546205_10150850221438727_673198726_9700625_619336116_n (1)I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend getting some projects done, resting, grilling some hamburgers, or spending some extra time with the family.  My hubby had to work this morning but is headed home now!  So I am checking out of the office and putting my “to-do list” aside to spend some time together!

But don’t forget in enjoying all of that to stop and remember

Remember that you have the freedom you enjoy today because of those who have fought and given their all in the past and even those that defend that freedom today. 

So enjoy your family, food, fun, and flags flying in the breeze today . . .  and stop to reflect and remember.

I will be back tomorrow with a recap of our weekend and tons of red, white and blue!  I will be sharing my Summer mantel (part 1), and some other patriotic touches like the scene you see above I added to our house this weekend.  (Although the patriotic fruit pizza has disappeared – it was devoured last night at a church cookout!) Smile


(Arlington cemetery picture source)


  1. Debbie Hoffman says:

    Wow I loved everything you have done. I have noticed I have seen less flaged each day when I walk. I live in Jacksonville NC home of The Camp Lejeune, home of 55,000 Marines. My husband served for 28 years and I worked on the base with theater for training, and speical events for 18 years. You know what it means to look a 20 year old with no hand or no leg. I thought I’m a Marine wife and we are left alone a lot not big deal. When I see these young Marines I go to the corner and let the tear rolls. You just can’t get use to that. Ok that why I would love to see more Americans like you. It means so much to so many people. God Bless American

    • Christina says:

      Wasn’t it amazing to see all the flags after 9/11? and you are right, it has been less and less since then.

      Thank your husband for his service for me! and thank you to you too!

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