Frugal Finds: My cheapest yard sale stop EVER – 10 items for 40¢!

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Wow, I don’t know about you, but last Saturday there were yard sales EVERYWHERE!  I had a very busy day filled with appointments and other commitment,s but I did manage to stop at a few and passed by more that I wish I would have had time to stop and shop at.

Here are my finds. 

Of course I shopped my parking lot yard sale again.

I found one of my favorite booths – everything 25¢ and they even had a free box.  The books were 25¢ each and the white linens came from the FREE box Smile  I plan on just using the material for something.


And my favorite jewelry man was there.  Paid $2.00 and these came home with me. Smile


Couldn’t pass up this open frame for 50¢.


Or these frames when the seller said they were 2/$1.00.  2 matching frames and 2 other frames for 50¢ each!


Then I stopped at a small indoor yard sale at a local church.  At first I thought I wasn’t going to find anything – not much stuff and didn’t see anything I wanted.  Then the sale sticker on the little white frame caught my eye – marked down from 25¢ to 10¢??  I have to say, I have NEVER bought anything at a yard sale for less than 25¢.  People just don’t price things for 10¢ at yard sales around here.  I mean if it is worth me buying and worth that person selling (instead of just trashing it or dropping it off at Goodwill), I would pay 25¢ (except for maybe kids paperback books or something.)

So then I started looking a little bit more! Smile  The little apothecary jar and the set of 8 wood napkin rings were on another table which had a big sign – EVERYTHING marked down to 15¢! Smile 

So everything pictured below, I bought for 40¢ total.  I actually had to get change for the 2 quarters I gave the lady!  Craziness!


Gotta LOVE yard sales!

Total for the day $5.90 Winking smile  I love shopping and I love the prices at yard sales!

Have you ever bought anything for 10¢ or 15¢ at a yard sale?  Were you shocked at the price? 


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  1. I am shocked at the prices you find and the cool stuff. I went to some yard sales today and the lowest price I had was 25 cents on a frame. Lots of fun.

    • Christina says:

      well, like I said this was the first time I had ever seen or bought anything for 10¢ and 15¢. I was shocked too! 🙂 25¢ is usually my cheapest.

      25¢ on a frame is a great price too!


  1. […] napkin rings are only 4 out of a set of 12 that I got at a small church yard sale.  I blogged all about this sale here, but it was my cheapest yard sale I had ever shopped.  I paid 40¢ for EVERYTHING in the above […]

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