Breakfast area paint colors–help me decide!

So I am just about done painting the kitchen cabinets  (not in this picture – I took these pictures when I had the kitchen all cleaned up to photograph the beadboard backsplash before I took installed the new $4 light fixture and took down all the doors to paint them.)  I want to still paint the inside of those cabinets that I leave the doors off of (I do that because when we bought the house as a bank-owned home one of the doors was missing so I just took down the other one to match it).  And I want to let the paint cure for at least a week before I install the new hardware.  So in the next week or two, I will share the freshly painted cabinets and a whole tutorial on how I did it – it hasn’t been quite the dreaded job that I thought it would be but it has not been fun either.  But the after is worth it! Smile

So in the meantime, I have some other finishing touches I need to work on.  When we installed the new countertops, I had to remove that portion of chair rail so I need to touch up and reinstall it.  IF that is what I decide I want to do…. Smile

Breakfast area paint colors–help me decide!

Right now I have “Wheat Bread by Behr” on the upper half (that is the color throughout the main areas of our home), a chair rail I installed years ago, and then “Belgian Sweet by Behr on the bottom half of the wall.

Breakfast area paint colors–help me decide!

The back of the bar used to be that brown color too but when I did the backsplash I installed beadboard on that wall and I LOVE it!  (Still debating on whether I should install corbels under that bar top area?)

So now you pretty only see the brown wall in that area around the door…

Breakfast area paint colors–help me decide!

Because there is so little wall space in between the windows that the curtains pretty much cover it all.

Breakfast area paint colors–help me decide!

So I am thinking about getting rid of the brown on the lower half of the wall.  (BTW, that table and chair set is about to undergo a transformation too – imagine a dark walnut stained top on the table and chairs with white legs.)

Breakfast area paint colors–help me decide!

So here’s the 4 options I have thought with what to do with the walls in this breakfast area.

#1 – Leave it as is.  Just touch up paint, reinstall chair rail, and live with it.  I don’t HATE it but I don’t just LOVE it either…

#2 – Remove the chair rail and just go with floor to ceiling “Wheat Bread” paint (the color on the top half of the walls)

#3 – Leave the chair rail and just paint “Wheat Bread” below the chair rail too.  So the chair rail would add a little interest but not sure how I feel about same tone below and above it.

Here’s an example of this I found from DIY Design Fanatic


#4 – Paint a lighter color still in brown/greige family below the chair rail.  I had wanted to just go down one swatch on the paint chip but that color looks like it has a lot of green hint to it.

Here’s what I have right now:

Wheat Bread  belgian sweet

And here’s Wheat Bread with the color below it on the paint chip:

Wheat Breadashwood

My other option would be to install trim and paint it white – either beadboard or wainscoting of some type below the chair rail.  BUT again there is so little space (literally 2-3 inches) between each window and between the window trim and the baseboard that it would be very difficult to do. 

So which one would you do? 


  1. Hi Christina,
    So many options to choose from…..I think I would either paint it the same color below and reinstall the chair rail for interest, or go with the paint color (Ashwood) that is below it on the paint chip for the area below the chair rail. I would definitely have the chair rail….
    Can’t wait to see what you decide, as well as the finished product!

  2. Very pretty colors. My suggestion would be to refinish you table and chairs before doing anything to the walls. That’s the only thing I would change. It could give it an entirely different look.

  3. I think corbels under the bar top would look great.

  4. I have chair rails in my small kitchen too! Even though I removed part of the railing by my kitchen cabinets (hmmm, just like you!), I left it up around the rest of the room and have the walls above and below painted the same color (Martha Stewart Nimbus Cloud). I think it would look nice with a darker color under the chair rail, but l’d just keep all the walls the same color. (I also think I may be too darn lazy to remove the old railing and sand down years of paint?)

    I say save yourself some stress and just go with Option #3! Or try a lighter color than Wheat Bread and let those gorgeous counters stand out! Just an idea, though! ; )
    Do what YOU think is best for YOU! Take care! : )
    Christina recently posted..Our Budget Bathroom MakeoverMy Profile

  5. Christine, its a cute area to decorate. If your keeping the furniture white then a darker color would look nice…choose your favorite color and go for it…but consider a cheerful shade like amber yellow since its the room where the day begins, let it start in a cheerful manner full of sunshine…Millie
    millie torres recently posted..Millie’s-Poor Man’s DinnerMy Profile

  6. I would either touch up the paint or if you don’t love it, paint the below chair rail the ashwood.

  7. Joan Young says:

    Paint below chair rail the same as above. Same color makes the room look larger and brighter. Darker color below draws your eye down. Leave the chair rail for interest.

  8. Kim Edwards says:

    I am picking option #3. Paint the same color below the chair rail too! But, definitely leave the chair rail! It adds to the room! However, anything you choose to do will be outstanding! Your taste is impeccable! Have fun! I can’t wait to see that kitchen table and chairs makeover! Have a great day!

  9. I would remove the chair rail and do floor to ceiling in your Wheat color. Chair rails had purpose, to protect walls from the chair. It doesn’t make sense there and leaves the area chopped looking. Love the new backsplash!

  10. I personally love the look of a chair rail with lighter color on top and darker on bottom. Are you familiar with paintable beadboard wallpaper? Martha Stewart brand is available at Home Depot online. You could use it on the bottom and do the one shade darker than the upper color, although I personally like the colors you have now (but totally understand being tired of it and wanting a change!). That would help tie it in with the beadboard backsplash and island. You could also paint it white and pull in some color and pattern in your curtains.

  11. I agree with Joan, Keep the chair rail and paint the same color above and below. That will make the room appear larger and more cohesive. I love the look of your inspiration room and it fits your room beautifully. I also like the corbel idea , just keep it on the smaller side.

  12. Kathy Fehr says:

    I like what you have now but see some bright colors possibly needed. You have done a great job on your kitchen and have inspired us to take the plunge.

  13. You are really coming along with your kitchen. I think you should paint the bottom the same as the top. I think the chair rail adds a little interest. If you
    put your cabinets doors back on and think it would be too much white I would skip putting the chair rail back up. Either way it would look wonderful.

  14. I agree with the person above. Take the chair rail down and paint the same as the top. I think it would open up the dining space a bit just by removing the separation from the chair rain and exposing the full wall.
    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos recently posted..Keeping it Clean-Easy Curb AppealMy Profile

  15. I like the chair rail…it does add interest to the area! I like the idea someone mentioned about bead board wallpaper under the chair rail….and I would paint that in the lighter color Wheat Bread. The only thing I would do would be to possibly paint the lower area lighter. I like the color that’s up there as well. It’s looking really nice – can’t wait to see the table and chairs! 🙂

  16. I’d do either option #3 or #4 I like them both. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  17. Lori McCormick says:

    I’m leaning toward the option #3. I like option 4 but think it’s a little greenish. I’m sure whatever you do it will look great. Your choices always do.

  18. Either # 1 or # 4. I think the two-tone works best!

  19. I like it the way it is.. but was thinking maybe, if you would like a little more color, to put white beadboard on the bottom and a lighter pastel color on the top – whatever your fave is… I would put a very pale yellow.. that’s just my taste, to lighten and brighten it up. Lots of brown and beige in the whole kitchen and that area, so maybe a little something lighter and brighter on top and white or beige beadboard on the bottom. Just another viewpoint!
    Marilyn @ Pink Paper Cottage recently posted..Masculine card share and free printables sites.My Profile

  20. Sherri S. says:

    I think leave the rail and paint a little lighter on bottom. Your kitchen looks fabulous!

    Have a happy week. 🙂


  21. Can’t wait to see the cabinets! I vote that you paint the whole wall Wheat Bread. It would look fine with or without the chair rail. And yes corbels would look great under the bar!
    Erin @ DIY on the Cheap recently posted..Inspired by Navy & EmeraldMy Profile

  22. I love option #3. I love the look of the chair rail with the same color both above and below. However, since you’re not in love with the colors you have now. I’d recommend achieving this look with a new color that you love. No matter what you choose, it’ll look beautiful given that you have wonderful taste.

  23. I really like option #3! The sample picture is very nice and makes the space look larger.
    Also, corbels under the counter would be an attractive touch.
    Have fun making the changes!

  24. I love the bead board and I love the upper wall color. I think.if you’re going to stain the upper part of the table a darker color, that having the whole wall the same color or white on the bottom will help the table stand out more. I say follow your intuition.
    Pam @ The Birch Cottage recently posted..The Living With Style Linky Party #7My Profile

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