Thrift store shopping spree in Charleston, SC

If you followed me on facebook or Instagram this weekend you know I did a massive thrift store shopping trip and you all begged to see my finds so I thought I would share them with you today.  My husband and I went to visit some friends this weekend that live outside Charleston, SC – my friend Molly who blogs at Pennies ‘N Grace and her family.  Our husbands were roommates in college and the wives met several years later after we were both married and immediately hit it off.  They have become some of our closest friends and we try to plan several trips a year to see each other –  so thankful that they live close enough for weekend visits!  We love spending time with their family – and the husbands and the wives have lots in common.  

We planned a BIG thrift store shopping spree one day while the guys went off and did whatever guys do  Winking smile  (shoot guns, to to sporting good stores, visit pawn shops, eat wings, etc.…) We both saved up our Christmas money and some money we had earned selling some stuff and made our lists of what we were wanting to find!   I had baskets, throws, pillows, some small furniture (which was honestly too big to find and take home on this trip but it is on my thrifting/yard sale list), wood blinds, glass canisters, curtains, rugs, tray, iron décor, nice wreaths, just general décor if I really liked it, and more on my list.  I am getting much more picky about what I buy – I have to REALLY like it and have a place for it as I am trying to weed down some things in our home, but yet I have some rooms that really have never been finished that I am still looking for items to complete them.

So we headed out with her 2 youngest little girls for a fun day out thrifting!  We shopped at 7 Goodwill stores, 1 Goodwill clearance center/outlet store (where you pay by the pound for clothes and household goods), and 2 Community thrift stores – she has a TON of Goodwill’s in about a 30 minute radius and they are NICE stores with better prices than my Goodwill stores most of the time.

So this was my finds from our day of shopping.  I will try to remember prices as best as I can…


  • A really nice Target gold/cream throw – $2.99


  • Card game – $0.49 (1/2 off)
  • Board game – $1.51


  • Wreath – $2.92
  • Hallmark snowman – $1.91
  • Big green basket – $3.53 (I plan to spray paint it)
  • Glass canister – $1.51


Cute yellow shoes (brand new) – $4.99


2 brand new with tags still on Kohl’s mercury glass candle winter candle holders – $1.51 each


  • Small basket – $0.99
  • Tray basket – $1.99
  • 2 large tray baskets – $4.94 for set


Burlap gold tree – $3.93


  • Sequin gray pillow – $1.99
  • wood tray – $1.49 (1/2 off)


  • One faux wood blind – $2.42 (I had written down my measurements and had a tape measure in my purse and this was perfect!  They actually had THREE of them but a lady grabbed the other two before I could Smile)


  • White queen size duvet cover in perfect condition – $6.96


Then on another evening we ran out to one last Goodwill that is 5 minutes from her house (officially jealous!!  although I might get in a bit of trouble if I had a Goodwill 5 minutes from my house! Winking smile) And I found a TON more stuff!


  • large basket- $3.99
  • medium basket – $2.99
  • small basket – $1.99
  • pillow – $1.99
  • glass canister – $2.92
  • glass canister – $2.02
  • game (new in wrapper) – $1.91

Plus her stores in SC give out a10% off your next purchase coupon when you donate something and she let me use one she had, so I saved 10% off all those prices!  Seriously need to suggest that to the GA Goodwill stores!  SC Goodwill stores also have a rewards card and you earn a point for each dollar you spend and once you earn so many points you get a coupon loaded on your card for 25% off your entire purchase. 

So that was our fun shopping spree!  Molly will probably share what she got later today and I will be sure to link to it when her post is up.  Can’t wait to put all my fun baskets and jars to use organizing more things in my house.  And put out my throw and pillows.  Seriously counting down the days until yard sale season begins! 

Find any good thrift store finds recently?  Ever done a big thrifting shopping spree with a friend?  It is so much fun!  Just can be interesting if you go with a friend that has similar tastes and things you always look for because you end up both wanting all the same stuff! Smile


  1. Hey Christina,
    WOW! You hit the jackpot this weekend! Loved seeing all of your thrift store finds….my favorites were all of the baskets, and the mercury glass candle holders from Kohl’s! I have good friends that I “thrift” with – we always have such a good time together, but I’m not sure we’ve ever hit that many stores in one outing!? Sounds like a great time!
    Thanks for sharing – always love seeing what you find!

  2. Mona Mostow says:

    I’m so jealous!! What great finds!

    You are inspiring me to start thrift store shopping!!! If the snow lets up I’ll be going today!

  3. Great finds!!!

  4. My sister lives in Charleston and I love to go thrift shopping with her when I am down there. She can find the best things! She has furnished both of her daughter’s apartments with things from the Goodwill stores down there for practically pennies. I am not sure why the Goodwill stores in that area have such great prices. The stores near me are priced so high on some things that I can almost buy new things for similar prices. And the Goodwills in my sisters area also have weekly discounts on certain items that make things even cheaper!

    • Christina says:

      I agree… mine are definitely a bit higher priced than ones in other states. I have shopped stores in NC and SC and they tend to be cheaper. And there are SOOO many in the Charleston area. Have you visited the Community Thrift stores there too? There was one that was right by a Goodwill – definitely check those out too.

  5. Boy, I’d like to have a thrift store like that one near me. I hope I get my Dollar Tree gift card soon, and may be I can find some “treasures” there.

  6. Enjoyed looking at your treasures. Could feel your excitement as you shopped. Prices have gone up in our thrift store to in NM.
    Our thrift store sells shopping bags for $3 and for one year you get a 10% discount every time you use it. Total price of items is discounted 10% plus on Sundays there is a 20 % discount for Seniors.
    That is a good savings at a thrift store. Needless to say I have forgotten how to shop retail though I do several times a year for needed items not found in the thrift. Thrift shopping is such fun!

  7. I love that pillow you found. I like to go thrift shopping too and have found a few gems here and there (including a Ben Wallace basketball jersey for my husband). But, I’ve never had a day of thrift shopping be this successful in one swoop. You go!
    Julie recently posted..How to Use Social Media to Find a JobMy Profile

  8. My husband and I are headed out today to do a full day of thrifting. I am lucky enough to live in Charleston and have a 25% off on my GW card.
    Our daughter recently got her own place and I hope to find lots of great things for her and maybe a few fall decorating pieces for myself.

  9. You made off like a bandit! Those are some great finds. I really want to redecorate my home, and I bet I could get a lot more if I wasn’t such a snob about buying all-new things. Gently used is great too, and lots of things just need to be wiped down with a wet cloth.

  10. Hey Christina. 🙂

    Glad to hear your experience in shopping from thrift store. As a cheapest person, I also go for shopping at thrift store where I collect many items according my choice on subject and get happy to shop from thrift store. I get everything which is in my choice there and many times I have gifted the many items to my friends purchasing from thrift store, you know.

    It’s awesome for me to see here the items purchased from thrift store. I think you have saved lot of money purchasing from thrift store.

    ~ Ravi.

  11. Wow, you definitely found some really amazing pieces! It makes me want to hop up and go thrifting, just to try my luck and see if I can find anything as amazing as your finds! I love the idea of saving money on items that would normally cost ten times the amount that is usually paid. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Wow! You scored some finds. Not thrift stores so much, but I’m a big rummage sale girl. I scored a new dehydrator for $1. I posted my finds last week:

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