Curtains in the Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is almost done and I am so excited to have it done and move on to finish the master bedroom and work in other areas of the house. 

So here’s where I started with for curtains back in December – outdated, hadn’t been touched in over 10 years, beige from floor to ceiling.  (And just to save you from the beige monster, pinning is BLOCKED from the next 2 pictures – like anyone would want to pin this!  LOL!  It went straight to Goodwill.)

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

I had bought a second shower curtain and made curtains to match… Not a bad DIY project – just needed to NOT be BEIGE!   And to be hung a bit higher.  I have learned a LOT in the last few years. Smile

Yes, you can laugh at that TEENY TINY picture hung on that huge wall.  Let’s move on…

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

So I had been looking at different fabric patterns and was having a hard time finding a pattern that I felt went with chevron shower curtain.  I even browsed several stores but never came home with anything.  My plan was to make a DIY faux roman shade.

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

Then I popped in a Goodwill in Atlanta after my trip to IKEA and found this pretty curtain panel for $3.93!   It was just one 84” panel with hidden tabs – not much I could do with just one panel for my bedroom BUT it would work perfect for my bathroom.

Once again – I tried to make a DIY faux roman shade out of it, BUT this fabric is a very lightweight, sort of light sheer linen – and it just wouldn’t hold the folds of a roman shade – I pinned, I tacked, I ironed – it just wasn’t working.  I think you definitely need to use a heavier weight material like home interior fabric or duck material like Hobby Lobby sells for a roman shade. 

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

So I went with option #2 – either make curtain panels or a short valance. 

I made simple curtain panels by cutting it in half and also cutting off a good bit off the bottom and hemming it. 

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

I think the pattern compliments the chevron without competing.  And I love that it is light and airy and still lets light in.  I am not a closed curtain person at all!  Love lots of light.

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

I really can’t stand short curtains so the length bothers me just a bit BUT over a tub there is not much else I can do.    I didn’t really want to bring them all the way down to the tub as they would get wet and limit me from putting any kind of candlesticks or anything in the corners.

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

Here’s a mirror shot so you can get a wider angle…

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

And just so you can help me decide… I took the bottom part that I cut off and hung it up as a short valance.  It is not hemmed so would need to be hemmed if I was to use it.

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

Not sure how I think about this either.  Are curtain valances out of style?

Curtains in the Master Bathroom

So which one do you like better? Smile

(And no, no plans to change out blinds right now.  I would love to switch them to faux wood white blinds eventually BUT this is a big, odd size window and it is not cheap.  May save up some of the money I make from my yard sale this spring and buy one.)

I guess you will see my final choice with this thrifted curtain panel in the next post – can’t wait to share the final before/after pictures in a complete reveal post next week!


  1. Dee Alexander says:

    my choice would be the valance instead of the curtains. I think for the area they look better and are more functional, especially with the candles!

  2. That’s hard. They both look nice. I personally like the valance look. I don’t think they are out of style. I think it would look better if you went with the valance to go a little longer and maybe scalloped. Either one you choose is lovely.

    Happy Tuesday…

  3. I vote valance! I am like you and don’t like the look of short curtains. I think the valance is the perfect balance.

  4. I LOVE the fabric choice; it complements the chevrons and the wall color really well. I like the valance better, because I’m with you about the panel length. It just doesn’t look good, to me, with the trim showing below the curtains. And with the blinds you don’t need the coverage down there. But to dress up the valance a little, what if you took some of the fabric from the panels and made two wide ties that go around the valance vertically, each about 1/3 of the way in from each side? So that the valance is pulled up a little bit where they go around, giving a sort of scalloped effect? And maybe each has a bow toward the bottom? You could also use wide gray ribbon, but that would mean more mula, of course.
    Here is a pic of the type of thing I mean… Another thought would be to use the panel fabric to make a lining for the valance, so you can’t see where the wall ends and the window begins, at the top. Just my 2 cents. It’s a lovely room! 🙂
    Ann recently posted..The Easy First Step for High School Curriculum PlanningMy Profile

  5. I like the valance with the panels. Maybe I’m too old fashioned. You have done a great job. Where did you pick up your curtain panel?

  6. I like the valance! I have made several valances out of sheets and fabrics for years now. Maybe try my idea of pinning up the middle of the valance with a pretty tassel. I have a tassel on my shower curtain and in the middle of my valance. When I made a valance for my grand daughter out of a ruffled sheet, I made a bow out of the fabric and simply tack it up in the middle. Did not even sew it, just used a safety pin. Love following you, you are so creative and talented and you inspire me!

  7. I think they both look nice, but if you do the valance are you going to have it flat like it is in the picture or use more fabric for more fullness? I would do it with double the fabric for more ruffle. You do a wonderful job with decorating and color choices!

  8. I like the valance and I like it flat like you have it in the picture. Maybe make it a tad shorter. I think the curtain panels compete with everything else in the room but the valance is light, airy and simple.
    Rosy @ justmyrosylife recently posted..manicottiMy Profile

  9. I love the valance better than the curtains, they seem too plain and, I agree with you that they seem “too short.” A bit fuller valance would be great! Maybe use some of the curtain material and add onto it. Or how about a swag using that same material and draping it over the rod? That would be pretty and is a current look also!

  10. I much prefer the valance. It looks less fussy. What doesn’t look right to my eyes is with the curtain panels, the rod, wall, and ceiling are competing in that space. Maybe use the valance in the center if you never intend to close the curtains?

  11. Your bathroom looks fantastic! The gray is beautiful with your tub and those shelves. I like the curtain panels on the sides.
    Stacey recently posted..This Room at the Top of the StairsMy Profile

  12. I like your curtains more than the valance. They look better. But I would tie them on each side with some bulky colorful necklaces to give it some color to the plain gray & white..colors .like amber gold, blue or some other color you like. Necklaces really give the curtains the zip they need to make them outstanding…..Millie
    millie torres recently posted..An Old Spice Rack To Nail Polish ShelfMy Profile

  13. i vote for a valance with some shape or layers added. This thin fabric really needs to be lined!!

  14. I too was going to suggest the valance between the panels. Good luck!

  15. The new curtains compliment the shower curtain wonderfully. Well, I have to go against the majority and say I like the panels better. Valances are NOT out of style and either one looks nice. Where the curtain hits the walls you can see the pattern come out very nicely. If you put a thin piece of white material on the back side you may see the pattern stand out more as the light shines through. Nothing heavy, still light enough to let some light through still. Just an idea 🙂 Oh, and love that wall piece!!!!

  16. I favor the curtain panels but I also would like the panels and valance together. Everything looks so nice. You are doing a great job!

  17. Both look nice, but I think the valance with the panels would give a more completed look. I love the fabric and how it complements the shower curtain fabric. Can’t wait to see the full reveal!

  18. I like the valence!! Looks good.

  19. I like the valance better. You could scallop the bottom, but I would leave it straight, line it, so the pattern in more noticeable and add a small trim piece to the bottom of the valance in a darker gray. I think a 1 1/2″ strip along the bottom would look fab and would work well with the clean crisp look you have going. The bathroom looks awesome. -Marsha

  20. I like the design of the fabric and think it looks great with your shower curtain. I would like to see you line the valence, it would look richer and the design would show up better.

  21. Looks light and airy and I too think the valance would look nice. Whether or not you use it with the curtains – would have to see it first. I have never liked some of that idea–I think sometimes it looks like a little girl with short bangs– ha, long on the sides, short on the bangs. Goes good with the shower curtain as well.

  22. I like the valance look much better. I did the same thing over my kitchen window but I tied up each end with ribbon and really like how it turned out. Maybe you can take some gray or white ribbon and tie up each end of the burlap so it curves, just to give it more interest. Just a thought. Either way, I do like the valance better than the panels. Your bathroom is coming along nicely!
    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos recently posted..The Many Looks of “ME”My Profile

  23. Personally, I would add a lining to back of the panels & the valance, then hang the valance in the middle between the 2 panels. I would also lengthen the panels so that they hang down to below the window sill. Love the color & pattern & they complement your shower curtain very nicely. Lucky find for you!

  24. I love your color choices first of all. Grey is so classic with white. I would either just use the hemmed valance or the panels with the valance between. I think the panels with the rod and wall showing looks incomplete. Great job, any way you go. Love your ideas. 😉

  25. I agree with everyone else, I think the valance with the curtains on the sides would look good. love the new look of your bath with the shelves.

  26. Myra Wright says:

    Valance AND panels! =) Super cute room!

  27. Well I’m not much of a valence girl so I definitely like the panels better. I would love to see you edge them in a wide charcoal gray ribbon for a finishing touch perhaps. Down the edge that’s to the middle and across the bottom. Loving the gray!! Can’t wait to see the bedroom.

  28. Very pretty! You could also pull the curtains shut, then gather them in the middle so the sides are open but they wouldn’t interfere with the candles.

  29. I think the valance only. It gives a lovely visual change. With the shower curtain already a long panel of material, I think the window panels are too much of the same.

  30. Diane Stanton says:

    Love the fabric of the panel you got! My personal choice would be to use the leftover fabric to make a shorter valance to go in between the panels, to hide the rod and the section of wall above the window, and make it wide enough to have some fullness. Love your new bathroom!

  31. I like the valance for that window better. The panels just seem to crowded in that space. I also prefer the flat look of the valance. It gives a sleeker, more modern finish. If you really wanted fullness then I would perhaps try to stitch in pleats and maybe starch a bit to help the fabric hold. (I don’t know if that would even work due to the fabric type though) Just my thoughts though. 😉 Looking good, Christina.
    Heather @ Thrifty Stories recently posted..My Top 10 Pregnancy Must-HavesMy Profile

  32. I love both of the curtains but I would also say that if I had to choose I’d choose the valance! The bathroom looks really nice! 🙂
    Isabel recently posted..The art of carpet cleaning – an overviewMy Profile

  33. I love the both curtains and thinking for a renovation like yours.How much do you think I need to buy those curtains. My bathroom style is similar to yours and I think these simple change can give my bathroom a new look….

  34. This is really amazing and helpful post. I like bath curtains and really beautiful your bathroom renovation. My bathroom is really looking so beautiful and I want to make my bathroom same to you. Thank you for share such a great post.

  35. Great post I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this interesting and knowledgeable article about Master Bathroom. Actually, i like the design and fabric !! My suggestion – valance would be better. Thanks dear for this amazing informative post.

  36. The curtains make the bathroom more beautiful. The curtain has an especial role to make any bathrooms excellent. Your bathroom looks luxury. Your idea is great and creative. It,s dream to make of such a bathroom. I follow your tips. Some simple appliance change it looks more beautiful, as like your bathroom it looks so amazing.
    Thanks for sharing the great post!

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