Watching Beach Flip while I DIY (and why we don’t fight over the remote anymore)

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If I asked you what was some things that you disagreed about with your kids or your spouse this week – would the remote or TV programming be on that list?  I know it can be an issue in our house. Smile  I am a Hallmark channel and HGTV fanatic but my husband prefers any channel BUT those two channels.   LOL!  (Anyone else have the same problem??) 


So I usually keep the TV on (usually Hallmark or HGTV or maybe an NCIS marathon) for background noise or just to listen to as I work/clean/whatever I am doing that day.  This is what happens at 6 pm… Hubby walks in the door, puts his stuff down, grabs a snack or drink, and then asks where’s the remote? Smile 

So for those times when I am working on a project outside, or mindlessly sanding/painting cabinet doors, or folding/hanging a ton of laundry but I want to catch the new episode of Beach Flip that was on the night before, or hubby is hogging the remote… XFINITY came up with a solution. 

(By the way, have you watched Beach Flip?  LOVE that show!  Feels like some of the older Trading Spaces type HGTV shows that I miss watching.)


XFINITY is introducing the new Cloud DVR feature (available to X1 customers in specific markets) accessed through the XFINITY TV app for X1.  If you are an XFINITY X1 customer you can download the free app here – iPhone / Android.


This feature and app allows you do these two main things:

  • Stream and download your recorded DVR programs to any internet-connected device on the go.   If you are connected to the internet, you just stream it.  If you aren’t going to be connected the internet, you can download any recorded DVR program to your device to watch later.
  • Turn any device into a TV in your home with the ability to LIVE stream tons of channels and On Demand options. 

So let’s talk about some ways you could use this:

  • Downloading your DVR shows and taking them on a plane (without an internet connection)
  • Setting the kids up with movies on tablets in the backseat of a long car trip
  • Get the full TV experience on any screen ANYWHERE in your home
  • Watching two shows at once – the kids can have control over the TV, while you enjoy your show on your tablet!
  • Catching up on your favorite show from the night before on the train to work.
  • literally the possibilities are endless… how would you use it?

I am still amazed at what can be done with technology and those phones we hold in our hands today.

So what is your favorite show right now?  How would you use the Cloud DVR feature?  There is a $100 gift card up for grabs for one lucky winner!  Make sure to login to the rafflecopter widget below to enter. 

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  1. My husband loves to watch sci-fy & I’m addicted to any show about Alaska. The cloud dvr feature would work perfectly for us.

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    I like being able to stream and stay entertained while in the car on a road trip to visit my parents every month.

  3. Kim Henrichs says:

    Being able to download from my DVR is amazing. It would be perfect for my long commute into NYC and back!

  4. I would love to be able to watch what I like and be able to take it one trips while we travel.

  5. I love the Turn any device into a TV in your home with the ability to LIVE stream tons of channels and On Demand options – I could use it on my computer!

  6. Setting it up in the car

  7. Downloading is the most useful option with the Cloud DVR to me. I could downtown my favorite TV shows to enjoy later on.

  8. Great idea. The kids could use it in the car.

  9. I love that I can download movies!! It comes in handy when I want to watch movies later. Love it!!

  10. Donna Marie says:

    I love Downton Abbey and have missed several episodes so would love to buy the set and watch it.

  11. Oh this is so neat! I think the feature that we would love is being able to watch two shows at once, one on TV and one on device. Although I love that you can also download and watch shows from your DVR!! So amazing! This would be so neat for our family, I know I so many times miss my shows and then forget to watch on the DVR….so I would use it alot on my device! Would be great to use while waiting to pick kids up at school or sport practices!!!

  12. To be able to watch two shows at once….such as when my husband is watching a GOLF event (which is Ok with me as long as something I want to watch isn’t on). Would love to be able to watch what I am interested in on a tablet or even my phone and let him have the big television.

  13. DonnaMarie says:

    With 3 generations living in my household, the cloud DVR would make sure no one missed a favorite show or episode. Mom loves to watch the news as much as possible; Son, when not doing school work, is an NCIS fan; and me…well I am a Food Network Addict.

  14. Kim Edwards says:

    This would be great to have for when our two grandchildren are traveling in the car with us and they need something to watch on their tablets! Plug those ear phones in and we are good to go! Thanks!

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