Frugal Finds for March/April

Some of you will be so happy to see that I am bringing back Friday Frugal Finds!!  If you have been a blog reader for several years then you will remember during the spring/summer months I would do a weekly Friday post highlighting all the yard sale/thrift store finds I got and so many of you loved it!  Then moving/baby happened and I just wasn’t searching for as much at yard sales (except baby clothes and items) so I did away with the series.  But I have had many requests to bring it back so here goes!  I will be doing it a bit different and only post a frugal find post once a month – typically on the last Friday – and show you what I found over the last month.

The first few weeks of spring yard sales always seem to start BIG so here’s what I have found over the last 6 weeks or so.    I was so anxious to get out shopping again after the winter and people seemed to be putting out lots of good stuff as they did winter/spring cleaning.  I also do quite a bit more “shopping” and browsing on facebook marketplace (facebook’s buy/sell app) and found some really good things on there this month.  If you haven’t discovered or feel like you don’t know how to use marketplace, leave me a comment and I can work on a post explaining all the ins and outs of shopping or even selling on facebook marketplace.

First thing I picked up was this jute rug for $20.


You may have noticed it in my spring tour.  I had been wanting to change out the tan shag rag I had in here because it just seemed to shed so much on my dark wood floors.  I saw this one pop up and immediately messaged and met them that day.  I probably need something a bit bigger in here and will probably move this rug to my office eventually but for $20 it was a great deal and will buy me some time to find something bigger/nicer for the living room.

Simple Spring Home Tour-26

I also had been stalking marketplace and yardsales for a wood play kitchen.  I had debated trying to build something (but the cost for that was still fairly expensive) or even adapt another piece of furniture but I hadn’t been able to find the right size/type for that either.  So when I spotted this white wood kitchen for $30 not even 10 minutes from me, I got it quick!   I didn’t even get it inside before my little girl was already playing with it. Smile  (It came with a few food items and a Melissa and Doug ice cream set.)  She loves it and mommy can’t wait to dress it up just a bit with some farmhouse touches Winking smile


We’ve had such crazy spring weather this year bouncing between spring and winter so many times I lost count.  But one of the weekends we actually had spring weather I found some great yard sales!

I picked up all this decor at one sale – I think every piece had a Hobby Lobby tag on it –love it!  The wood S was for a friend but everything else was for me. Smile  They were all $2-3 each.


Later in the day we were headed out for the evening and I came across a yard sale that wasn’t packed up yet who had the cutest baby clothes all completely sold by outfits and all in 2t (how is my baby already wearing 2t clothes??)  Anyways she was selling them for $1 an outfit or 50 cents each so I grabbed quite a few even though she is just about set for summer.  I just can’t resist cute 50 cent baby clothes Smile


Another Saturday my little girl and I were out shopping and found lots of good deals on toys!

She got this Little People pet salon set for $1  – it’s so cute, the hairdryer turns on and blow dries the cat/dog’s hair and she loves playing with it.


I also saw someone I know post a yard sale with lots of Lego Friends sets – so I headed over there and picked out about 10 sets that were completely put together with manuals for $2-8 each.  They are stashed away and I will probably split them up for birthday/Christmas presents for my middle niece – she will be ecstatic!


I also got this American girl craft set for $1 for my oldest niece.  I try to shop ahead and buy birthday/Christmas presents all the year and pretty much have all birthday/Christmas presents done for the girls! Smile


And this last find was again from marketplace.  I had been looking for a new piece to replace what I had in the entryway and I love the shutter detail and design of this piece.  I got it for $40 (and just sold the piece I had for $40) so that’s a pretty good trade Smile  Can’t wait to finish redoing it and I’ll show you the after soon!


So there’s my finds for the last month or so!  I’d love to see what you found – send me an email, post it on facebook, or message or tag me on Instagram.  Happy yard sale shopping to you this weekend too – hope you find some good deals!


  1. Sally Silva says:


    Love your blog and so glad you are bring back Friday Frugal Finds. It is so awesome to see what you find and how you decorate with it or save it for others. Fantastic!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Christina!
    I have that same kitchen playset in blue– a neighbor was getting rid of it when they moved– I got it for free! But my kids aren’t playing with it much….so I’ve debated what to do with it. Do you know how much they are new?!

  3. Sandy Manning says:

    I would love for you to write up a post about using FB Marketplace. One of the biggest frustrations I have had and others talk about it all the time is no-shows. Such a waste of time. I had one item that was brand new and a buyer came to my house, found a small mark on it (barely could see it) and wanted me to drop the price by a lot. I wouldn’t so again, waste of my time. Thank you!

  4. Great finds! Yard sales are the best for kids clothes and toys! It was one of my favorite things to do on Fridays when my kids were little. I also used to shop with a good friend at a large children’s consignment sale (twice a year)in my area on the last day when everything was half price. What a deal on the play kitchen! As for Facebook Marketplace, I have also dealt with people claiming they want to meet you and then not hearing from them again, and I know others have same issue. I live in a rural area near several small towns and personally prefer our local community garage sale FB pages. I like to shop actual garage sales and thrift stores, but have had fairly good luck selling things on the local pages. Love the decor items you found as well?

  5. Nice job Christina. I am excited to see what you do with your wooden piece of furniture. Can’t wait.

  6. Glad to see your Friday Frugal Finds have returned!

  7. You always find amazing deals! Looking forward to seeing what you do to jazz up the play kitchen, and the entry way piece!

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