5 days of Christmas inspiration: Trimmed Trees


So your mantel should be all decked out by now! Smile  If not, check out some of the inspiration from yesterday’s post on Merry Mantels.

Today we are going to talk about the next biggest item in Christmas decorating – a Trimmed Tree!

Real vs. artificial

Now we could debate the real vs. artificial issue here, but what we are talking about is the decorations. 

I will mention what we do and why.  Since getting married we have always had an artificial tree.  We saved up and bought it the day after Christmas our first Christmas and got a really nice one.  I love that we spent $60 one time and have used it for now 8 years  ($7.50/yr. is not bad and it goes down even more each year.)  It doesn’t get needles or sap all over the floor and isn’t droopy by the time Christmas gets here.  It was pre-lit when we bought it, but each year a portion has stopped working so we have had to add lights.  And, no, it doesn’t “smell like Christmas” but my MIL is allergic anyways – hmmm…maybe a real tree isn’t a bad idea – just kidding, I really do love my in-laws Smile  And honestly, I  would love to have the storage space that the artificial tree takes up but I am too cheap to spend $30+ each year on a real one.  The biggest factors in our choice is cost and mess – so artificial works for us!  Smile

Would love to hear what you do and why in the comments.

So no matter if you have a real or artificial tree you need something on it! 

Lights are the first thing and it’s your choice of whether to use colored or white.  (We go all-white with our lights.)

Or you could just go all-white with your tree! Smile  I have seen some gorgeous white Christmas trees (and if I ever find one at a yard sale, it will be coming home with me 😉

Pinned Image

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This is a cute white tree dressed as a snowman 🙂

Pinned Image

And there are other colors as well

Pink is another favorite…

Pinned Image

along with many other colors

Pinned Image

But let’s talk about the most traditional green tree.  Once you have your lights on you can decide if you want you tree to have a color theme or a theme among the ornaments.

I love sticking to a theme within my colors like this red, silver and gold tree.

Red, Silver, and Gold Christmas Tree

This red and green tree

Pinned Image

Or this silver, blue and white tree

Blue-and-White Christmas Tree

But you can also have a theme within the ornaments like this Patriotic Christmas tree

patriotic tree

Or one in red and white with mittens and ice skates as the theme.

tree with mittens and ice skates

Trees can be decorated with non-traditional items like this sparkling starfish tree.

green flowers and starfish christmas tree

This woodsy tree is so pretty too!

Another natural, woodsy tree.

Pinned Image

Love this neutral tree!

Neutral Christmas Tree

Or maybe you have a tree decorated with ornaments that you have collected from family vacations, homemade ornaments your children have made – those can be just as gorgeous!  Maybe pick a series of ornaments like red or gold balls and repeat them throughout the random ornaments to create a sense of balance and uniformity.

Christmas tree decorated

Don’t forget to add some natural elements.  I have a very traditional tree decorated in gold, burgundy, ribbon… but I still add in pinecones, faux flowers, berries and more to keep it balanced.


Peek of last year’s tree – finished pictures next week!

Just whatever you do, please don’t do this, ok?

I know it might give you some more room for presents underneath, but I would get a crick in my neck trying to turn my head to see it the right way! Smile

Do you collect family ornaments each year and have a family tree?  (I wish we had collected an ornament each year from vacations or whatever each year of our marriage.  Incorporating memories into your décor makes it extra special.)

Do you do a real or artificial tree?

What is your favorite theme or color to use to decorate your Christmas tree?



  1. I love themed trees!!! 🙂 Great collection here 🙂 We’ve always done an artificial tree probably some out of tradition (we never had a real one growing up) but mostly because of cost. It would just hurt to throw all that money away after Christmas! I have 2 full sized tress (one pre-lit…and one pure agony 😉 I just added 3 small 4 ft ones to the collection via a thrift shop this weekend in the mountains (you’ve totally inspired me! I’ve been to a thrift shop 3 times within the last week! Help! I’m addicted!)

    • Oh no, I have created a monster! 🙂 Better watch out, don’t let it take over your house. 🙂 I am really wrestling with cutting back on “collecting” right now. Need to finish some projects and get some of my “finds” into place before collecting more. Great job on finding the trees though! I would love to find a small/medium white one. I have found them for as cheap as $1 at yardsales. 😉

      My tree is prelit but this year finally not one pre-lit light worked 🙁 they had been slowly dying year after year. Told David it might be time to look for another one. 🙂

    • What a beautiful style you have! Thank you for sharing with us. May God bless your Christmas season as you focus on our Lord and His wonderful gift.

  2. I recently moved into my own apartment so my collection of ornaments and decorations that are my own is quite small, but I’ve realized that I’m attracted to the multicolored ornaments, particularly the blues, purples, pinks, and greens. I’m using an artificial tree that has been in my family for probably 15 years and this year, I mixed clear and multicolored lights on it along with colorful decorations and a purple tree skirt, and it looks pretty good! Although I do enjoy the look of more elegant trees (my mom always produced a beautiful red and gold tree each year… we always got compliments on it!), I’m still in my early/mid-20s and want to play up the color for as long as I can. At some point, I’d love my tree to be sentimental and look like the red/green ribbon tree you posted, but for now I’ll go with bright, fun, and quirky 🙂

  3. I have a small little artificial tree. I’ve not seen a real tree here before. I don’t know if people use them here or not. I love white lights, red bows, and rustic ornaments. This year I added silver to the tree as well. I love it!!

    When I was home last year my parent’s pre-lit tree didn’t work anymore. So, my dad and I removed all of the lights from the tree. (THAT IS A LOT OF WORK!) There are tons of clips holding them on the branches and of course wires to cut. But the tree is still beautiful and in great condition. (And of course better off without those horrible coloured lights that my mom likes so much – all white is all right!!! Ha ha!)

    Can’t wait to see your tree.

    • ughhh.. I can’t imagine removing them all 🙁 This year NONE of the prelit lights work. 🙁 I think I have 10 strands or so on there. and how about after wrestling putting them all on the other night a strand in the MIDDLE goes out today and 1/2 the tree is dark – grrrrr….. told David it might be time to think about buying a new one. Probably not this year though.

  4. We have one artificial tree, and I’ve done different colors with it – one year was blue & silver, another was red & gold, then purple & silver. We’ve gradually added to our ornament collection.

    I’d love to someday get a small real tree & see how we like having it – we’ve got a screened in back porch & I’m curious to see if we could put one up out there with some simple ornaments. Could be lovely! It won’t be this year though, but maybe next…

    • a real tree on your porch sounds gorgeous! 🙂

      I would like to change mine up but the colors fit my living room. and I hate spending extra on more ornaments. 🙂 maybe one year I will do all neutrals – can use some of what I have and just had in some whites,tans, silvers, etc. I would love to incorporate burlap too one year! 🙂

  5. We have a good ole’ fake tree! =) Ours is more traditional, gold and red and a few “family” ornaments. One day I’m going to change the colors, but just don’t want to spend the moola! So for now we just stick with what we’ve got. =)

    • Christina says:

      me too! I was just thinking this year that I have had the same colors ever since we got married although I did change it up the decor some 2-3 years ago. I do burgandy and gold. I am thinking though that if I can find some deals after Christmas that I might look for some silvers, champagne colors, and white to add to my gold (hence saving some $ since I won’t be redoing it all) and do a shimmery, neutral tree next year. 🙂 We’ll see – only if I can find them 75% off 🙂

    • I love the old frame with the chicken wire that is such a great idea with so many uses! I found your blog via Gussy and just love it. Happy holidays!


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