Friday Frugal Finds: End table, rocking chair, and farmhouse bench

It has been quite a while since I have shared a Friday Frugal Finds post but in the last few weeks I have found and purchased several things I couldn’t wait to share with you.  Since we are moving, I am not in the market for lots of home furnishings, but I do have a few key pieces on my list.  And of course I have been hitting yard sales, thrift stores, and stalking facebook yard sale sites for baby girl clothes and other baby stuff.   I would be glad to share some tips and tricks for buying secondhand baby stuff if you are interested – so leave me a comment or drop an email and I can write a few of those posts.  If not, I will just focus mainly on the home stuff! Smile

So my first find a few weeks ago was this solid wood end table.  I have had an replacement end table on my list for quite a while!


I walked up to a seller at my parking lot yard sale that I have bought a good bit of baby clothes from before and immediately started admiring this table.  I LOVED the beadbord looking design on the sides and the wood stained top. She said she was asking $10, but then immediately said but for you I can do $8.00. Gotta love when the seller barters their own stuff down for you!  Smile  I enjoy doing repeat business from several people that I see each week at my parking lot yard sales and being nice pays off!

Then I came across this photo on facebook from Dear Lillie.  And I couldn’t get that miniature rocking chair out of my mind. 

Dear Lillie rocking chair

A few weeks later I came across this wood rocking chair on a facebook yard sale site for $15 and I snatched it up.  Perfect addition to the nursery once refinished!


And then this bench I bought for $5.00.  I just couldn’t walk away for that price.  It matches the style of my kitchen table and chairs so I could use it there or use it as a bench at the end of a bed or in a hallway.  It had some major scratches and damage to the top but all that can be fixed with sanding and refinishing. 


And one more thing – I have missed decorating and DIYing so much with our house on the market no projects to do that I actually worked on all these pieces in the last 2 weeks and they are all finished!! Smile    Next week I will share one of these pieces I refinished, an update on house and baby, and another room in our house that I haven’t showed you before – so be sure to check back next week.  

What have you found at yard sales this spring?  Or refinished lately?


  1. Heather B says:

    Amazing finds! So jealous that you’re out garage sale-ing! We still have patches of snow and a ton of yard work to do after the winter.
    Looking forward to what you’ll do with your new furniture.

  2. All fantastic finds, especially the rocking chair! Such a fun and unique piece. I’m excited to see how they turned out!

  3. Great finds Christina, I know they will come out fabulous once they get a makeover…good finds, great treasures…Millie
    millie torres recently posted..Home Decorating IdeasMy Profile

  4. So glad you are doing well. I’ve missed your posts, but I know it’s a busy (and happy stressful) season. While I do not currently have need of baby shopping tips, I say go ahead and write those posts while it is fresh in your mind. I bet new readers will find you while searching for that kind of advice.

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