We have moved!!!

We are moved and owners of a new home!! 


Seriously there was so many times and days in the last 2-3 months that I never thought I would be able to say that but after many, many obstacles and a very stressful moving week we closed on our old home and then closed on our new home 5 days later this past Wednesday.  The next few days were spent getting flooring installed while all of our belongings waited in the garage or a moving truck in the driveway.  We finally are technically moved in as of Saturday surrounded by piles and tons of boxes, but slowly getting settled and hope to do some painting this week too. 

And there is a baby that is very near to making her arrival too.  I am probably the only crazy pregnant woman praying that I will go late and make it to 41-42 weeks. Winking smile

We don’t have internet installed yet either – so I am writing this as I borrow WIFI for an hour sitting in Chick-fil-a eating lunch and setting up install appointments for internet and other things.


I REALLY hope to find some time in the evenings to sit down and take a break from all the unpacking and type out some posts because I have lots of after pictures and final before/afters of our old home and probably will intermingle those posts with a first look at our new home along with updates on things I am doing in our new home.  I think I have decided that for the first year I am going to take a more laid back approach to the status of our house and do monthly updates of what the house looked like on moving day vs. what it looks like on month 1/2/3 versus waiting for the perfect Pinterest after picture until I share.  With a new baby things may move slow after the initial big changes of flooring/painting/getting unpacked but I also hope that will be an encouragement to you that when it comes to making a house into a home it takes time. 

Here’s just a snippet of some things in progress that we have been working on last week…



PicMonkey Collage

But right now there are piles of boxes calling my name and that ever growing list of things you need from Home Depot that I need to pick up. 

Thank you so much for your patience over the last few months.  Making huge life changes and expecting a baby at the same time has been more time consuming than I ever imagined and I so have missed blogging and sharing projects and even doing projects more than you ever know.  Looking forward to life slowing down and getting into a new normal this summer. Smile


  1. So happy for you. Looking forward to seeing the new house and the new baby!

  2. Congratulations on the new house and successful move!! What an exciting time for you and your husband….and soon to have baby. Savor the time, looking forward to reading about your new home.

  3. Congrats!! How exciting!

  4. Oh dear. Praying you get most of the high priority things done before that sweet lil bundle pops into the world. It is really difficult to get the smallest task accomplished once they arrive. We did some similar moving of home and business purchasing and buying with to lil boyz ten years ago and now when we reflect on it, how overwhelming it all was but God was there all the while directing the projects. Bless your heart dear friend!!

  5. I am so glad that you got moved into your new house! I was wondering why you hadn’t posted lately. Selling and buying a house can be a very frustrating experience. I’m happy that is behind you and hopefully things will go more smoothly and you’ll be ready when baby arrives!

  6. Congratulations! That’s a lot all at once. 🙂

  7. Ann Lee S. says:

    What a beautiful home, and from your blogs I know you will make it even more so! I’m glad you plan to take more time as your baby will be such a joy for you …. I enjoy your blog very much, taking ideas and seeing your results. from Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada, best wishes.

  8. Carol Hughes says:

    installed that same kind of flooring last year in my new home. Everyone said it would show every scrap and be hard to keep up. Boy were they wrong! It is very easy to clean and keep looking nice. Just a damp swifter works for most spills. I love the way the dark floor grounds the room and allows the eye to take in the color of other things in the room. I hope you are as happy with that flooring as I am with mine.

  9. Lou Ann says:

    Congrats on the new house!

  10. Congratulations on both the new home and the new little one on the way!

  11. Donnamae says:

    This is an exciting time for you! Slow down and enjoy this time before the baby arrives…the house can a,ways wait! Congrats! 😉

  12. How exciting for you!! Look forward to seeing photos of both your home and baby. Are you still in the same area? Lord bless!!

  13. Kimberly Canterbury says:

    Congrats on the new house! I must admit that I have missed your posts. 🙂

  14. Angelia says:

    How exciting! So happy you’re in your new home. Looking forward to seeing more! Congratulations!!

  15. Congrats on the move and upcoming baby girl!!! That’s a lot at once. Please update us when you deliver with a picture. Always look forward to your post, will continue to follow your blog!!!

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