Office progress!

I made a good bit of progress on the office last week!  If you missed the before pictures + my plans post you can go back and see that here.

But basically this room started like this when we bought the house…

Office before pictures-1-2

Last week it looked like this…

Office before pictures-16

and now it looks like this!

Office progress-1

Here was my to-do list from last week  – I got lots of things crossed off!

  • paint trim – I painted walls but never painted trim and doors
  • switch out light fixture – I bought a pretty chandelier at a yard sale a few months ago for $10 I think will work in here
  • deal with all the piles of stuff I still need to use/go through/get rid of
  • finish organizing closet
  • hang curtains
  • hang stuff on walls
  • build chalkboard and/or cover bulletin board for school area
  • set up and decorate school area
  • fill up and arrange craft cart
  • possibly add some open shelves?  above sewing desk area?
  • move in rug and desk
  • paint chair or find another desk chair
  • finishing touches and decorating

I painted the trim and doors, worked some more on organizing and purging in the closet, painted a chair but then decided to use another one that I bought a set of 3 chairs off facebook marketplace for now.  You can see the before/after makeover on the desk here – it was a $20 Goodwill find and it just so perfect for this space!

The light fixture was a $10 yard sale find earlier this summer that I just couldn’t pass up.  I actually found the exact same one at a different yard sale last year for $15 and have it hanging in my kitchen.  So I was super excited to find another one and add it to my office. 

Office progress-8

I moved my sewing machine table/desk from the window wall to the back wall and I think I like it much better!  It does make a lot of furniture on back wall but the other arrangement just made the room look smaller and the curtains would have hung behind the table.   I’ve debated adding open shelves in here but there is so much going on on that back wall that I don’t think I will for now.  I’ve done a bit of redecorating/arranging but still need to hang things on the walls.  Not sure if lamp will stay on the desk but I really do love how cozy lamps make everything look.  I do need to find a solution for cords though – I will have a lamp cord and a laptop cord that needs to run down along side of desk, under rug, and then behind the white unit – need to find a floor cord cover I think. 

Office progress-7

So this week my plan is to work on the school desk corner of the office cause it currently looks like this…  I plan to build a chalkboard and then hang some things on the walls.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.   I have a few more things I have got to find a spot for or find someplace to store them. 

Office progress-3

I’ll share the closet later this week with you and then hopefully the school corner next week.  Then once I hang curtains and stuff on the walls it’ll be all ready to share the final reveal.  I am just loving how this room is turning out!  I wish I had finished it long ago but it has taken a while to work on organizing/purging and getting to this point in the midst of many more projects on rest of the house and just life. 

What room or project are you currently working on? 


  1. Kaye Mattson says:

    I am loving watching you turn this unused room into a lovely office! I think you will find it very useful and your daughter will enjoy having her very own corner too!

  2. wow, nice you are very impulsive and innovative. this is pretty nice. thanks for sharing this I really like these.

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