Decorating ideas for old windows

Decorating Ideas for Old Windows

I LOVE old windows and use them all throughout my home.  In fact I picked up this 9 pane big old woo window at the Habitat for Humanity Restore last week (it was $10) and it got me thinking where I was going to put it and what I was going to do with it.  I have several 6 pane windows but know that I had seen and pinned several things on Pinterest that I needed a 9 pane window for.


Like this old window turned into chalkboard calendar – LOVE this idea by House by Hoff

old window turned chalkboard calendar

Joanna Gaines uses an old window to decorate a home featured on Fixer Upper  – I usually see at least one in every episode!  So you know if she is doing it, we must be doing something right to do it in our home too! Smile 

Joanna uses an old window to decorate a Fixer Upper home

Here’s another old window Joanna used to decorate over a bed in a home featured on Fixer Upper.

Fixer Upper uses old window over bed

Use old windows to decorate a mantel.  I have always loved Lily Pad Cottage’s mantels!  I would love to find 2 windows that fit and fill the total area above my mantel like this.  She has several other seasonal mantels using this same set up of windows on her blog and all of them are gorgeous!


Hang wreaths on an old window.  I love hanging wreaths throughout my house and there is nothing better to hang wreaths on than an old window.

hang twig wreath on old window

I ADORE these old arched windows.  You better believe if I ever find some old arched windows at a price I can afford I will be snatching them up!

decorate with old arched windows

I love how Finding Home Farms turned this window into an advent calendar over her mantel!

Old window turned advent calendar

Turn an old window into a chalkboard  – House by Hoff used this same window in different arrangements to do different seasonal mantels

inexpensive-fall-mantel with window turned chalkboard

I love layering windows to decorate  – this is my winter mantel from a few years ago.

layering windows on a mantel

I used this small window in my hallway over a $20 flea market dresser that I painted – love it! Smile  I love the chippy finish – I found it just like that.


Use an old window as a fireplace screen

use window as fireplace screen

Use an old window as hallway storage solution

old window used as hallway storage

Make a gallery wall with old windows


Love this arched window on this mantel

arched window on mantel

Turn an old window into a jewelry storage display

old window frame turned jewelry storage

Use old windows as a photo display

Using old windows as a photo display]

Old window framed quilt

old window framed quilt

Old window turned into a mirror and towel rack

Old window into mirror and towel rack

Turn an old window into a sign using a vinyl saying or even a painted saying – by Lily Pad Cottage

Vintage sign on old window in kitchen

Using a pair of old shutters with an old window on a mantel or hanging on the wall makes a fund display.  This display by Junk Chic Cottage is just perfection!

window and shutters used as wall decor

Liz Marie used old windows to make a headboard in her guest room. 

use old windows as a headboard

Have a window that doesn’t have glass in it?  Back an old window with pallet wood like House by Hoff did for a beautiful backdrop to use in decorating.

old window backed with pallet wood

Back an old window with a metal grate

back an old window with a metal grate

And I love this idea of backing an old window with chicken wire!  I have a window frame with no glass in it that I think I am going to make into this.

Old window backed with chicken wire

Wonder how to hang these old windows?  I have screwed D rings in the back of the window and hung it like that making sure to anchor into a stud or use a monkey hook. 

But this tip by Pretty Handy Girl to use an eye hook works as well.

how to hang a window with an eye hook

As far as where to find old windows… I have picked them up at several places.  I have found some at yard sales or flea markets and paid $5-10 for them.  I found someone that had taken all the wood windows out of her house to replace with the energy efficient ones and she gave me several of her windows.  And the Habitat Restore is a GREAT place to find them.  I see old windows in almost every one I go into and they are usually priced very reasonable for like $8-12. 

So do you use old windows as décor in your home?  Where and how do you use them?   If you had to pick one way from this post to use old windows what would it be?


  1. I love all the ideas! I would have never guessed there are so many ways you can decorate with old windows. Thanks

    • Oh yes! And I am sure many more that I didn’t even touch. I saw a picture on Pinterest but couldn’t find source of 6-7 white windows going up a staircase for a gallery wall – so pretty!

  2. Kim Edwards says:

    Well, you have inspired me again! I see these old windows all the time at yard sales! I will be looking to purchase one and see how creative I can be with it! All of your ideas are great ones!

    • Well snatch them up! 🙂 I hardly ever see them at yard sales. I got 2 out of a trash pile, was given 2-3 and then have bought 2 at Habitat. I love the unusual ones too – so if you find different shaped ones or 9 pane ones – grab them! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Donna Marie says:

    Got the windows, now the ideas—thanks!!!

  4. I loved the window with the photos in it…..I want to make one with botanical prints glued so the print side is against the glass….what glue can I use that won’t show on the other side or damage the print ?

  5. I love each and every single one, I can’t pick a favorite! Your post makes me want to go find a window to do something with. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Love these ideas! I recently picked up two old windows to decorate with for $10 total! My question…. if I test for lead paint with the swab kit and it’s positive, what product do most people use to seal it before displaying? We have young kids so I don’t want any lead paint laying around. Thanks in advance.

    • Christina says:

      I’m not sure? I haven’t done that before? Maybe research poly or another type of sealer and see if that is sufficient – or ask guys at paint store.

  7. Your point about wreaths and old windows shows your artistic side. There is something very attractive about a wreath hanging on an old window.

  8. I have a 6 pane window and I want to put a poster in about dancing in the rain. How can I make the panes look like it’s raining?

    • You could go to a stained glass supply store. There is a clear glass that looks like it has raindrops in it!

  9. Wow, those old windows make for such great decorations! I’d love to put one over my fireplace or dining table – or both! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So you do anything to protect from lead based paint with the old windows you find? I want to decorate with some but have young kids…..

  11. Laurann Wakefield says:

    If the glass in in them, they can be heavy. Best to hang them on the wall where the nail can go nto a stud, otherwise, it may pull out.

  12. Love all the ideas you got here, especially the farmhouse style, as we live on the farm now. Thanks for sharing!

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