Friday Frugal Finds: bedroom décor steals, shower décor, pillows, and wedding gifts from yard sale finds…

I had a big yard sale/thrift shopping weekend last weekend! Smile  I specifically set aside some time on Friday to concentrate on shopping any and all yard sales I could find instead of just stopping at any I see as I make my way to town to do errands.  And I invited a friend to go along – we had so much fun together!  Unfortunately even though we drove all over the place, there weren’t many yard sales to be found.  But we still both found some good deals.  And this week I get to show you how I already have put many of them immediately into use. 

I picked up these paper lanterns for 50¢ – they were new in package from Pier 1. 


I ended up using them that same weekend at a shower I decorated for at our church.  They made a lovely addition to the backdrop and over the food table! Smile


I also found this red wreath for $1.00


I had stopped by Value Village earlier in the week and found some very specific things I had been looking for – yay!!  I am planning on a big room makeover next month (more on that next week!) and have been looking for pillows, throws, accessories, etc. 

Teal pillow – $2.49, white pillow – $1.99, gray throw – 1/2 off so only $1.30, and a scarf for $1.99. 


We also stopped by a local huge thrift store where you have to dig and search for things Smile.  I picked up a white bedskirt for $1.00


4 large mason jars  for $1.00


And 2 games for $1.50 total.  I FINALLY found a Scrabble game!  I have been looking for over a year and just never have found one at yard sales or thrift stores.  I really want the letters to use in decorating but this is a newer addition and in very good condition, so now I want to keep this one together and find another one to use just for the letters.  Winking smile


By the way, in case you missed it on facebook, I shared what I do with all these games I buy at thrift stores. 

10255115_902011053145663_4330328727466207435_n (1)

I pick up party/group games for cheap, clean them up, restock pens/pads/missing pieces if necessary and then bundle them together, tie with a bow, and gift them as a wedding/shower gift.  My husband and I wanted many of these same games for YEARS when we were first married but at $20-40 a piece we could only afford to buy 1-2 a year or ask for them for birthday/Christmas presents.  So I hope that receiving a big stack of games as a wedding gift will be a blessing to a newly married couple and they will have fun playing together as a new family and inviting friends to join them.

I stopped by my favorite parking lot yard sale on Saturday and found some more good finds!


A brand new pillow with tags for $3.00, a milkglass dish for $1.00, some large designer fabric samples for $1.00, and a basket for $2.00.


I came home and my cat immediately claimed the basket as HIS.  Even though I had bought a pet basket at a yard sale a few months ago specifically for him and he wouldn’t have a thing to do with it.  Figures! Smile

Thankful for a successful bargain hunting weekend!  Should be a gorgeous weekend this weekend with cooler than normal temps so maybe more sales will be out!  You know I will be looking! Winking smile 

What did you find last week while thrifting or yard saling?


  1. Sherri S. says:

    So many great finds and bargains. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all these treasures!!!


  2. Cheryl MacKay says:

    Super great finds!!! Can’t wait to see your room makeover.

    I just had one concern… used games for wedding gifts???? really???

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