DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse

This post is part of a series entitled “12 DIYs of Christmas”.  You can see all the projects and post in this series here.

For the 8th DIY of Christmas, I created a DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse!

Here’s what you will need (affliate links included for your convenience):

So I picked up this little paper mache house at Hobby Lobby.  The roof completely comes off making it like a little box house.  (whoops -I totally had the roof on backwards when I took that picture – sorry!)

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_

I painted the house white (inside and outside) and the roof black just using some DecoArt Chalky Finish paint I had one hand.  You could honestly use any type of paint – craft paint or even spray paint.  I just wanted a very flat/chalky look to my house.

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-2

Then I applied a liberal coat of Mod Podge to the roof and the lower edge of the house part.

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-3

And then I sprinkled epsom salt all over the roof.  I went back and applied an even thicker mod podge layer to the peeks of the roofs and let it drip down some and then applied more epsom salt over that.  Mine was sticking and staying on very well.  But if you find that your epsom salt keeps coming off you could spray a clear sealer over it.

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-4

I grabbed these little wreaths and lamp posts at Michael’s in the Christmas village section.  I got them on a day they were 60% off plus another 20% or something like that so I paid $1.19 each.  So this whole house cost less than $5 not including the paint that I already had.

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-5

I was going to use a wreath on each window but they were a little big for the windows so I just glued the wreath to the front of the house and the lamp posts to the corners.  I saw little deer, trucks/cars, picket fences – all kinds of things you could use to decorate and embellish your little snowy house. You could even make a little village out of them!

So here’s mine!

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-7

I have him on my coffee table right now on a pallet tray with a little red truck and tree from last years Target dollar spot.  But honestly this little house could go anywhere – I think it would be adorable on a cake plate under a cloche maybe in the kitchen or an entry table.

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-6

I stuck a little tea light candle inside, but you wouldn’t want to leave a real candle unattended in it.  I need to find a battery operated tealight on a timer.  I just love candles on timers that I can set to turn on each night for 4-6 hours.

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-9

I seriously might have to make a few more of these. Smile I can just imagine a little row or village of them on the mantel or on a table.

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-15

I mean we all need a little white Christmas farmhouse in our life. Winking smile

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-13

But you could honestly paint and decorate it in any style you wanted.  My little girl even helped me do some of the painting so this might be a fun project your kids could even do.   They could even decorate it to look like a gingerbread house  – I’m sure you can find faux little candies, beads and such and could use puffy paint for the icing.  Now I want to make one of those too! Smile

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-10


DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-16

What would you do with these fun little houses?  Make a village?  Stick one in your kitchen on a cake plate?  Or let your kids have fun creating their own look?

DIY Snowy Christmas Farmhouse_-18

I am sharing 12 easy and inexpensive Christmas projects just like this during 12 DIYs of Christmas series.  You can see all the projects in this series here.  And check out all my past Christmas DIY projects and decor here.


  1. This farmhouse looks like a great Christmas craft. My kids would really be into this one. Thanks so much for sharing!

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