DIY Christmas Skis made from Picket Fence Pickets

How to make DIY decorative skis for from a picket fence picket

I’m back today to show you how I made the decorative skis on my ski lodge inspired Christmas mantel!

DIY Ski decor made from fence pickets - 5

Did you guess what they were made from?  If you have been following my blog you know last summer I picked up a truckload picket fence pieces free off marketplace.  I have done lots of projects with them including making a picket gate backdrop for my fall mantel last year, I made some decorative backdrop pieces I used outside on my porch for fall, I used them on my Christmas porch last year too, and made twin headboards out of 2 sections too!  I still have a few more loose pickets and when I was planning my Christmas decor and knew it would be ski-themed, I realized I could make some DIY decorative skis with 2 of the pickets.  If you don’t have a truck of picket fence pieces sitting around like me Winking smile, you can buy individual fence pickets at Home Depot for just a few dollars. 


I just took 2 pickets and cut about 6 inches off both ends.  I did a quick coat of fresh white paint on the front but didn’t even bother with the back.  Then I crossed them over each other and secured it from the back with a screw. 

DIY Ski decor made from fence pickets - 2

To add some extra design to it I taped off some simple stripes and use some red paint I had on hand to paint some stripes on the top. 


I added a small wreath from my decor stash on the front to finish the look and I had a set of DIY skis for free to use to decorate!  I’m making another set too to use either on the porch or in the corner of another room and I won’t cut anything off the bottom of the pickets. I just had to trim these to be a bit smaller to fit the mantel/hearth space. 

DIY Ski decor made from fence pickets - 5

They added so much to my decor this year and you can’t beat free and just a few minutes of time!   I love them paired with my dad’s vintage minnow bucket and my favorite inexpensive trees that I LOVE (I own at least 3 of them and seriously want more!)

DIY Ski decor made from fence pickets - 6

You can see my whole mantel post and more details on decor here.

What would you make with a truckload of picket fence pieces?  I’m trying to think of at least one more project I can do with them. 🙂


  1. very cute!!! great idea!

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