Fall Farmer’s Market Inspired Front Porch

It’s fall porch reveal day!  Decorating my porch for the season is always one of my favorite things to do.  This year I am calling it a Farmer’s Market inspired Farmhouse fall porch. Smile 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-17

My motto when it comes to decor is to use what I have and maybe add 1-2 things new just to help change it up and give it all a new look.  When I saw that black Farmer’s Market sign at Kirkland’s I knew that it would be perfect to hang on my picket fence pieces I planned to re-use on my front porch. 

And here’s the whole display by the front door! 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-21

I think it’s fun to look back and see the past year’s fall displays so you can see how I use so many of the same pieces but get a different look with them.  I didn’t do much a fall porch in 2016 – we had just moved in our house in May, had a baby 3 weeks later, did a ton of work on our fixer-upper house that summer, and had our house painted that fall – seasonal decorating didn’t take a huge priority that year.  But here was my fall porch in 2017…

Farmhouse Fall Front Porch-4

In 2018 I picked up a free truckload of picket fences and used them on my porch that year with lots of mums and a $5 yard sale find Welcome sign and a DIY cotton wreath. 

Cozy and Neutral Farmhouse Fall Tour (1 of 35)

This past year I have found several faux pumpkins at yard sales including those 2 biggest white ones for $1 each back in the spring!  Every pumpkin on my porch except 1 is faux – can you spot the one real one? Smile  I love the fall displays with tons of mums, pumpkins, corn stalks, and hay but my budget for fall decor that I can’t use again doesn’t allow me to do all of that.  So I make do with faux pumpkins, find as many mums as I can on markdown at Walmart (I scored ALL these mums at 75% off at Walmart and they still look great!), and reuse many things from year to year. 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-21

We have had an extremely hot beginning of fall here in the south – like record-breaking close to 100-degree temps for weeks.  So we haven’t been able to enjoy sitting out on the rocking chairs – but hopefully, that time is coming soon!  I usually leave my flag out through November for Veteran’s Day and then when I take it down its sort of my cue that I can decorate for Christmas too Winking smile

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-2

This year I added some deeper traditional fall colors to my decor inside and out instead of all neutrals. 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-4

Here’s the view back to the other side!  I love my porch!  Its narrow but it’s big and so fun to decorate and enjoy swinging on the swing or rocking in the rocking chairs.  

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-7

I hunted for several months that first summer we lived here and finally collected 4 rocking chairs for my front porch and a swing – all from yard sales or facebook marketplace.

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-8

I recently found those wood side tables at a yard sale for $5 each and switched out the white garden stools I had in between the chairs.  They have more room on top and I love the warmth the wood tones add. 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-10

Back to the front door display – I love using crates or old ladders to add height and interest.  You could also use hay bales too.  That FALL burlap banner was one I made in my early years of blogging and used on my mantel one year so it was fun to pull out and use it again. 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-15

One of my favorite things to look for at thrift stores or yard sales is pillows, throws, and blanket scarves!  All the plaid throws you see out here are blanket scarves I have found over time – some for as low as 25 cents!  They add a fun pop of color, you can actually use them to cover up as a throw if needed, and are inexpensive so I am not worried about messing up a nice throw blanket in the weather and sun.  The crates, bushel baskets, and old ladder are all yard sale or estate sale finds. 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-14

The olive buckets I found for $2-3 on clearance at Michael’s last year after fall was over.  I love them and you could truly use them all year long with varying plants in them or Christmas trees for Christmas. 

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-11

The solid tin and black buckets in the back was from Hobby Lobby 75% off summer clearance – again so many uses!

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-19

Here’s another tip for you.  See how you can probably tell that one of the pumpkins above is real and one is fake?  The stem gives it away.  When I do buy real pumpkins and they are done with use after the season is over, I cut off the stem and let it dry out.  The stem will stay looking pretty much exactly the same for years to come and I can pop off a stem off of a faux pumpkin and add the real stem and make that faux pumpkin look so much more real!

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-27

Here’s another blanket scarf I added to the swing to add a pop of color and fall feels!

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-25

If the weather ever cools down, I’ll come out here in the morning and enjoy my coffee and can wrap up in that blanket while doing it. Smile

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-23

My ferns are still going strong in this summer-like weather so I just moved them from beside the front door to the sides of the porch – I may try to winter them inside when it starts to get cool.

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-26

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-28

Oh and I even added just a few touches of fall to in front of the garage door this year.  I dragged an Adirondack chair to that one side and just added a few mums and pumpkins – we see this side of the house the most when we come home so it was fun to add a few touches here.

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-32
Hope you’ve enjoyed this fall tour and some of my tips on how to decorate a fall front porch on a budget!  Collect things from year to year, add a few new finds, reuse your old things, and you can create a pretty display without spending a lot of money!

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-5

Farmhouse Fall Farmer's Market Front Porch-11

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