$8.00 end table makeover

I showed you last week this wood end table that I picked up for $8.00 at a yard sale.  I had been looking for a wood end table to replace the glass/marble looking one we had currently and this one was the perfect size and I just loved the design of it!


It honestly was in really good condition. The bottom half was painted white with just a tiny bit of distressing and still in great shape (just needed to be wiped down).  And I just love the bead board looking design in the white bottom.  The top had a few scratches and wear marks but nothing that couldn’t be fixed especially since I like a darker stained finish.


It just took a few minutes and I had sanded off the old stain off the top. 


This table is heavy and solid wood but pretty sure the wood on the top is just a veneer wood grain finish so I had to be careful to not sand too much.


I applied 2 coats of Rustoleum dark walnut stain and it turned out beautiful!  I just love dark stained wood paired with white!


Here it is in my living room in place – it goes perfectly with other dark stained furniture we have in the room such as my 2 toned coffee table,  our TV stand, and my refinished mini church pew bench in the entryway.


For right now it works best to have it this direction so the cute little drawer is hidden against the couch but you can still see the pretty beadboad design.  In our new house we will have a much larger living room so hoping we can change up the furniture arrangement a bit and get to see that cute little drawer.  I may replace the knob on the drawer with something metal/prettier then too.

I added a yard sale find basket with some of our throw blankets on the bottom shelf and it is perfect!

Oh and the old end table we had was actually part of a set of a coffee table and 2 end tables that were in storage under a bed.  So I promptly got those out and listed in a facebook yard sale group and sold them for $200.  They just weren’t our style anymore, the coffee table was too large for our living room, and we had no place for the 2nd end table. So this little $8 end table helped put some money in my pocket too and get rid of some things that now we don’t have to move.  Definitely not a bad $8 purchase.

I just love the before/after.  Some darker stain and less than an hour of time makes all the difference in updating a piece.

End table beforeafter

What have you changed out or updated recently in your house?  Been working on painting or staining any furniture?


  1. Julie long says:

    Love to see your finds! I truly hope you stick with blogging even after your baby girl comes..we get into following a blog and then they just stop..and congratulations by the way!

  2. Very cute!!! What an awesome deal, especially since it didn’t require much work to spruce it up. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home, and course, your baby girl!

  3. Don’t you just love garage sales when you get lucky! What a great find and it looks so much better it was a dark top.

  4. I love it! What a great design eye you have. I picked up a slightly broken end table for free and have been trying to fix it up. This has given me some good ideas.

  5. It turned out great! You’ve inspired me to go check out some thrift shops…garage sale season isn’t quite here yet! I have just painted my walls, and my cabinets…would love to paint some furniture now! 😀

  6. Great job. I love it!

  7. It looks great. I can tell the main part under the top is white, but it appears that the shelf below is bluish. Is that true?

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