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Happy New Year!  I have so enjoyed taking some time off over the last 2 weeks but I have missed you and blogging!  Even though I might have not been blogging, I was still busy working on projects around the house.  I painted a room and a piece of furniture so can’t wait to share those with you soon.  And I am in full clean out/purge/organize mode too so I am sure I may share some of that with you too.

2015 was a very productive and fun year for me in my home – I tackled some rooms and projects I had been wanting to do for a long time.  And I can as I sit back I realize that almost every room is done/decorated/furnished.  Must be time to move! Winking smile  2015 also held a pretty big surprise for our family too – one that will bring some big changes for our home and family in 2016 (if you missed that announcement you can read about it here.)

If you are new around here or maybe just missed a few posts this year, here are my most popular posts of 2015:

2015 Most Popular Posts

1. How to change up wire shelves for less than $10

This is the perfect project to tackle as you clean out and organize closets this month.  By just adding $10 worth of supplies and NOT ripping out the wire shelves – I completely transformed the look and function of the shelves in this closet.  No more things tipping over or falling through those pesky wire shelves.

How to change up wire shelves for less than $10


2.My thoughts on an Ikea Mattress

As part of changing out things in our master bedroom, we were in desperate need of new mattresses (ours OLD and worn out).  We decided to go with an IKEA mattress which can have mixed reviews, so I shared our experience and thoughts on ours in this post.

my thoughts on an IKEA mattress


3. How to frame in your bathroom mirror

I did an entire master bathroom makeover and part of that was framing in my bathroom mirror.

I rounded up 10 or more ideas on how you can frame your bathroom mirror.

10 DIY ideas for how to frame that basic bathroom mirror

And then showed you how I did mine.

Frame that builder basic mirror (for $20 or less!)


4. Installing Ekby shelves in the master bathroom

I installed some Ekby shelves from IKEA in our bathroom as well and they add a lot of storage and function to the room.  Plus they just look pretty too!

Installing Ekby shelves in the master bathroom


5. Master bathroom makeover

You can see the entire master bathroom in this post.   Very little expense went into this makeover but it made a huge impact!

Master Bathroom Budget Makeover

6. $4.00 light fixture in the kitchen

I grabbed a $4.00 light fixture from Goodwill and gave it a makeover before I added it to my kitchen.  I just LOVE it – I will never stop adding thrifted light fixtures to my home! Smile

$4.00 thrift store kitchen light fixture

7. Decorating ideas for old windows

I love using old windows around my home.  I shared lots of ways you can decorate with old windows in your home and for events in this post.

Decorating Ideas for Old Windows


8. DIY lighted Christmas canvas art

I have been wanting to make a lighted canvas for a while and finally got one done this Christmas!  I show you how easy it is to create a custom version in whatever color and design you choose.

DIY lighted Christmas canvas art


9. Twin headboard makeover

I found a cute wood twin headboard at a yard sale for cheap and gave it a makeover with some Rustoleum Chalked paint.  You can see the makeover in this post and very soon I will show you what it looks like in place in the room I just painted.

Twin headboard makeover


10. How to build a built in bookshelf

We had this weird nook in our master bedroom that I had always imagined turning into a built in bookshelf.  I finally tackled that project and it turned out even better that I expected.

How to Build a Built-in Bookshelf in a weird nook


11. How to repaint your kitchen cabinets

My kitchen cabinets were in BAD shape before – horrible paint finish, warped bottoms from water damage, all kinds of scratches and nicks.  But with lots of elbow grease and sanding and a fresh coat of paint they came out like new and look amazing!  Before you give up hope on your cabinets – whether real wood or laminate – check out this post on how to repaint your yucky cabinets.

how to repaint your yucky kitchen cabinets


12. Stenciled curtains in the master bedroom

I knew the look of the curtains that I wanted for our master bedroom but since I needed 6 panels the cost was going to have to be very low.  See how I created a stenciled DIY version for a fraction of the cost. 

DIY Stenciled Curtain Panels


13. Using Monkey hooks

I shared my favorite tip for hanging things on the wall, even heavy items, without using anchors and creating huge holes in our walls.

Monkey Hooks to hang things on the wall


14. Painted dresser and mirror makeover

I finished the last piece of furniture for our master bedroom by painting and refinishing this big dresser and mirror I found at a yard sale.

painted dresser and mirror makeover


15. Installing laminate countertops

Oh my kitchen – this was my favorite makeover of the entire year!  We finally got rid of the old, ugly laminate countertops in our kitchen and replaced them with a much nicer version of laminate countertops – I shared the whole process of picking them out, ordering them, and how we installed them ourselves to save several hundred dollars.  It was a very easy process – one I wish we had tackled years ago.

installing laminate countertops

So that catches you up on some of the major posts of 2015 – of course there was decorating projects and more yard sale and thrifted finds and makeovers spread in there too.  And you can expect lots of the same things in 2016 – furniture makeovers, room makeovers, thrifty tips and tricks, and how I find and add thrifted finds to my home. 

What are some of your goals for your home in 2016?


  1. Lanita Anderson says:

    Hey Christina – I loved looking back at your posts from last year! Those were several of my favorites…. Looking forward to more great posts and decorating ideas this year! Hope you are doing well and feeling good. Blessings to you!

  2. It was fun to look back over the past year, you really accomplished alot on atight budget! Best wishes for the new year

  3. Really enjoyed seeing some posts that I had missed, somehow!!!
    Makes me want a home! 🙂 🙁

  4. Sandy Manning says:

    Oh my goodness I missed your announcement on the baby! I am so happy for you two! You have so much to look forward to. Such a blessing!

  5. I love you post on using old windows as decorations! I’m remodeling this year (after a decade!) and I’ve been following your posts on how to do this on a budget! Looking forward to reading more from you this year! 🙂

  6. Hi Christina, I really enjoyed reading your post! I love your tips and how you did yours! I would love to follow the tips! Thanks for sharing informative post!

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