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I don’t know about you but I LOVE technology… I love finding a new app or feature or a even new product like a tablet/smartphone and figuring out the amazing things they can do.  I mean we can check the weather, email our boss, keep up with our friends on Facebook/Instagram, get directions, schedule tasks or appointments in a calendar, chat with someone on the other side of the world instantly, browse for home ideas on Pinterest or look up something on Pinterest while standing in a store, post a selfie, look up a recipe for dinner, track our weight/fitness, play games, keep lists of measurements or shopping lists in a note, do bookkeeping online, and I could go on and on.   We can do all of that from the palm of our hand with our smartphone or with a handheld tablet.  Maybe I am just a bit geeky, but it never ceases to amaze me and I am always eager to find something new in technology too.

So I was excited when my installer told me that XFINITY has a whole list of apps – I checked them out and downloaded my favorites.


Did you know you could control your TV, watch live TV, download TV shows to watch offline, use your phone as your TV remote, schedule TV shows to record – all from that smartphone you hold in your hand?  Yep, you sure can with some FREE apps from XFINITY.  

So here’s my favorite 3-4 apps and what you can do with them:



Can’t find the remote?   No problem, just download this app and you can control the TV straight from your phone.  But my favorite part of this app is the ability to schedule your DVR from anywhere.   When we were in Charleston last month, shopping every thrift store within 30 miles with my friend Molly and her family, I realized that I hadn’t set the DVR to record the new Hallmark movies coming on that weekend.  With just a few taps, I browsed through the TV Guide and found the new movies and a few others I wanted to record and they were waiting on the DVR when we got home. 

Download this app here:



I just explored this app this past month and was amazed!  You can watch live TV, something from your DVR, On Demand shows, or even stream your favorite shows or networks right on your phone or tablet!  Kids wanting to watch the same episode of Curious George for the 100th time but you just aren’t wanting to have it playing on the main TV or maybe the line at the grocery store is super long?  Let them watch it on your tablet or phone!  Hubby wanting to watch some car show, but the new episode of Fixer Upper is on?? Smile  Just watch it on your iPad.  And you can also DOWNLOAD anything from your DVR so that you can watch it even if you are offline – in the car, on vacation, anywhere. 

Download this app here:



When we were traveling last month, I needed to find Wi-Fi so I could publish a post.  With the XFINITY Wi-Fi app you can search for available XFINITY hotspots.  You can use any of these hotspots to connect to Wi-Fi for free.

Download this app here:

XFINITY My Account

XFINITY My Account

And this last one allows you to manage your account.  You can pay your bill, schedule service calls, even check for outages in your area.  With this crazy winter weather we are having, our power was out for over 4 hours this week because of wind and ice and trees being down.  I was able to check for outages right from my smartphone and even request a text back when service would be restored. 

So here’s the fun part for you…enter for a chance to win a $100 AmEx gift card!    I shared my favorite apps, but I want to know which app YOU would find most useful.  Visit the link found in the rafflecopter to share your favorite app and enter to win the $100 gift card. 

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  1. i would find the XFINITY TV Remote App to be most useful for me and my family; the tv can be control with cell phones or tablets, convenient.

  2. I would find the Xfinity TV app the most useful. The ability to download something from the DVR to be able to watch while I’m offline is awesome!!! I could record all kinds of shows for my son that he could watch on the tablet while we travel or run errands!

  3. Xfinity Home is the app I want!!! I obsess sometimes did I lock this or that, I’d like to be able to check on things and get things going ahead, etc.!!

  4. XFINITY TV Remote is one great feature to me, I like that I can use the smartphone or tablet as a remote control to schedule the DVR when I’m away from home.

  5. I like the XFINITY WiFi APp!~

  6. Mary Happymommy says:

    The XFINITY TV Remote would be convenient to have.

  7. Kim Henrichs says:

    I like the XFINITY TV Remote to be able to program everything from one app i like it. Sometimes the regular remote can be a bit frustrating.

  8. I would use the Xfinity wifi locater and the my account app. For travel and such.

  9. I’ve learned a lot here Christina! I especially loved XFinity Voice systems cause it translates conversation into transcripts. I’ll make sure to investigate more on its other apps. I’ve added this to my pocket.

  10. The xfinity tv remote app would be the most useful to me.

  11. nicole dziedzic says:

    The XFINITY My Account, so I can pay my bill and check connections.

  12. I would really like to try the remote app-it would be great to have to keep track of one less thing!

  13. I like the XFINITY TV Go app!! I can have my shows with me when out or on vacation!

  14. Erin Ellis says:

    I love that you can watch shows offline, and the remote feature is really cool, too! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  15. We are always on the go so the XFINITY TV Go app would be useful, my kids like to watch videos during car rides.

  16. I would find the XFINITY Connect app to be the most useful.

  17. XFINITY remote!

  18. Mona Mostow says:

    XFINITY remote for sure!

  19. The xfinity tv remote

  20. I think the Xfinity TV remote app would be the most useful. I’d probably use it everyday.

  21. I like the tvremote and my account apps.

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