Use paint to create a fresh start in your home this year

Whew… let’s just say if I had to pick a word for the year it would be “CHANGE.”  I think at this point it may be easier to list the things that won’t change in the coming months or year instead of the things that will.  Smile  But change can be good and I am looking forward to embracing them as much as I can.

I am so ready to pick up blogging again after taking offway more time than I planned over the holidays and into January – website host problems which caused my site to be up and down for over 2 weeks, and then some pretty major changes happening in life and in our home.  More explanations on all of that coming in the next two weeks – this is going to be a crazy (and hopefully pretty amazing) year on the blog and on the home front and I think you will be excited to follow along with it all.  (And no worries, this blog and my DIY frugal adventures are here to stay!)

In the meantime, it’s January… which usually means you have thought of some “New Year’s resolutions”, or some goals, or just have some things in mind that you would like to accomplish and do this year.   I know I always do!  And if you own or even rent your home, I bet some of those things on your “to-do list” for the new year involve changing some things in your home.  Maybe a big DIY project such as building a deck or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is on the list.  Creating a fresh start or a new look for your home though doesn’t have to involve hundreds of dollars or a sledge hammer.  A simple can of paint and a paintbrush can make a huge impact in your home.

Take this piece of furniture.  I found it at a yard sale and could see the potential under that horrible paint job.


A simple coat of white paint and some distressing and this $20 dresser became the focal point (and functional storage!) in my upstairs hallway.


Paint color: Ultra Pure White in Behr Paint + Primer in One

Another yard sale find with another bad paint job that felt like sandpaper.


Nothing that some sanding, a new coat of white paint, and some spray paint on the knobs couldn’t fix.  And I got a beautiful entry way table that also gives me valuable storage too.


Paint color: Ultra Pure White in Behr Paint + Primer in One

I picked up a set of furniture to redo for my master bedroom makeover, but this nightstand from the set was the perfect size for my guest bedroom.


After some paint and just a bit of distressing, it looks totally different!


 But paint doesn’t have to limited to furniture.  I wanted to take my living room in a more neutral color direction and the first thing that needed to go was the curtains.


So I painted… yes PAINTED… with regular wall paint some stripes on some white fabric to create custom striped curtains for my living room.  No one guesses they are painted until I tell them and everyone loves them that sees them.   Full tutorial on DIY painted curtains can be found here.


Wall paint color: Classic Taupe

Paint on curtains: custom mixed color but very close to Belgian Sweet

And of course paint can change a room… This was an old picture of my eat-in kitchen from about 5 years ago.

kitchen with green paint

Then it went neutral.


Top wall paint color: Classic Taupe

Bottom wall paint color: Custom color but very close to Belgian Sweet

Then when I updated the main paint color in our home this area got one more update.  Isn’t it amazing the difference just a coat of paint can make?


Top wall paint color: Wheat Bread by Behr

Bottom half of wall: Creek Bend by Behr (790F-4)

And of course there is the drastic change that paint made in my master bedroom and bathroom!


Wall color: Classic Taupe by Behr

And here’s the after with a new paint color, some tone on tone stripes, and a DIY framed mirror.


Wall color: Magnet by Behr Marquee

And the changes in the last year in our bedroom have been pretty amazing too.

Here’s the before before I pretty much got rid of everything in this room.


Wall color: Classic Taupe by Behr

And now after an IKEA bed, several yard sale pieces of furniture that got makeovers, and a new color paint on the walls.


Wall color: Magnet by Behr Marquee

So how could you create a fresh start in your home this year?  Paint an old piece of furniture, give a room a paint makeover, touch up your trim, or maybe even paint some accessories?  I would love to hear what projects you plan to tackle in your home this year.


  1. Every room in my house needs fresh paint. And I’m ready for a different color but I can’t envision what would look good. I have a 100 year old farmhouse and not sure the grays would look okay ?

  2. Ooooo… I’m so excited to see what you have in store this year. I hope they are reader challenges to change along with you. 🙂

  3. I love your blog! I picked up a paint sample of wheat bread this morning. Have you ever tried the Marquee paint at Home Depot? Does it really “cover in 1 coat”??

  4. Christina – LOVE the dramatic change in your bedroom. I am a sucker for a good grey lately. We recently painted our walnut kitchen cabinets Simply White and the walls Dorian Grey and we are loving it! We are going to make some color changes in our home this year as well…nothing beats a fresh coat of paint! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  5. I’ve missed your posts! So happy to see your post today. Such beautiful changes to your home.

  6. Sherri S. says:

    Christina – I always love your furniture makeovers and room transformatios. I have been a loyal follower of yourblogseveral years now. I am so excited tosee what 2016 has in store for you and your blog! I must say I have a feeling I know what 2016 holds for you…or should I say I hope I do

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