New paint in the kitchen

I’m always amazed at the power of paint in a room!  I am working on catching you up on some changes we’ve made in our house – some were gradual and I just haven’t had a chance to blog them yet.  

We moved 3 weeks before I had our little girl so I only managed to get 3-4 rooms painted before she came… then it took a few months before I was back to tackling big projects.  The kitchen finally made that list and I was so glad to see the green paint go!

Here’s the kitchen before we moved in…


And here’s how it looked after we moved in.    We replaced all the flooring in the house except for the kitchen/laundry room because we were trying to decide if we wanted to tile in the kitchen or continue our wood floors into the kitchen… (spoiler alert: we did the wood floors!  I’ll share that soon!)

New paint in kitchen-9

I am a light/bright and neutral paint girl so the green just wasn’t me. 

New paint in kitchen-10

So I continued the same paint color we did in our living room that we have used in all the main areas of our house – Behr Wheat Bread.  Its a nice greige color – tan without looking too warm and hint of gray without looking too cool. 

New paint in kitchen-4

We also snagged a major deal on appliances during the Black Friday/Christmas sales at Home Depot – I guess they were sort of our Christmas presents to ourselves.  We had budgeted to replace them when we bought the house so were just waiting for a good sale (the fridge was very small!)  After some gift cards, profit from selling the used ones on facebook marketplace, and stacking some rebates/coupon deals we got a major, major deal.

New paint in kitchen-7

And if you noticed I made a small change to the back splash area too.  On a whim one day, I grabbed a paintbrush and a can of white paint and just painted the back splash area (it has the same laminate on the counters going up the back splash).  I was just drowning in a sea of brown/tan and just needed something white! Winking smile  We plan on replacing the counters next – either in the fall or after Christmas and then will replace/install a new back splash too.

New paint in kitchen-8

What a difference a lighter wall color and a lighter back splash  – accomplished just with a can of paint and few hours of time.  That’s the way the kitchen looked up until May and then we made 2 more big changes which I’ll show you soon! Smile


  1. Gotta love the power of paint! I’m excited to see the changes that you make to your kitchen.

  2. Carol Bridegroom says:

    Congratulations! Looks great! I too am getting ready to change my kitchen from green to a more neutral color but I also want to paint my cabinets. Wish me luck!

  3. Love I!!!?

  4. Looks so much brighter.

  5. Betsy Wilson says:

    Looks like great vinyl! Sure you want to remove it with children? Love the color you chose & you will LOVE your freezer on the bottom! We moved Oct. 2016 & had to remove a small cabinet to get my fridge in. (Just like yours, only white). Good thing we did…..MOLD found! Another 600.00 to fix! Good luck!

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