Friday Frugal Finds: wreaths, iron wall decor, and more!

I am so glad so many of you enjoy these posts where I share my fun finds! Several of you have commented over the last few weeks and I am glad they inspire you and you enjoy seeing what I find. I will only share them for a few more weeks until I take a break for my 31 days series in October and then usually I take a break from them all together until March or so when yard sales pick back up. But you know if I find something big I will be sure to share either here or on facebook. 🙂

So I thought I wouldn’t have anything to share for this week but then I sort of hit the wreath jackpot!

I have been looking for a twig wreath like this for a long time! They are expensive brand new at Michael’s, etc and you would have thought I would have found a secondhand one by now. But I finally did for $3.93 at Goodwill. I will take the berry stuff off and I can’t wait to use it for fall decorating.


I also found this red berry wreath for on sale for $2.00 at the Habitat Store.


Then I found this smaller twig type wreath for $1.00 at a yard sale! Figures I would look for a year for a twig wreath and then find two in one week! :). I will take the red berries off and think I can spread it out some and make it look a little fuller.


I found some great home stuff at Value Village this week – home stuff other than pillows and throws can be very hit and miss there. I picked up this turquoise pillow from Value Village for $1.99.


And I found a metal stand for $2.02.


And this pretty iron piece for $3.94. I have been looking for second hand iron pieces for a long time too so I was excited to finally find this one and for a great price.


I am on the way home from California today and after time changes, jet lag, and 3 very full days, I am not sure I will be yardsaling or going anywhere on Saturday so find some deals for me and share with me what you find! 🙂


  1. woohoo! what great finds! I’m looking for some bigger items like a chair and table, so I’m hoping yard sales will continue a little bit longer until I find my items! 😀 We’ll see. 🙂
    get some rest!!
    Christa Threlfall (@BrownSugarToast) recently posted..A 31 Day SeriesMy Profile

  2. I found a bread maker at Goodwill this week for only $4- and it works great! I also bought 2 pillows for my porch that will go nicely with my fall decor.

  3. Hi Christina,
    I always love seeing your “frugal finds”…and love your finds for this week! You hit the jackpot on twig wreaths! And I love the large metal wall hanging! What I really loved about this post was your reference to the 31 days series in October – Fall is my favorite season and that has always been one of my favorite series! I can’t wait to see your ideas and inspiration.
    Blessings to you,

  4. Love the combinations you found. I have found a lot of wrought iron this summer like candleholders and black wire baskets. I haven’t bought candleholders for years and suddenly I love them again. Usually wait and do yard sales on Saturdays. Your articles have been very enjoyable and helpful.

  5. As always, I love your Frugal Finds Christina! I found a few Owls at my favorite price of One Dollar! What a Hoot of a Loot! :0)
    Leslie Marie recently posted..A Halloween “Hoot” HaulMy Profile

  6. Here’s my great find of the weekend… a large 18″ square FEATHER FILLED throw pillow from the Christmas Tree Shop! It was marked $19.99 then marked down to half price ($9.98). Was in a clearance bin that was marked down ANOTHER 50%! I ended up paying $4.98. It’s beautiful and I’m thrilled to have found it!

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