DIY Hanging Plant Wall

So excited to share the tutorial for this DIY hanging plant wall with you today! I really wanted something to fill that wall on our back porch and what better than a hanging wall where we can grow some herbs for easy access and succulents for fun and decor!

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I love plants and have always loved Holly at @ourfauxfarmhouse’s plant wall – she has the tutorial for hers saved in her highlights. 


But those plant rings cost $5 each which meant $45 alone just for those, then $2 estimated each for 9 pots, estimated $3 each for 9 plants, and then the wood to build the backdrop making this project cost more than $100.    And I wanted something that would fit a little more flush to the wall as well.  So I set out to figure out how to create a more budget-friendly option even with limitations on places open right now/where to shop and I just love how it turned out!

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I will link all the stuff I used but also add some other options you could order online and use (except the wood).

The wood background on mine with the frame measures 31.5 wide and 34 inches tall but of course you can customize yours for whatever size you want and if you want to do more or fewer plants.  But here are dimensions and supplies to make my exact size:

  • 2 – 1x6x8 pine boards (the ones with square edges) cut into 6 – 31-inch pieces. ($16) I was using what I had one hand but you could also use this tongue and groove board which would even be nicer and it’s actually cheaper.
  • 2 – 1x4x8 for back support frame ($4)
  • 2 – 1x3x8 – cut for your frame ($3.40)– highly suggest measuring this and cutting exactly to your wood once you have planks made
  • should be able to use a leftover piece of the 1×4 for the DIY french cleat on the back to hang it if that is how you choose to hang yours.
  • 1-inch wood screws

So first I cut my 1×6 boards into 6 – 31-inch pieces – this made my backdrop piece 34 inches tall and 31 inches wide. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-2

To secure them all together I cut 1×4 boards to fit the back – I highly suggest measuring yours to get exact cuts but mine were 2×34 inches long and 2×23 inches wide.  Secure to the back using 1 inch wood screws – if you aren’t using self-tapping screws like Spax screws you may need to predrill a hole first then screw in screw. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-1

Then I flipped it over and measured for my frame.  You can cut mitered corners or you can do blunt corners as I did. Again measure yours to get exact measurements but my frame pieces were 2 x 34.5 and 2 x 31)

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-3

I opted to stain mine 2 different colors but after it is up I really can’t tell a huge difference in the 2 colors.

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-4

I used Varathane Classic in Golden Oak for the planked boards and then did a layer of Classic Gray on top to take out some of the yellow look that you always get when you stain pine boards.  For the frame, I stained it with Varathane Classic in Dark Walnut

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-5

Once dry I applied a layer of exterior poly on top just to protect from outdoor elements and water when I am watering the plants. 

I’ll go ahead and share here how I hung the whole thing and then share all the plant details.  To hang something this heavy you will need to make sure it is supported.  A french-cleat, in this case, a DIY french cleat, is a great option!  I have Hardiplank or cement board siding – if you have brick or vinyl siding or anything else you will need to find the best way to secure something into that type of exterior.  For cement board/wood siding you can actually just screw directly into the siding use a wood screw  – specifically I used a Spax screw.  To create a french cleat I just used a scrap piece of 1×3 board and cut it on my table saw at 45-degree angle – the top half gets screwed into the top of the back of the plant board and the bottom half gets screwed into the house.  Then when you hang it on the house it is perfectly secure and supported.  You can also buy a metal french cleat and use that if you prefer.

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-7

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-10

If you are hanging on the siding you will want to hang on the lower edge of the piece of the siding to allow the french cleat to work since the siding angles in at the top. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-9

Ok, so now onto the plants!  Like I said I love the plant rings look and I searched and searched for a more budget-friendly option but found no exact plant rings for cheaper.  If you were doing silver or galvanized planter pots you could use metal hose clamps and just screw through them into the boards and then basically use them just like a ring. But I wanted black rings and just wasn’t sold on that idea. 

I also struggled to find affordable pots.  I am pretty sure Dollar Tree carries some plastic regular planter pots and I know Hobby Lobby would have lots of galvanized and colored tins and buckets but they are currently closed.

On a recent grocery trip to Walmart, I was looking for some birthday supplies and happened across these little tin buckets in the party sections and they were only $0.97 each!  They come in many colors including clear, black, silver, and white.  I was able to find 9 black pots and then searched for some hooks in the hardware section. 


Here are links to the exact items I purchased at Walmart:

And here are some other options that could be ordered online:

I spaced my hooks about 9 inches apart so they ended up falling on the 5 inch, 15 inch, and 25 inch mark on my 31-inch board but you can adjust according to the size of your buckets and boards. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-6

For some of the plants I just opted to leave them in the pot they came in and pop them right into the black tin bucket – this gives them a place to drain. Others I planted directly in the bucket.  I have not drilled holes in the bottom of the tin buckets but I may end up adding that. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-37

Right now I have herbs on the bottom – mint, basil, and cilantro  – and succulents in the top 6 pots.  This succulent is new to me and one of my favorites!

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-38

I love this one too!  And both of these seem easy to grow/care for where some other succulents can struggle with too much sun or if you water too much. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-39

Here’s my spearmint plant – I haven’t used this yet but can’t wait to make up a big batch of lemonade and try it or even try it in some sweet tea!

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-27

These black buckets are a little iridescent but you don’t notice that if you aren’t up close.  I will definitely be checking out Hobby Lobby’s selection of galvanized buckets and all the little containers in their spring line once they open back up. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-28

2 of these plants are even faux! Smile  Can you tell which ones are faux?  I didn’t have enough plants to fill all the buckets but as I can get out and do more shopping I will fill them with real ones.  But if you don’t have a green thumb or wanted something to fill this plant wall in the winter months – faux succulents or plants would be great options!

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-35

I absolutely loved how this turned out!  I thought I would be a bit disappointed since it isn’t the exact same look like the plant rings but honestly now that it is done I really do like it!  It is also very easy to just remove the pot from the hook for watering or to pick herbs to use. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-36

Staying at home this spring has definitely made me want all the living and green things!  Give me all the plants!

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-17

For those that asked about the sun  – our back porch does get full sun as soon as the sun comes up until mid-morning and so far the herbs and succulents seem to be doing great.  But definitely consider how much sun your area gets when you consider what plants you will use.  Herbs will probably not grow well if they had no direct sun. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-40

You can see all the details and sources of everything on our back porch in this post. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-14

And the cost for mine ended up being about $23 for the wood because I used those pine boards that I already had – tongue and groove ones would have been cheaper, $9 for the pots, $14 for hooks and I have 3 leftover – so around $45 plus then add whatever plants.  I had several of the succulents already from last year, used 2 faux plants I had, found 2 of the herbs marked down to $1.50 each, and then bought 2 new succulents. 

DIY Hanging Plant Wall-24

I’d love to know if you make one of these!  Would you use it for herbs or succulents?  Or if you find any other options for plant rings, hooks, and pots.  Send me pictures if you end up making one!  

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