Friday Faves + Frugal Finds: fall finds and home decor

Hey everyone!  Hope you have had a good week!    I got more done on the kitchen that I plan to share with you next week – so ready to have it all done! Winking smile  But first let’s share some fun frugal finds… I am so ready to move into the fall season of yard sales!  Here in the south September and October usually is like March and April when it comes to yard sales – LOTS of sales happening everywhere and nicer/cooler weather to shop them too. 

I must have been longing for fall because I cam home with these 2 goodies from Value Village last week.  A frilly soft ruffled scarf – can’t wait for scarf weather again!  And this pretty Target Threshold plaid blanket – I can already tell this is going to be my favorite throw to snuggle up this fall.  Just love the colors.  I think the scarf was $1.99 and the blanket was $2.49.


I also found this wreath at Goodwill for less than $2.00.  I always wrestle with what kind of wreath to use on my front door after Christmas through spring and I think this will be the perfect winter wreath!


I also picked up this cute little yellow dish for $1.21.  I have been looking for a few yellow accessories for my guest room and this little dish is perfect!


And I shared on facebook a week or so ago this amazing find I found at Goodwill!  I was shocked to find it back on the regular shelf and even more surprised at the price!  I love vintage items like this and it is already in place in my kitchen. Smile


For $4.94 it was definitely coming home with me.


So what kind of fun finds have you found recently?  Done any makeovers on anything you found too? 


  1. Love your thrifted treasures!!! Especially the vintage scale, I have a similar one in white and I paid much more for it at an antique shop, like the green even better! You really got a steal of a deal there. The wreath is gorgeous, great wintertime look. Could even embellish with a few hearts and pink and white flowers for Valentines Day, just a thought!

  2. Love to see your treasured finds and how much you paid and where you will use them. When you posted about the white bowl that was latticed, I thought it was so cute. I hadn’t been to Goodwill in about a month and so the day I read about the white bowl, I decided to go. I found the cutest green basket that is ceramic and is latticed formed as well. Love it! Now to decide where to put it in my home. Love your blog!

  3. Donna Marie says:

    Love your deals (steals!!!)

  4. Hi Christina,
    Love all of your thrifted finds……I’m not sure which one is my favorite!? I really like the vintage scale – I’ve been looking for one, but haven’t gotten lucky yet! Thanks for sharing….
    Enjoy the weekend,

  5. Evelyn Valencia says:

    Love your thrifty finding especially the kitchen scale. That is to die for… Lol!

  6. Kim Edwards says:

    Once again, I LOVE all of these finds! I love to go shopping at Goodwill Stores in towns other than my own! Love that scale! You had a great shopping adventure!


  7. Kim Henrichs says:

    LOVE that blanket!

    • me too! I was just using it on the couch last night – I think it will be my favorite one to snuggle with on the couch this fall.

  8. I actually just recently had the idea of checking out my local Goodwill(s) to see what kind of home decor stuff they had (namely wall decor, because my walls are more bare than I’d like). I’ve been putting it off because I’m a lazy bum, but now that I see that great wreath you got there (and for only $2) I think I’m gonna have to finally go tomorrow 🙂
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