Painted Trim in the Living Room plus before to now pictures!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape® for IZEA.  All opinions are 100% mine.

So what I didn’t show you in my last post on our paint and flooring update in the living room was that the baseboards weren’t painted.  From a distance it didn’t probably seem obvious but in person it was very obvious.  When I negotiated for our living room to be painted, I said that I would do the trim since it was all within reach for me and it saved me some on my quote. 


And also when the flooring was installed, I got him to install the new shoe molding but it was only pre-primed, everything needed to be caulked and then painted.  



This door frame was probably the worst and it was glaring at me for the last 3 months every time I would sit on the couch and feed the baby. But at least I hadn’t had to look at those mustard walls and nasty carpet.  Smile  I could deal with the unpainted trim.  But finally the day came when I was ready to tackle painting the trim. 


And FrogTape® brand painter’s tape came to the rescue!  I don’t know about you but if I want super crisp, clean lines with my trim or some kind of woodwork I am doing, I have to tape it off.  I used FrogTape® Multi-Surface painter’s tape since it had been a long time since my walls had been painted,  but if you are painting trim on walls that have recently been painted you will want to use FrogTape® Delicate Surface painter’s tape.  Did you know that FrogTape® is the only painting tape treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology?  It actually reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a barrier against paint bleed giving you the sharpest paint lines possible. 


I caulked and filled all the shoe mold trim and then applied tape around all the windows, doors, and baseboards.



Then it was time to paint!  Applying the tape may take some time, but the painting goes super fast!  I would paint the baseboard along one wall or one door frame and then go back and pull off the tape.  You want to remove the tape while the tape is still wet. 


Gotta love those crisp, clean, perfect lines!


And the contrast between those neutral walls, the crisp white trim, and the dark wood floors has me doing all the heart eyes! Winking smile


Our living room is definitely the most decorated and prettiest room so far in our house after moving in and having a new baby.

Especially since it went from this…


to this!! Smile


And the view from the front door went from this…


to this!


Oh that coral wall is still there in the front room and that ugly lineoleum is still there in the kitchen… but at least this is looking better.  This house is definitely teaching me some lessons in patience as we tackle one thing at a time and the list seems a mile long.

If you remember my living room in my old house this is all the same furniture.  Eventually we have plans to change some of this out and I would like to update the coffee table but I have bigger projects that must be done first.  The rug is a new addition though.  Rugs have been on my list to find since we knew we would do wood floors in this house.  And I happened across this one at a yard sale for $10 on the morning of the day I went into labor.  Yes I was yard sale-ing at 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant – maybe all my fun deals and the heat is what put me into labor.  LOL!


No curtains or blinds and basically nothing hung on the walls yet but this room looks so much better and all of that will come in time.



I am so glad we were able to do all of those major changes to this room right away so I had a basically settled, pretty room to relax in with a new baby.  And now with crisp painted trim, I am on the hunt for curtains and blinds to add for the next step!


If you have some trim or baseboards that need to be painted check out FrogTape’s site for more information.  You can also follow them on Pinterest for more inspiration: FrogTape® painting inspiration.


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  1. I definitely relate to learning lessons in patience as you wait to tackle each project;) The change in this room is beautiful! Love your decorating style.

  2. I wouldn’t be without Frog Tape when I paint. It is the best!!!

  3. Love the paint, forgot the name ..enjoy your blogs , you are real and I appreciate that you didn’t stop blogging after your baby came!

  4. Oh my!!! I could not have lived ONE day in the before living room! That yellow colour would have driven me crazy!
    The after is SO soothing, calming and it looks like a wonderful home!

  5. Your new living room is such a great space, you have improved it so much already. It’s going to be gorgeous! It’s so nice to read your posts. It’s hard to get things done when you have a new baby, but you are doing great!

  6. Always enjoy seeing what you have done. Love the changes you made.

  7. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love the living room transformation! I can’t wait to see other details and decorating ideas for your new home! Thanks for sharing…..

  8. Debbi Faust says:

    All of your patience and hard work paid off. Your living room looks very pretty.

  9. Your living room looks really nice. I always have the hardest time painting trim or around trim. I always try to cut in when painting, but I should really take the time to start taping.

  10. Joan Parker says:

    What color did you paint your walls. Beautiful

  11. What color did you paint the walls?

  12. Daveni Wood Amos says:

    Love the transformation. What is the paint color you used in your living room? Is it the same color as your kitchen?

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