Little Pink Rocking Chair

Last spring when I was wanting to prepare for baby and decorate her room but we hadn’t moved yet, I kept myself busy by packing of course, but also by trying to go ahead and find and DIY some things for her room.  Like this DIY chicken wire hair bow holderSmile  Another thing I knew I wanted to find was a little rocking chair.  I thought it would be so cute to go in her room and for her to grow up enjoying. 

I came across this one on a facebook yard sale site for $10 and snatched it up. 


The paint was in rough shape and definitely not my style but nothing that a little sanding and a new paint job couldn’t fix.  Here it is after I sanded all the bubbled/rough paint on the seat smooth and had it ready to paint.


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I already had my nursery mood board and colors all picked out so I grabbed a can of this Blush Pink Chalked paint from Rustoleum.  And they even have Chalked spray paint now which I need to try – totally would have made painting all those chair rungs so much easier!


2 coats later and this is how it looked!  This is just the sweetest light pink color!


I did decide to distress it just a little around the edges.  I mean anything in a kids room is eventually going to get distressed so I may as well start the process Winking smile.


And we finally moved, I gradually worked on a nursery and had the sweetest little room for it to go in! Smile  It looks so perfect in here with all the gray and white and just hints of pink.




And I have the sweetest little girl to sit in it. Smile  (And how in the world can she be so big already!?  Time needs to slow down!)


I found probably my very favorite yard sale find of all times on Friday and it is already in the nursery – will show you later this week! Just a few more projects I am wrapping up and will show you those and then the final reveal!

Child's Rocking Chair Makeover


  1. The chair is a lovely throne for your princess! What a doll baby!!

  2. I would not have distressed it. It makes it look tacky.

  3. Lanita Anderson says:

    That turned out so cute! A family friend of ours made small rocking chairs for our boys when they were small and they were such a fun addition to their nurseries and bedrooms. And they were definitely put to good use! Can’t wait to see what you found and the final reveal of the nursery! 🙂

  4. Wow…I am continually inspired after reading your blog and seeing the before and afters you post. And yeah…your baby is growing fast and just adorable!!!

  5. That is a sweet chair. And, yes, how in the world is your baby so big already?!? She’s a sweetie, too!

  6. That baby girl is ADORABLE!!! I’m enjoying watching your progress! Your house is absolutely beautiful!! My baby girl is 27 now and I remember how much fun she was at that age! Enjoy every single minute!

  7. Beautiful baby girl and sweet chair,I love rockers! They are so classic. I just came across my daughter’s wicker one while doing some decluttering, but no way will it get donated! She is seventeen now, and I have videos of her as a toddler having tea parties in her room with her wicker furniture. Maybe someday I will have a granddaughter who will love it just as much?

  8. She is so adorable! Her outfit is divine!
    Love the final chair makeover, it is darling.

  9. Such a sweet makeover for that precious little girl. Perfect for a little girl room. She is a doll baby!!!!!

    Have a great week…


  10. This is a bargain and looks super, great job and your daughter makes the perfect little model for it.

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