Friday Faves + Frugal Finds – thrift store furniture makeover possibilities

Yay for Fridays!  I have had such a good week this week – not necessarily with yard sale finds but just some fun outings and gorgeous weather.  The week began with Easter Sunday – here’s a picture of my husband and I after church on Easter.  I just love him!  I love that he is willing to coordinate with me and picked out a tie with coral in it to tie into my coral jewelry.  Smile    God has blessed us with a good marriage and I am ever so thankful for that.


I have been busy with bits and pieces of lots of DIY projects… If I could just get one completed I could share it with you but it seems I am in the middle of 5 different ones and not finished with any (isn’t that how it always goes??)  Here’s one that is almost done that you will see next week on the blog – I have been busy painting pretty much everything in site …  even painting some more curtains and I couldn’t be more in love with how they are turning out!


I didn’t do a lot of yardsaling last weekend but I did browse Goodwill and Value Village and found some things that would be good buys or makeover canidates.

This table and chair set was at Goodwill – someone had already taken the tag so I don’t know how much they had it priced for .  Knowing my Goodwill’s probably $75-100, I would have been shocked if it was less than $50.  BUT even at $75  – it is a very nice set, solid wood and would a wonderful set to refinish.


Here’s pretty much this exact same table without the leaf that Liz Marie redid several years ago.


Except I would probably do a 2-tone finish on the chairs too – like this one.

table 001

I also saw this old dresser mirror at Goodwill…  I actually have a 3 piece one sort of like sitting in my garage awaiting a makeover.  BUT if I didn’t, I would have been considering this one.  Keep your eyes out on the side of the road or at yard sales/thrift stores for these old mirrors – there is SO much you can do with them.  Even if they have the plastic type frame.


Mine will be turned into a chalkboard eventually – and once I decide on the place, the frame may be painted a fun color.  Here’s a few examples of ones that have turned into chalkboards.

This one from Start at Home – love this whole arrangement!


And oh my goodness… I would love to find a vanity like this!  There was no link to this picture found on Pinterest.  This would be the perfect project if you found a vanity and the the mirror was all spotted or even broken, you could easily just add a board in there and turn it into a chalkboard.  This would be so pretty in a hallway or entryway or a breakfast room. 


This lamp could have been used as is if it fit your décor – but I thought $15 was a bit pricey for a thrift store lamp.


My Value Village has the best linen section.  Seriously I have added some gorgeous throws, blankets, and pillows to my home from there.  These plaid throws were very popular this Christmas… I especially loved the white and red one.



This was a pretty spring green comforter – a Tommy Hilfiger full comforter in great condition.  Can’t beat that for $8.99.  Add some crisp white sheets, some green and white patterned pillows or maybe some light yellow pillows would be so pretty for a guest room.


And of course you know I checked out the pillows.  This one was a pretty  and a big 18 inch one.  Not my color scheme but if I would have needed more feather inserts I would have bought it just for the insert and given away or donated the cover (I wash and dry thrift store down inserts with no problem).  This was priced at $2.49 and was the half off color so would have only been $1.25  – which is an AMAZING deal for a 18 inch down feather insert.


This was a wood coffee table which would have painted up great – good deal for $12.12!


So what did I buy this week?

Well, some glass bathroom canisters for my guest bathroom have been specifically on my list and I found this matching set at Goodwill with the tags still on them from the Container Store.


I would have loved to have paid less but considering the price tags on the bottom and what I would have paid new, they were still a good deal.  And were in perfect condition.


Square baskets (they are just easier to fit in closets and on shelves) and large baskets are also on my list so I picked up this one at a yard sale for $2.00.  Apparently my cat thinks he needs it though Smile


And I did come home with this pillow for $1.99 with a down insert.  I have a few colors that are on my list and also different sizes other than square pillows are also on my to find list.  It is easier and more appealing to arrange pillows on a couch or bed when you have square, rectangle and maybe even round pillows – so I am looking for unique ones!


So what did you find this week?  Or what projects are you working on?  I am hoping for a pretty day tomorrow, because Home Depot is having a major sale on mulch, flowers (the 6 packs of annuals are on sale for $1.00!), and garden supplies and I came home with several flats of flowers to plant yesterday.  I even bought a few herbs that were on sale for $5/10 and hope to start my own little herb garden too!  An herb garden is new for me so if you have pictures of how you set on up on a patio or deck, I would love to see them!


  1. What a wonderful photo of you and your husband! And before I forget, yes, it looks as if kitty does need that basket. Love all your finds and love even more how beautifully you transform them.


  2. I look forward to your posts, especially Fridays. I love to see what you’ve found and how you would re-do it. I have no talent for envisioning how I could make something old new again but I love your ideas! The picture of you and your husband is darling! Keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks!!!

  3. You find so many wonderful buys! I love those glass canisters and you got them at a good price compared to the orig. retail and they look brand new! I wonder why someone got rid if them.

  4. Hi Christina,
    Your Frugal Finds have always been some of my favorite posts, but I love that you’ve added in pictures of things you see while out thrifting or yard sale shopping and suggestions/ideas on how to transform them! I’m now looking for a dresser mirror! 🙂
    Great Easter picture, too…..
    Blessings to you,

  5. Cheryl V says:

    I love these posts!! Great picture of you and your hubby. Is your hair naturally curly? If so would you mind sharing what products you use? My girls both have natural curl, and I have not found an affordable product that makes their hair look as nice as yours does. Thank you!

  6. I enjoy your blog so much. I’ve been following for a while, but this may be my first time to comment. Your house is very similar to mine (I’m also in GA), so I love seeing the updates you make. Your thrifting posts are always inspiring. I keep checking the pillow aisle at my thrift stores and I always find myself asking this dumb question: how can I identify a quality insert? Any advice?

  7. These are some great finds! Buying used furniture is a great way to redecorate and save money. Thanks for sharing!

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