Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch

You guys I never thought I would type those words!  This southern, south of Atlanta girl photographed her Christmas front porch in the falling snow on Saturday!

Southern Christmas front porch in the SNOW!-1

Now before those in the north laugh at our patchy/snowy yard let me just explain… here in south GA we are lucky to get snow maybe once or twice a winter and never usually more than an inch or two.  And we NEVER get snow before Christmas – always January or February.  I remember one time when we had just a few snow flurries on Christmas Day but that is the only time I remember snow anywhere close to Christmas.  We usually are celebrating Christmas in 60 degree weather with short sleeves on. Winking smile

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-1

So when I saw that there was a good chance of snow in the forecast for this past weekend I was just ecstatic!  I had already planned to take pictures of my porch to share this week and thought, if I get to take pictures of my porch with snow it would be like a dream come true! Smile  And guess what!  It snowed for 2 or 3 hours, HUGE flakes at times, and even stuck on the ground for just a little while.  So sit back and enjoy the pictures! Smile

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-3

I decorated my porch a little different than I did last year.  You can see last year’s Christmas front porch here.

I moved the two entrance trees to in between the rocking chairs and did a not so symmetrical display by the front door.  I have to be honest, I love symmetry, so sometimes it is hard for me to decorate displays not symmetrical but I really did like how this one came out.

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-2

Just some simple wreaths on the windows completes the rest of the porch.

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-6

I brought out my simple Walmart flocked tree and stuck it in one of my black planters and added some lights.   And then grabbed that big red tin star from the attic to add some color – love that used for Christmas!

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-14

I was trying to pare down my Christmas stash of decor this year so honestly used some of this trying to see if it worked or if I should get rid of it.  Like the large JOY sign I made for our previous house Christmas front porch.  I didn’t know if I would have a place to use it because of this front porch being so symmetrical – but I actually really like it like this! Smile

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-8

A vintage flea market sleigh got adorned with some Target dollar spot ice skates.   I showed you last week how I created that DIY painted Home for the Holidays wood sign.  Adding some sprigs of fresh greenery just clipped from the yard adds so much color and festive fun to holiday displays.

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-10

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-22

Just a simple placemat pillow and a thrifted throw adorn the porch swing.  I sat out here with a cup of coffee and a big blanket in the early morning just watching the snow come down.  Like I said we don’t get it often so the wonder and joy and beauty of it is just so special!

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-16

Still love my frugal Christmas placemat pillows that I made last year on my rocking chairs.

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-18

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-19

I really do enjoy having a bigger front porch to decorate especially for the holidays.

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-21

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-20

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-23

And just a few more snowy pictures Smile

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-13

Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-9


Snowy Southern Christmas Front Porch-7

The snow was gone before noon but it sure was pretty while it lasted.  If you got snow where you live this weekend, I hope you enjoyed it!  Post your snow pictures on my facebook page Smile  And come back tomorrow for the next project in my 12 DIYs of Christmas series.


  1. Your front porch looks so festive, I’ll bet it is the prettiest house on your block! I’m in Nebraska but we haven’t had any snow yet. I’m sure it will be coming before too long.

  2. just wondering about the wreaths on the windows, are they real? and if not did you get them somewhere and redecorate them or??? thanks

  3. Gorgeous! I grew up in Georgia, so I know that snow is a big deal!

  4. Love it! I am also a very symmetrical decorator, but your design is very appealing and balanced, great job.

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