House and baby update

It’s “update day!” Wish I could be typing it’s “moving day” but hopefully it won’t be long until I can say that. 

So here is where we are at with selling our house and buying a new house and even how pregnancy and baby is doing Smile

We listed our house at the beginning of this year – you can read all about why here.  After about 10-12 showings and 6-7 weeks on the market we got our first offer – which after some negotiation we accepted.

home for sale

Which meant we had to sort of hurry up and find something we wanted to buy!  We had been looking the entire time – viewing 5-6 homes a week in person and spending countless hours online or using real estate apps narrowing down houses we wanted to see.  The housing market is a bit slim in our area and we had some specific things in mind that we were looking for – an area we loved, 4 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms and a bonus room, and a decent yard size.  And we also wanted a house we could make our own – not necessarily a move-in ready, already remodeled type of home.

So about a week or 2 after we had contract on our current house we put a contract on this house!

front of new house

Surprised?  The exterior style is not what I would have first picked and I never thought we would end up in a 1 level ranch type house.  BUT the exterior of our current home was not my favorite when we bought either.  But over the years we have been able to make simple changes with colors of trim/shutters and adding lots of landscaping and character and the same will happen with our new home as well.  We have big plans for this exterior and of course even more plans for inside which I will share later once all the papers have been signed.

Selling/buying/moving is never a easy, straightforward, fun process and I don’t think I expected it to be.  BUT this process has been extremely frustrating, stressful, and difficult – all on the sale of our current home side.  I am hoping that we are past most of that and that our rescheduled closing will happen on time or even earlier and very soon I will be sharing that it is MOVING day. Smile

And on the baby frontSmile   Baby Girl (still nameless at this point – agh! such a big decision!) is doing very well.  And I am feeling very good  – not without any aches or pains or upset stomach at times –  but honestly good the majority of the time.   I don’t think I could have asked for a better pregnancy for which I am so very thankful.  I have 6-8 more weeks to go and hoping I can at least be in our new home, boxes unpacked, and a few projects done before she chooses to arrive!


Much more to share later on the house and baby front (I am so anxious to get in there and start working on her nursery!) but need wait until everything is signed and done and then I will share much more.  And of course take you on a journey as I DIY, decorate, thrift, and make this new house our home!

This has been an unusual and strange time of life for me – with very little or no projects to work on in our current home, countless hours spent consumed with house searching/paperwork/lenders and such, and then preparing to add an addition to our family. And I blog about what is currently happening in our home/life as it pertains to decorating or projects – which has been very little lately. So thanks for sticking in there with me and I can’t wait to be overwhelmed with a project list a mile long and get to share them all with you along the way.  For now it is back to the pile of boxes and packing tape that it is calling my name! 😉 


  1. Patty from the NW says:

    Love your new home and looking forward to your updates . Have a blessed day ?

  2. Christina, I love the new house and you look fabulous with the baby bump…I am wishing you good luck on all these new adventures…Millie
    millie torres recently posted..Spring Cleaning & Bedroom ChangesMy Profile

  3. The new place is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news. All the best and my heartfelt congratulations to you.

  4. Buying and selling a home is by far a happy and very stressful time. Add on being pregnant and I’m sure it’s a lot to handle at times. Thank you for sharing when you can. Can’t wait to see more of your new home and your sweet baby in the months ahead.

  5. Meloni Simpson says:

    You are looking radiant. Love your hair. You have definitely not gained very much weight. I pray your pregnancy continues to go well and you and your hubby will have an name picked out soon for that special little girl.

    I am also praying that all goes well on the houses, closing and finalizing on your new home.

    Always look forward to hearing from you and your new DIYs and finds.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Barbara Collins says:

    So happy for you! New home is lovely and no doubt it will be awesome when you’re done! You look radiant!!! Wish I could have been available to help out with this one.

  7. I was so happy to see this post today. I love the new house and so excited to see how you make it your own. You look darling. Good luck with everything!

  8. Nancie Keeling says:

    How exciting for you! Enjoy this time and try not to be too stressed! The best is yet to come and your new house is going to be gorgeous when you get your hands on it!

  9. Congratulations on all counts! I love your new house, and you will be so glad to be all on one level with a new baby! I had a one level house with our first baby, but then moved into a two story house when I was overdue with my second baby – not a good move, as I learned very quickly that stairs and a toddler and new baby and tired mom do not go well together! Enjoy this wonderful time in life, and I’m praying that all goes well for you and your family in the coming weeks!

  10. Bless your heart! So much happening at one time. Love the new house, will be anxiously awaiting progress reports as you make it your home.
    I’m a grandmother who just remarried and moved in to the hubs house. A 1950’s house with all original EVERYTHING!! It’s now remodeled (took almost a year). I sold my house…didn’t take too long to find a buyer but then he dragged his feet…after 4. four. FOUR. walk throughs it is done. SOLD! I’M OVER IT. Now I find myself with doubles and triples of most everything. I’m overwhelmed with the task to sort through-garage sale, keep, goes to cabin (up NORTH) we are buying. Hurry up and move so you can tell me how to get it together!!
    Best wishes to you with your baby girl. There’s nothing like them! Take whatever time you need…we will all be (im)patiently waiting for updates.
    BTW-I would DIE for your hair!!

  11. Helen Fountain says:

    You look amazing. Staying trim along the way. The new house looks very interesting. I think you will be happy you did get a ranch. Chasing Baby thru the house what fun. Can’t wait to see what you have in store. Your husband is so lucky that you can see a vision when you look at a room and a house. Stay healthy and hope you have loads of help moving.

  12. Wendy Willis says:

    Wow. Your new home looks amazing. Look forward to seeing the before and afters. Also looking forward to seeing your bundle of joy arrive into the world. You do look amazing. X

  13. Glad to hear things are going well for you if not just a bit stressful. Missed reading your blog, but looking forward to updates in the future when you can get back to projects. Congrats on the new house!!! And of course the new baby as well!!!

  14. Hi Christina…new subscriber here…..I can so relate to this post….except for the being pregnant part. We decided to list our house and move to another city last year….never expecting to find our house would take SIX MONTHS to sell! However sell it did and we wound up in the house I liked best in the nicest neighbourhood with everything we wanted in both….so although it can be frustrating….hang in there…it will all work out. We are in Ontario Canada in an area that is booming so we were surprised at both how long our house took to sell and the fact that the one we finally bought also was listed exactly that same length of time. Coincidence? Perhaps not 🙂

  15. I can relate to your story. We moved too when I was expecting my baby ( 34 yrs ago) and it was very stressful. We were a military family and my husband then had orders to go outside of the States. But I was very young and just flowed with it all. This is an exciting time for you and your husband! Enjoy every minute and congratulations on the new home and new baby to be! Enjoy reading your yard sale finds and how you remodel things for your home.

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