Lamb’s Ear and Pink Peony Spring Wreath

So I’m just gonna completely ignore the temperature outside and focus on the date on the calendar… it’s Spring!  Whether the weather says so or not.  😉  Seriously… this has been the weirdest/longest transition to spring EVER and I live in the South!  It is tax day tomorrow, and I stood outside in 39 degree temps and crazy wind to take these pictures this morning.  I seriously feel so bad for any of you up north that are getting snow again for like the 10th time since the first day of spring.  I would seriously just cry.

So let’s just focus on flowers and sun and pretty porches and forget about the weather for a minute.  🙂  I had been wanting to make a new wreath for spring this year, but I also am in major purge mode so was trying to use anything I had on hand without buying a bunch of new things.  So for under $5 this is what I created!

I grabbed this twig wreath out of the attic and picked all the old faded berries off it.  I probably picked it up at yardsale or thrift store for $1 a while back and just hadn’t gotten around to using it yet.  I had vision in mind so gave it a quick coat of white spray paint.

I already had the stem of lamb’s ear on hand (I find Hobby Lobby has the best price on these – usually around $2 when on sale), and then I picked up a pink and white bush of flowers that sort of look like peonies and some pink little flowers on some mini lamb’s ear like stems.  The pink and white flowers were $2.00 each and the pink little flowers were $3.99 at Michael’s but I bought when they were 50% off and I got an additional 20% off.

I didn’t take in progress pictures but basically you use some wire clippers (or grab your husband’s needle nose pliers that have wire clippers on them 😉 and cut the individual stems off the bunch.   Then I did the lambs ear stems on each end covering about 1/3 of the wreath and filled in the middle with the pink and white flowers.  I don’t usually glue anything – you can just stick the stems into the grapevine and it holds fairly well.

And here it is on my front door!

I haven’t completed my spring front porch yet because pollen is still in full force – so will wait till that is over and then pressure wash and add some more flowers/plants and finishing touches.  But I did pick up some gorgeous bright pink begonias for by the front door this year.  I have never done begonias but my neighbor always has the prettiest red ones and they get HUGE and bloom all summer.  So I hope mine do well too!  They have already gotten bigger and been blooming like crazy just in the 2-3 weeks I have had them.

So there’s my early spring front porch and my new lamb’s ear and pink wreath!

Have you created a new wreath recently?  It had been a long time since I had made one so this one was lots of fun to do!



  1. The spring wreath looks so beautiful! I’ll try one this evening as my garden is filled with pinks and reds:) Thanks for the tip Chris:)

  2. Christina, I’ve never corresponded with you, but faithfully follow your blog, and am soooo totally inspired by your creativity. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas, and w/such a frugal mindset. You are such a help to me in my feeble attempts at home decor. With your help I’m “getting there”!!! 🙂 I LOVE the cheery wreath & begonias!!! And one of my favorite ideas of yours is the mantel you did w/the window frame!!! PLEASE, keep up the good work!!!

  3. Love the wreath! So sweet and fresh! I love lamb’s ear! Those pink flowers are geraniums though! I’m from the geranium capital of Georgia. Lol.

  4. Helen Fountain says:

    Love the wreath also. Like the idea of he flowers only on one side. When I first read Lamb’s ear I didn’t know it was a plant and thought maybe you were using a kid’s toy lamb’s ear, silly me I guess. But I do agree with Dana these are geraniums. I have tons of them also and they are so hardy.

  5. Donna Clayton says:

    The flowers in the urns are geraniums, not begonias! ?

  6. Soo lovely!

  7. Awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration!
    I’m new to home decor and definitely on a tight budget. Do you know when the florals at hobby lobby go on sale? And also wondering how you can use a coupon on sale items at Michaels. I have only seen the 40% off regular items, sales not included. Thanks in advanced.

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