New paint in the living room

I was looking up some paint colors the other day in a post and came across this post of my living room.  I was so surprised when I saw how different the room looks now, and I realized I haven’t shared my repainted living room with you yet!  If you remember, I am in the process of repainting our entire house  – all the main living areas, hallways, etc.  It has been 10 years since it was first painted when we moved in and in desperate need of new paint.  I also am changing the paint color from beige to a more greyish beige or greige color. 

So here’s our living room October of 2013.

living room before

I have made several changes the last almost 2 years that made a huge difference in the room.  During fall of 2013, I removed all the red and went more neutral in the room.  I painted some new curtains, changed out pillows, and moved a few things around. 

living room before no red

Then this spring I did away with that dark brown wall and painted a diamond pattern on it in my new paint color – Wheat Bread by Behr.

painted diamond accent wall

That in itself made a HUGE difference!  I still can’t believe how much lighter the room looks.  I just had some people over to my house on Saturday for a bridal shower and they all remarked at how much better/lighter it looked – they thought I got new furniture, or did something different but it was just that the room feels so incredibly different with the dark wall gone.  I loved it for a while but now light and bright is what I crave!

How to paint a diamond accent wall with ScotchBlue tape

Then the rest of the room needed the new paint.

I color matched the popular BM Revere Pewter in Behr paint and also got a sample of Wheat Bread by Behr.  I found that those two colors were very similar to each other.  If any difference, the Wheat Bread is just a tad warmer and the Revere Pewter is a little bit cooler.  I ultimately decided to stay with Behr Wheat Bread. 

You can see what a difference it is going on.  The old paint color (Classic Taupe by Behr) was very beige and almost yellow looking and was not what I was going wanting anymore.

new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

You can tell just from that picture how the room is immediately looking lighter.  LOVE it!

new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

So here’s the before once again.

living room before

living room before

And here’s the after.

new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

I love things look on my mantel so much more now!  I have been doing a lot more simple mantels this year (although I am sure that will change come fall and Christmas!)

new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

All of the main areas downstairs are painted now.  I still have to continue up the stairs in and in the hall there. 

new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

This is what I get when I sit down to try to take a close up picture. Smile  No, Casper they don’t want a closeup of you – they want a closeup of the paint and décor! Smile


new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

So there’s our updated living room with new greige paint.  It still goes well with the browns I have in the room but yet gives the room a lighter/not so beige look to it and looks updated as well. 

new paint in living room - Wheat Bread by Behr

Hopefully I will have some new paint to show you in our room soon too! 

Are you doing any painting this Labor Day weekend?  There is always great sales on paint this weekend so if you have some to do, would be a good time to pick up a gallon!  (I recommend Behr and not just saying that because I work with them – we used Behr paint to paint our entire house 10 years ago long before I even knew what a home/DIY blog was. Smile)

Disclosure: I am partnering with Behr as a Behr DIY Expert and was provided paint for this project.  But all opinions and thoughts expressed are all mine. 


  1. The room looks beautiful! What a great transformation. I love the lighter, brighter look!
    Erin @ DIY on the Cheap recently posted..Signature Style Series Giveaway!My Profile

  2. Love it! Great inspiration for my current house project 🙂
    And I personally like the close up of the cat 🙂

  3. First of all, Casper is beautiful! And we started the long weekend by painting our guest bathroom, ordering a new shower curtain, and as my hubby works on that, I am scrubbing every tile floor in my home and it is back breaking work but needs it desperately. I love Zep’s Citrus degreaser and cleaner, spray it on the floor (I did small areas at a time) let it sit about 5 minutes and scrub it (I have a small scrubber and buffer I am using with hard bristles) and then rinse with warm water and I sucked it up with our wet vac. The floors are like brand new! I still have 2 bathrooms and a big kitchen to do tomorrow.

  4. I just love love love your living room. SO peaceful it looks & so very cozy. I love your taste!
    Susie@homemaker-mom recently posted..Scientific Fact or Fake Bug Myths & enter to win a back to school pack!My Profile

  5. LOVE the mirror over the fireplace!

  6. Very pretty changes. Luv the paint colour !
    Gee recently posted..I hear whispers….My Profile

  7. grammygoodwill says:

    I really like the lighter look of the room. My favorite thing is the green jars on the mantel. Good job.

  8. Great updates in this room. The curtains are so pretty and so is the accent wall. The pets always photo bomb, LOL.

    Cynthia recently posted..Welcome!My Profile

  9. What a beautiful room makeover!!! I love the stenciled walls and those striped curtains!!! I bet you love spending time in there. 🙂 XOXO
    Diana recently posted..DIY Inspired {link party no. 16}My Profile

  10. Love your new paint color and the diamonds on the wall. Accessories look great also. I do have one suggestion though. If you love having a fan in this room, I would definitely take it down and spray paint it a silver color and change out the light globes. In my opinion it dates the room – other than that, great job!!

  11. Love the room! Where are the curtains from??

  12. I love Wheatbread. It is so versatile. Our entire first level is Wheatbread. Love what you have done!

  13. What level of Behr did you go with?
    I’m considering their Marquee (guaranteed one coat!) in Wheat Bread

  14. Looks waaay better! Only thing I’d change is color of fan blades…wheat bread would look perfect.

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