Friday Frugal Finds: home décor, table linens, and a really cute Thirty-One bag for $1

Here is some of my recent thrift store and yard sale finds.  I hope you are getting out there on the weekends and finding some good stuff at yard sales!  This is prime season!  Before it gets scorching hot (at least here in the South).

I picked up this guy for $2 at a local thrift store.  There is a price tag on the bottom from Marshall’s that says $12.99.  I am not sure if I will paint the base or not, but pretty sure he is going in my master bedroom.

Marshall's greenery arrangement - yard sale find

I am going to love going to my pile of yard sale décor I have been hoarding collecting to decorate for a few future room re-dos.

I also picked up a set of 4 tan napkins for $1, a set of 4 navy placemats for $1 and a white short sleeve blazer for $1.50.  I love this local thrift store even though it can be messy and dirty sometimes.

thrift store placemats and napkins

Then I found this Thirty-One bag at my parking lot yard sale.  I casually asked the price thinking she would say like $5-8, but nope she said $1.00!  This is one of Thirty-One’s most popular style of bags (the organizing utility tote) and even though I have 2 already, I use them CONSTANTLY and could never have enough.  I could always use it just to store things on a shelf or closet too or even gift it or one of my other ones to a friend.

Thirty One organizing utility tote

Now you may be thinking, “ummm… your name isn’t Jenny.” Smile  I honestly didn’t care too much about that and would have left it if necessary.  BUT, I was pretty sure I could use a seam ripper and take the monogram off.  Sure enough!

taking monogram off Thirty One organizing utility tote

It took me a little bit (20 minutes or so), but I got it out!  The bag is a heavy canvas and you can’t even tell from the outside.

taking monogram off Thirty One organizing utility tote

The inside has more of a heavy plastic type liner so the stitch holes are still visible – but who cares about the inside of the bag?? Smile

taking monogram off of Thirty One organizing utility tote

So there’s my frugal finds!  Paid $6.50 for a $30 Thirty One bag, a set of 4 napkins, a set of 4 placemats, a cotton blazer, and a $12.99 greenery arrangement from Marshall’s.  Not too bad!  Gotta love yard sales!

Here’s a thought: would you like it if I did a linky party on these Friday Frugal Finds posts where you could link up your posts about yard sale or thrift store finds and even posts where you makeover a yard sale or thrift store find?  Or if you don’t blog or don’t want to link up, you could just browse what others link up?    Let me know if that would be something you would be interested in by leaving a comment here or on facebook.

Don’t say it enough, but thanks for reading!


  1. Great finds! I love the planter and the white blazer. I have that same bag too.
    MaryEllen@ImperfectHomemaker recently posted..I Need Your HelpMy Profile

  2. Hi Christina,
    Great finds this week – especially the 31 Bag. I have that exact same bag (color and everything!) and I love it! I don’t blog, but I follow several blogs and I would LOVE it if you did a link party on Fridays for Frugal Finds!! I always enjoy your posts and seeing the good deals and great finds!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  3. Great finds! I love yard sales and go every weekend, rain or shine! Thanks for the tip on removing the name on the Thirty-One bag. I have two that needs updating!

  4. Glad the name came out so well. Still can’t beat a dollar for that bag.

  5. i love the garage sales stuff,tueday i bought a plastic kids colorful wheelbarow,planted ground cover,then put in my new rock gared ,goverd up wee;d this way,love all your finds…

  6. Vicki Mansell says:

    What lovely finds you got again! you are so good at it!–that’s one of the things I miss about this country–at least up here so few recycle shops and all over Japan you don’t have such a thing as garage sales! And thanks for the idea about taking out the name on the 31 item! I have a small item that was a mistake in printing for an order and it has sat in the closet. Now I plan on taking it out and taking the thread ripper to it! Yea!

  7. I have that exact same 31 bag and love it! I might love it even more if I had gotten it for a $1! What a great find!
    Kristen @ Joyfullythriving recently posted..4 Free Airborne SamplesMy Profile

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