Back Patio Spring Refresh

I am so excited to share my back patio spring refresh on the blog today!  We have been spending more time than EVER out here on this patio while we’ve been staying home so it has definitely been a space I have been working on making as functional and enjoyable as we enjoy this beautiful spring weather we have been having and anticipating all the outside time we will have this summer.

Spring Back Patio Refresh-4

First of here’s a picture of our patio when we bought our house 3 years ago


Definitely not very pretty or even functional BUT I was so excited to have a covered porch (versus an open deck at our last house) so that could use it even more with shelter from the sun and rain.  We had a sofa/2 chair outdoor patio set that we moved with us from the last house but because this porch is long and narrow it really didn’t work no matter what arrangement I tried.  Plus we realized we would really like a space that we could sit and eat at since the grill is right there and we have a pool up farther in the back yard so sometimes coming from the pool to eat dinner or lunch in wet swimsuits just works better to eat outside. 

Last summer I built this farmhouse outdoor table and we have LOVED this space since!  So many meals eaten around this table, bonfires and smores in the yard nearby, games played, and I have even sat and worked out here several days.  Here’s how it looked like last summer…

DIY Outdoor Farmhouse Patio Table made with 2x4's-4

And here’s how it looks this spring!

Spring Back Patio Refresh-25

I am loving my new rug from Boutique Rugs which made a huge difference in this patio spring refresh.

Spring Back Patio Refresh-3

I definitely needed a bigger rug out here and adds such a pretty touch out here!  It truly makes it feel like a room and an addition to our home!

Spring Back Patio Refresh-7

Here’s a close-up shot!  It is an outdoor rug and easy to hose off and keep clean (I’ve already hosed off a corner that got dirty and it came perfectly clean again!) yet the white part is soft underfoot and just so pretty!  I will link directly to this rug – it’s called the Ware.  And you can use code FRUGAL55 to save 55% off this rug or any rug on their site!  They have a huge selection of outdoor rugs (linked here) and even more indoor rugs – I can’t wait to add one of their rugs inside my house soon!  Shipping is free and I had it at my door in just a few days. 

Spring Back Patio Refresh-15

I added a cluster of planters and a metal candle holder to the center of the table.  I have been a bit obsessed with white planters and plants this spring!  I dug up and split the hostas from my yard and love the way they look in these planters. 

Spring Back Patio Refresh-8

Linking all of the planters here –

BHG X planter with saucer on left

Striped BHG planter on right

Wavy planter in front 

Spring Back Patio Refresh-9

And this plant wall is my latest project – full tutorial on that coming later this week!

Spring Back Patio Refresh-11

I built this table from 24 2×4 boards  – you can see all of the details and link to the specific plan in this post.  But if you are not wanting to build an outdoor table, this BHG outdoor dining table is very similar and a great price!  My wicker chairs are from this line and I scored them on clearance last year at the end of summer but they are a great buy even now!  Highly recommend them!  The 2 end metal chairs came from a yard sale.  We had that outdoor fan installed last summer too and that makes a huge difference out here once it starts getting hot.  Keeps the bugs away and cools us off when it is in the 90’s!

Spring Back Patio Refresh-13

I painted my back door black using this paint and the door mat can be found here. 

Spring Back Patio Refresh-18

I still have at least one big project I hope to tackle out here in the next few weeks – possibly two but for now, we are daily enjoying this space!  It has been our go-to spot for my little girl and me to have lunch at each day…

Spring Back Patio Refresh-6

And it’s even more magical at night for dinner under the fun patio lights….

Spring Back Patio Refresh-29

Spring Back Patio Refresh-30

Have you refreshed any outdoor spaces for spring?  I find that if I make it a priority to make them pretty and functional we spend so much more time outside enjoying them!


  1. Very nice. Not only is it a nice place for you and your family to hang out, but it will be great when you can have your first pool party this year!

  2. It looks great. Love it.

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