Crystal Chandelier for the Nursery (favorite yard sale find of all time!)

I found probably my very favorite yard sale find of all time last week… and it only cost $10.  Smile 

It’s the cutest white crystal chandelier you ever did see! 


I am wrapping up work on the nursery and I really wanted to replace the basic light in there and my hope was to do some cute girly looking chandelier.  I actually planned on doing a DIY version like this tutorial from Northern Belle Diaries but just hadn’t ordered the faux crystals to put on a thrift store brass light fixture I had.


But I am so glad because this one was PERFECT for the space!  It was brand new with the large (faux) crystals still wrapped in plastic and the cord still tied up.  And to make it even better apparently it used to have a light gold brush finish on the white and someone had already dry brushed some dark gray paint on it giving it sort of an antique looking finish.  Could not be more perfect to go in a GRAY nursery that I am trying to furnish with some vintage looking things. 


It came with a plug in cord or the option to do a wired version with a ground wire so I just cut of the cord, split the wires and adapted to be a wired fixture.  And then hung it!  I need to get a deeper ceiling plate (that’s the only thing it didn’t come with and I just grabbed one from an old fixture in the garage), but I just couldn’t wait to get it up! Smile 


It’s just the sweetest addition to our little girls room! 


It has 4 lights so gives off plenty of light.


See what I mean about the antique look with the dark gray paint someone brushed on – perfection!    The crystals aren’t real glass – seemto just be a nice heavy acrylic but they still look pretty! Smile


So you’re getting a bit of a sneak peak of this room BUT this view and wall will look completely different next time you see it! Winking smile  Big project in the works – I would have been done this week but both me and our little girl have been sick this week so it has made for slow week of productivity. 


What was your favorite yard sale find of all time?  I have to say this one is mine (for now) just because it couldn’t have been more perfect for what I wanted for her room and the price was pretty amazing too! Smile


  1. Looking forward to seeing the enitre nursery revealed. The chandelier is PERFECT for space.

  2. Mary Haupt says:

    Absolutely lovely!!

  3. You amaze me, you find the best things at yard sales! That chandelier looks like it was custom-made for the nursery. Hope you are both feeling better now!

  4. Sherri S. says:

    Wow!! Perfect for that space. What a score too! O pretty in her room.

    Happy Hump Day…

  5. Lissette says:

    Stunningly beautiful!
    What is the name of the grey paint?

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