Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences

I am excited to share my Christmas front porch with you today!  Decorating my front porch for fall and Christmas is one of my favorite things to do and usually one of the first things I will do as the season changes.

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-11

I thought I’d step back first and show you the previous 2 years Christmas porches so you can see how I reuse some of my decor from year to year but rearrange it to create a different look.

This was 2 years ago – our first Christmas in our new home.  We had just had the house painted during the fall, cleaned out all the massive landscaping so I was so excited to deck the porch with Christmas decor!  I worked with Home Depot/Home Decorators Collection that year and got those outdoor porch trees, the wreath, and the greenery for over the door.  I love all of those pieces – the wreath and garland both have battery operated timer LED lights.  I love the symmetry of having 2 trees on either side of the door and almost did that again this year but I wanted to create a new look to show you too. 🙂


This was the year I made those pillows for my rocking chairs (rocking chairs all found at yard sales/marketplace over the span of a few months) out of placemats I found at Kohl’s.  They are soft and fuzzy and I love the plaid look!


The next year I changed up the decor a bit and it SNOWED in early December here in the deep south to create my Snowy Southern Christmas front porch!!

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-13

That porch will probably go down as my all-time favorite Christmas front porch because I am not sure I will ever be able to see snow falling with my Christmas front porch again.

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-4

I used this 6 foot flocked tree outside that year (amazing deal form Walmart – love this tree!) and stuck it in an outdoor planter and did groupings of various decor on either side of the door.    The matching porch trees from the year before I used in between my rocking chairs as I did again this year.  I love spreading the decor and the lights throughout the whole porch so this works well.

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-21
So back to this year’s porch!

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-19

Back at the end of the summer I found a listing for piles of free wood picket fence panels and went and picked up a truckload of them!  I have enjoyed sharing some with some friends and also have many projects planned for them too.  I used a big gate piece over my mantel for fall and I’m sure you’ll see that appear again inside sometime soon. I actually plan to use these 2 panels in a project as soon as I can get time after the holidays to tackle it but they were on my front porch from my fall porch so I decided to incorporate them for Christmas too!

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-3

On one side I did an idea I’ve seen around using letters on a ladder.  I’ve had these NOEL letters for years – they are just the paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby I spray painted red and usually use over a doorway or someplace inside.  I put some garland and lights on the top of the picket fence and I love it all lit up at night.

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-28

I used the famous little-flocked trees from Walmart on either side too – I have one 3 foot and 4 foot one – I was able to find one of those after Christmas clearance last year and I am hoping to find one more this year so I can have two of one of the sizes.  These are so good to use outside or inside and I just love the look.  I made that JOY sign years ago – it’s an easy and inexpensive project to make and makes a big impact!  And that wood sleigh I found this year at a yard sale but it was quite unattractive – all brown wood, with old yucky greenery glued to the front.   I painted the rails red and added a cute Christmas wreath instead and I just love it!

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-6

I love using these large lanterns at the edge of the porch for fall and Christmas and keep battery operated candles in them that come on every night for few hours.  Just tucking in some fresh greenery from the year adds so much!

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-7

The matching trees are in between the rocking chairs again along with my placemat pillows – 3rd year for those and still going strong! Smile

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-5

I did add some mini boxwood wreaths from the Target dollar spot to the back of the rocking chairs.  I looked specifically for 4 of those so that I could do this look for Christmas and also use them on my table as I did for my Thanksgiving table.

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-15

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-2

I love this Merry Christmas wood slice garland I got from Home Decorator’s collection and love how it looks hung along with some garland.

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-18

This is my favorite spot on our front porch – even when it’s cold, I’ll come out here and cuddle up in the blanket and drink some hot cocoa or coffee and just enjoy the outdoors.  We have some big changes planned for the exterior of the house in the spring which will completely change this view and I can’t wait!

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-16

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-25

I hope you enjoyed this front porch tour!  I always forget to take some pictures at sunset to capture the lights where you can actually see them on which just change the whole look so I’ll try to do that and either post on Instagram or add to this post later.

Farmhouse style Christmas front porch with picket fences-21

Definitely looking like Christmas around here – now if I can only finish my baking and wrapping! Smile


  1. the hyper link to “my thanksgiving table” to look at the wreaths on the back of rocking chairs, is not working today…just an fyi

  2. Merry Christmas wood slice garland looking so amazing Thanks for sharing love it
    Merry Christmas!!

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