    The power of paint! Looks so fresh and clean – lots of work!

  3. Love the new wall color! And you painted WAY more than I would have if the wall was going to be covered with cabinets 🙂 Excited to keep following along with your progress!

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