Friday Frugal Finds: glass jars, candles, pillows, throws and more!

I made a deliberate effort to try to look for more yard sales on my way to town last week hoping to find some specific home things on my list.  And I am excited that I did!

A pretty crystal looking candle holder and 2 new Kohl’s candles for $1.00 total.


I also LOVED this fabric tote that I found for $1.00 too.  I have looked at them at stores like Ross and TJMaxx but never bought one.  This one is a nice grey/taupey color and I might use it in our bedroom.  I found it at an apartment complex yard sale – ever been to one of those?  My first time and it was sort of fun!  People set up in stairways or out on the small common areas and you just walked around or drove around to find different ones all inside the apartment complex. 


I also picked up this heavy plastic tray from Target for $1.00.  I have been wanting one for my coffee table on our deck but couldn’t use a wood, rattan or any other kind of one because it will be exposed to rain and weather.  I will spray paint it – haven’t decided what color yet. Smile


And glass canister jars!  I had these specifically on my list and was excited when she only wanted 50¢ and 25¢ for the larger hinged ones.  The mini mason jar looking one I got for 50¢ – I just thought it was so cute and will be cute in my mason jar collection. 


A game for $1.00.  I would love to know some family/group type games that your family enjoys playing.  I want to be looking for some different ones – maybe ones unfamiliar to me. 


And I was so excited about these finds!  I was a couple of towns over in an area I am not usually in.  So I pulled up the Goodwill app (find it on the App Store as “Goodwill locations”) and found one just a few minutes away.  It was a really nice location that I would love to visit again. 

I found an adorable geometric print pillow that was the 1/2 off color of the week and I only paid a $1.30 for it!  And a light green throw for $1 something too. 


So what is on your “to-find at yard sales or thrift stores list?”


  1. I love garage sales, yard sales and junk stores! Right now I am having fun monogramming trays but so far I have only used wooden ones. I was told to use a special kind of spray paint on plastic. Do you have one that you prefer? Do you do any kind of prep work on the plastic tray before you spray it? I want to make sure the paint sticks and does not peel up. Thanks for your help…I enjoy your blog! ~Becky

  2. You did it again 🙂 more super finds/bargains! Can’t wait to see what you do with the tray. The candles and the holder are so npretty, too!

    Thanks for sharing…
    ~ Sherri

  3. Sheila Clark says:

    I love to see your Friday Frugal finds. You find the neatest stuff. I’ve been following you (not stalking) since 2011. I have MS and can’t walk anymore, so it’s hard to go to yard sales…but I love Goodwill….my husband doesn’t like to go. I tell him to drop me off, because I like to look at EVERYTHING!
    You asked about other games, our favorites are Skip-Bo, Phase-10, and Scattegories.

  4. Wow what fab finds! I found your blog a month ago and have really been enjoying it. And the game you found, taboo is my favorite game for a big group. We also play guys against gals. You will love this one! 😀

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