Painting the inside of the front door black

I have wanted to do this for a long time – I even debated doing it in our last house but never did.  I asked on facebook a few weeks ago what you thought about painting the inside of our front doors black and the verdict was pretty much unanimous to do it. Smile  And then I shared this graphic that every room needs something black in it to help give it depth and ground it.  I really am trying to do that in our new home.  I LOVE white and things light and bright so sometimes thinking I need to add black is against my nature.  But the contrast is really pretty and really does help in a space.

So here’s our front door before – I actually needed to still paint the trim in here so tackling the door at the same time just made sense.  The outside of the front door is already black.


And here’s with all the trim painted and the door painted black!  I really do love it!  I did it last week and the first few days when I would look up or see it out of the corner of my eye it would catch me off guard – but now I just really love it.  So glad I took the plunge!   


I just used the same DecoArt Curb Appeal paint I used outside on the front of the front door and on the shutters to do the inside of the door.  It is interior/exterior paint so perfect if you want to just grab one bottle and paint the inside and outside of the front door!


Here’s how this same space looked last May just 3 days after moving in once we had new flooring put in…


And here’s how it looks now… I tend to get discouraged feeling like I haven’t made much progress or the progress we have made just seems to be taking WAY longer than I wanted it to take but seeing this difference helps!  New floors have put in, walls in this whole section of the house have been painted, trim has been painted, door has been painted and a new to us light fixture was hung ($25 yard sale find still new in the box – we did have to replace one of the glass globes).


I think a few more doors will be painted black as I tackle those areas – I’m sort of like where do I stop with painting doors black?  Smile  I know some people do all of their interior doors black – not sure I am wanting to do that but thinking the door to the garage and possibly the back door may get painted black on of these days.  The back door has white inset panes in between the glass so not sure how that would look if just the outdoor frame of the door was black and the window type panes were still white?

Loving the before/after of the front door!

Painting the front door black

Have you painted any interior doors black or dark gray? 


  1. Wow that makes such a difference, and in a good way! I have always had white doors in our house and this fall got a wild hair and painted my living room front door navy blue inside and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT too. What a difference! I wish I had done it years ago! Lol.

  2. I adore your door. Must try this paint, we installed all new exit doors. I painted the outside using the same paint as we used on the house, ( Sherwin Williams ) but I have noticed around the Windows the paint is scratching off. ?
    I’m in love with that light fixture. The floors are amazing. What color are the walls. Pam

  3. Great decision! It looks faboulous with the new wall color, light fixture and floors.
    My husband is finally on board with adding black to our home we moved into back in July, he tends to think all trim/doors need to be only glossy white. We are even thinking of painting our front house stairs black- well the risers and spindles and bannister.

  4. I love it. You have inspired me. Do you think Black would look OK on your basic 9 pane window door? It has side lights on one side only. I think I might try it. Paint is a miracle worker. If I don’t like it I can change it, right?

  5. Lanita Anderson says:

    The transformation looks great – what a difference painting the door made!! I also really love the light fixture…..:)

  6. Very interesting how the darker color gives it such a light contrast compared to that of the all white door.
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  7. This is a great idea. I will definitely give this a try and recreate it on my door.

  8. Definitely worth trying to recreate, will give it a shot see how it goes. Thanks for sharing

  9. Kathy Stevens says:

    Yes I painted the outside front door black but not the inside yet,haha. I also painted the foundation black . I agree that using some black in each area grounds the room. In our case our house is a heritage home and painted a very bright folk art yellow with white trim so the black door really really helps.

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