Friday Faves + Frugal Finds: Yard sale and Goodwill finds

My husband and I took a short overnight trip to Chattanooga last weekend and of course I was keeping my eyes out for a Goodwill (or two!).  We found a big one Saturday morning right in the same parking lot where we were getting our coffee that morning and they were having a 50% off sale every color tag except yellow – yay!

I got a super cute lampshade for 99¢, a purse for $1.99, a pillow for $3, sunglasses for 99¢, and a soap pump for 99¢.    Some nicer lampshades are on my list and I needed sunglasses so was glad to find these things so cheap.


Then I actually was dropping off a load of stuff I have been cleaning out at Goodwill and ran in real quick and found these nice black shoes.  I am needing to replace several pairs of my dress shoes for summer and winter but have a hard time finding ones that I like and can afford.  So even though $5.35 or whatever shoes sell for at Goodwill is honestly a bit much in my opinion, it is still cheaper than buying new and I really did like these and they fit well. 


I stopped at an estate sale yesterday literally minutes after they opened and people were already loading up their cars and trucks with all kinds of things from rocking chairs and furniture.  The prices were actually reasonable at this estate sale and I picked up a small ladder for $2.00, a putty knife for 50¢, a pair of milkglass salt and pepper shakers for $1.00, and a vintage Pyrex dish for $1.00


So there’s my finds!  I hope to do a bit of yardsaling this weekend but honestly have some big DIY stuff happening around the house that I will be working on too.    Here’s a hint of a big project that is currently happening that I am totally excited about!  It is going to make a HUGE change to our house.  Can’t wait to share it when it is done!


  1. Hey Christina,
    I love all of your “finds”, especially the lamp shade and the milk glass salt and pepper shakers. You found really great deals this week! I clicked on the “hint” for what’s to come and can’t wait to see the finished product!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  2. Great finds! I really enjoy reading these, thank you for sharing. I llove finding great deals at Goodwill and yard sales, also!

  3. Christina: I loved all of your Goodwill finds, the shoes, and the milk glass salt and pepper shakers!

  4. Sheila Clark says:

    I love all your Friday finds. Love all your post! I live in Chattanooga, should have tried to find you. Lol…Which Goodwill did you go to?

  5. Thank you for sharing all you’re finds! I especially love all the decorating ideas and projects you finish! I love to read you’re post and I love to do the exact things you do. Save money redecorating on a dime or a quarter these days!

  6. Nancy corriveau says:

    I just found your cite,so excited .Can Hardily wait to view every thing.

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