Modern Farmhouse Layered Fall Mantel and Living Room Decor

% am so excited to share my fall mantel and living room with you today!

This year I have really enjoyed using deep fall colors like burnt orange and mustard yellow in my fall decor.  I usually do mostly neutrals for fall decor but this year I just couldn’t resist the pretty burnt oranges I was seeing everywhere.  

It doesn’t take a lot of an accent color to make an impact in your decor – just little pops here and there.  

I also this year focused on using lots of my regular decor that have a fall feel to them like black candlesticks and wood beads instead of using lots of fall specific decor.  

Adding some dried florals and a pumpkin here and there mixed with regular decor brings all the fall feels to your home. 

I’m so glad I kept this DIY spool table!  I had this pedestal I had gotten for free and this spool top that I was able to connect together to make this side table.  

Let’s talk about the mantel decor… the inspiration for my mantel came from this painting I found for $5.99 at Hobby Lobby in the 90% off spring shop sale.  I loved the browns, burnt oranges and it just looked like a fall scene.  Then around the same time I found that black mirror at a thrift store for $5.00 and snatched it up right away – it is probably in my top 10 of favorite thrift store finds ever!  And then a few weeks later I found the wood framed mirror for $8.00 – it has the pretties vintage hardware on the side and I just love it!  I’d love to find one more mirror so I could layer 3 mirrors across my mantel for a future look so that’s on my thrifting/yard sale to find list! 🙂 

The huge amber jar came from Target on a crazy sale a few weeks ago along with the white ceramic pumpkin.  

I just did a simple arrangement in my tray on my coffee table using a matte black spray painted thrifted pitcher, a favorite candle from Antique Candle Co. and some items from my favorite local boutique shop.  The brown/cream florals, hops candle ring and the metal/wood lantern house all came from The Painted Nest.  She ships too so definitely worth checking her out!  I love her decor and her prices are very reasonable which makes it fun to be able to afford some new decor pieces.  (Use code ZSMBREF to get 20% off your first order if you order something from her shop.)

I love this little corner nook  – it just always looks so cozy!  The burnt orange pillow was a thrifted find from years ago but you can find the It’s so good to be home pillow cover here.

I also recently found that burnt orange throw at a yard sale for $1.00 and it was the perfect addition to my fall living room.


I am really loving a bit more of a simple look and really wanted 4 matching pillows to go on either end of my couches to mix and match with my thrifted and Amazon pillow coers but buying 4 new pillows at $10-30 each just wasn’t in the budget.  So when I saw this tutorial by Sonia Whitaker on Instagram on making pillow covers out of napkins specifically these Hearth and Hand napkins I grabbed them quick and got to work sewing a simple envelope pillow cover!  So a 4 pack of napkins for $10 and some thrifted feather pillow inserts turned into some beautiful matching pillows for my fall living room!  

Mixed in with some thrifted pillows like that smaller burnt orange pillow, my everyday black and white pillows, and this pumpkin pillow cover I have little to store and yet my living room looks very fall decorated.  

I recently changed up all the decor on this wall and am still looking for the perfect buffet/old dresser to change out this tv stand with.  Here’s my little secret – see that gray basket? It really holds toys that my little girl plays with frequently in the living room.  Makes for easy cleanup and by throwing a blanket and pillow on the top it changes into decor. 🙂

I may end up storing toys in the basket on the hearth too.  Since they all get drug to the living room at her age having a place to easily pick up and store nearby just makes sense.  All the baskets under the coffee table hold either books or puzzles – another in plain sight, yet hidden way to have toys in the living room. 

I hope this inspires you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or have loads and loads of fall decor to make your house feel festive.  A few specific fall items like pumpkins or seasonal stems mixed with regular decor can create a beautiful fall look.  

I am so glad I embraced adding pops of deep color to my home this year – it’s has brought such a cozy feel to our space!  You can find more info on my rug in this post and how I did a faux German Schmear look on the fireplace in this post.  

This living room has come a LONG way from this look when we moved in – LOTS of paint, hard work, and some thrifted finds pulled it togther and it really reflects our home and style now.  

In a world that has been a bit crazy this year, I am so thankful to have this place called home to be a safe haven from it all!




  1. Wendy Moseley says:

    Looks great. Love the orange accents!!!

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