Farmhouse Plaid Christmas Tour

Happy Wednesday!  I’m excited to be joining 15 other bloggers in sharing our farmhouse style Christmas home decor ideas!  So grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy and be inspired!

First off if you are new here, my name is Christina and I love all things frugal. home, family, with a bit of farmhouse thrown in for good measure.  My husband and 2-year-old little girl moved to a fixer upper home 2.5 years ago and I have been enjoying turning this house into our home.  You can read all the backstory and see a lot of before pictures here, and 1-year progress pictures here. 

One of the things I was excited about our new house was the spacious front porch and a centered front door!  I love all things symmetrical and dreamed of the sidewalk leading up to a front door and Christmas trees on either side.  I created that look for our first Christmas in our new home, but every year I always try to change it up a bit.

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I had used these picket fence pieces in my fall front porch, and since they were already out there I decided to incorporate them for Christmas.  And I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

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I’ll have a whole post up on my front porch on Friday, but here’s a quick look.  An old ladder I rescued from the trash got adorned with some DIY letters to spell Noel and I topped both of the picket fence pieces with greenery and lights.  On the other side is a DIY Joy sign (tutorial here), plus a yard sale find sleigh I gave a bit of a makeover to this year.

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My favorite spot on the front porch is this swing… even in the cold, I love to curl up here with a blanket and a cup of coffee and just enjoy the morning.

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I love that it is a rocking chair front porch too… another dream come true.

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So now let’s step inside our Home Sweet Home…

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The Christmas cards are showing up in the mailbox almost every day now, and I always love displaying them where we can enjoy them all season.

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New this year to my Christmas collection is probably the item that will go down in history as my best Goodwill find ever…  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted this 11 piece Willow Tree Nativity set in the glass case at Goodwill a few weeks ago.  I had specifically asked for the 5 piece set for Christmas this year and was able to snag this for less than that set sells and get several more additional pieces/sets too!

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I have wanted this nativity set for years and I just absolutely love it… this is what Christmas is all about and I am so happy to be able to display it in my home.  I just threw together a display this year using an old crate which honestly I quite like how it turned out, but I hope to either find or make a stable or creche to display it in next year.

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Let’s head to the kitchen now…

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And we can grab a cup of hot chocolate before I finish showing you around. Smile  This hot cocoa station gets used just about every day right now – we’ve been having lots of cold, rainy days and even my little girl has turned into quite the hot chocolate lover.

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I love to add Christmas touches to the kitchen, but I find that since the kitchen gets so much traffic that little touches here and there, even as simple as just a few sprigs of greenery cut from the yard or a baker’s twine tied around a canister are enough to add Christmas cheer.

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I left my everyday greenery and regular display and just added a Target dollar spot sign and a chippy tree to the top of the fridge and it was done!

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Another spot that gets used daily, sometimes several times a day, is our coffee station!  We had this little nook in the kitchen that was just perfect for a small cabinet to turn into a coffee bar area.

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I love decorating it for seasons  – such a fun spot!

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On our kitchen table is just our everyday centerpiece with essentials like napkins and salt and pepper and then, of course, some seasonal decor.  I plan to share a dressed up Christmas table next week so stay tuned for that!

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I love the simple, seasonal touches so this hoop wreath was a lot of fun to make last year – you can find the tutorial here.

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Now the living room is where I go all out!  Decorating my mantel is probably my absolute favorite spot to decorate seasonally and the tree is also tucked in the corner in the living room too.  Definitely feeling the farmhouse theme in the living room with shiplap and tobacco basket over the mantel and cotton and mini tobacco baskets on the tree.  You can find a whole post about my mantel here and my plaid and cotton tree here.

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Presents are begun to be wrapped and placed under the tree, which may or not be a good thing as I get asked several times a day by my 2-year-old little girl if any of them are hers and can she open them?  🙂 Thankfully we are doing a Christmas book countdown advent this year so she is able to open a book/present each day for that which has worked well!

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I LOVE candlelight and Christmas lights!  Seems to make these cold, dark and dreary, and lots of rainy winter days much more bearable.

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Christmas pillows and throws are another one of my favorites so I am always looking at yard sales, thrift stores, and after Christmas to pick up another favorite or two.  The snowflake and merry pillows both came from yard sales for $1-2 – after a hot wash in the washing machine, they are good as new!

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I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my Christmas farmhouse style home this year!

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And I hope you leave with some inspiration.  I know this time of year can be a bit overwhelming as you are bombarded with seemingly perfectly staged homes on Instagram or over the top displays in the stores everywhere you go… but I hope you can find just maybe one thing out of each home or post you read that maybe you think, I could incorporate that into my decor or I love the way she did that.  Sometimes something as simple as tying a simple ribbon on a lantern, or some twine around a candle and tucking in some greenery from your yard can add so much Christmas cheer to your home and it’s fun to be reminded about that!  And you can never go wrong with an adorable, yummy smelling candle from Antique Candle works any day – my favorite candles!

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  1. Your home looks lovely decorated for Christmas, Christina. I can imagine how enjoyable it is to sit in front of your fireplace each evening enjoying the lights of your beautiful Christmas tree. You really scored big with that nativity set. That’s a treasure that you’ll one day pass on to your daughter.

  2. Your Christmas tour was great. Like all your little touches. The little skis, coffee bar and your front porch look super.

    Enjoy the season


  3. Carol Humphrey says:

    The nativity set is just perfect with the accessories you added…..don’t change it! Good Will shopping is such an adventure and full of unique wonderful finds.

  4. So pretty, you have given me several ideas, as I’m trying to change things up this year! Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  5. This is beautiful! I love the mantel and tree and your porch is my favorite! All the heart eyes!

  6. Your home is so lovely and bright! I see that you collect Rae Dunn as well, I have a large collection to which I am always adding. Got my friend hooked as well! Love your Christmas collection!

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