Master bedroom BEFORE

Before you scroll any further… stop and repeat after me, “I will not stop following this blog because of the pictures I am about to see.”  Ok.  Got that done…now let me show you a never-before-seen room in my house, all BEFORE pictures, and a room that pretty much breaks every rule of decorating that exists.  You have been warned! Smile

Here is our master bedroom.

Master Bedroom before

I can’t tell you how many people have visited our home, and even stayed in our home who have never even seen this room.  Even when/if it is clean (which I may have removed an ironing board that pretty much permanently lives in our room, several stacks of clothes that need to be packed up, a bunch of other random stuff, and I even dusted and vacuumed for you too), I never usually show anyone this room.    They enter in my home in my newly painted entryway with a painted yard sale dresser, I show them my painted striped curtains, my curtains from sheets, the board and batten in my guest bathroom, my dining room, and we enjoy sitting in the living room together…because those are rooms I love, we enjoy being in, that function well for our family.

Master Bedroom before

But let’s back up.  This summer marks 11 years that my husband and I have been married and 10 years since we have lived in this home.  Really not much décor has been touched in here since that time and over the last 10 years.  Which was way before I had any clue about decorating, before I read blogs, before I shopped yard sales knowing what to look for to transform to make look beautiful to fit in my home.  We did buy new bedding about 5 years ago because our old bedding was falling apart. Those lamps were purchased about a year ago on an awesome clearance deal from Kohl’s with the plan to use them in a newly decorated room, and the white standing mirror I found recently at a yard sale and hope to use in my new room.  

Master Bedroom before

The room really is large which we loved when bought this home and still love today!    Our room is actually larger than our living room – sure wish we had that space in our living room instead but it is what it is.  But I sure would like to enjoy and use all of this space in a room we love and that works for us.  I would love to WANT to retreat here at night and sit in a chair in the corner reading or watching tv or browsing online before bed or sit in bed with my husband up against a soft upholstered headboard reading or working before bed.  

Master Bedroom before

So the main reason I never have redecorated/rearranged or even worked on this room is the furniture.  Yes, that lovely marbled black and gray lacquer furniture.  There is not much bedding or décor that will work with that furniture – I tried to do the best I could with red and black when we were first married.  I love my husband and he knows that and I think you know that – I truly adore him and am so thankful for getting to spend my life with him – BUT his taste in furniture that he chose before we met and got married I just don’t love. 🙂  It is good quality furniture and for being almost 20 years old has held up well.  But he has finally agreed to let me get rid of his bachelor style furniture and use the furniture I found at a yard sale last summer once I get it refinished.   Smile

Master Bedroom before

There are super tall ceilings in this room – not looking forward to painting those tall walls but they desperately need it.

Master Bedroom before

I would love to create a sort of “sitting area” in our room – wish the space was more conducive to moving the bed to one side but the bed really doesn’t work any other place but centered between the 2 windows.  So I hope to use the space to the left of the bed and add a chair/ottoman. 

Master Bedroom before

Oh and the crazy nook in the corner.  When we moved in it was just a nook – very strange and we really didn’t know what to do with it.  It made sense to add a built in bookshelf of sorts.  So one of our first “DIY projects” was to add these shelves.  

Master Bedroom before

I am sure you will want to pin this picture of this beautifully staged bookshelf, so I will wait while you do that.  LOL!  Back so soon… ok, seriously don’t pin this – wait for the after.  We installed these “floating shelves” and stained them a dark black.  The large space on the bottom was intended to use for a hamper but now that I found the laundry method that changed my life, we don’t use a hamper anymore – I just put them all in the laundry room and they are washed that day.  I plan to re-work all these shelves – possibly add cabinets on the bottom and somehow deal with all those cords too?  What would you do with this space?  Yes, we have a TV in the bedroom – not sure if it will go back on the shelves or we will put it on the dresser or tall chest – we do plan to upgrade to a small flat screen tv on the sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  

Master Bedroom before

Here’s the dresser side of the room and you can see the laundry room is right outside the door – I love that!  Again plenty of space!

Master Bedroom before

Ignore the pitifully small piece of art above the bed and the naked windows, and let’s talk about what is going to change over the next 4-6 weeks.  Pretty much everything from this room will be gone – dresser, nightstands, bed, bedding, décor on the walls, etc.   Anyone in the market for some really nice bachelor furniture??

Master Bedroom before

The built in bookshelf nook will be reworked and painted, the walls will be painted, a set of furniture refinished and added to the room, new bedding, new décor and maybe even some DIY art. 

Master Bedroom before

So this is the “series” of sort that you will see happening on this blog in the next few weeks.  The room looks exactly like this right now, but as soon as I finish this post I will be working on reworking/building more shelves, working on refinishing the furniture, making a headboard,  and then moving on to painting, new curtains, and decorating over the next several weeks.    My goal is to have it completely finished in about 6 weeks, by the end of September.  I am SOOO  excited to get to work and have a room that we both love and can enjoy!  And I am excited to share with you step by step the process.  So there will be several posts that won’t be “pretty” posts with a finished before/after as I plan to show you in real time what I am working on as I am working on it.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram and facebook as I will be sharing updates there as well. 

Master Bedroom before

Here’s a list of everything I plan to do (not necessarily in any order) and share on the blog in the coming weeks:

  • add more shelves to nook/possibly add cabinet on bottom
  • paint nook and shelves white
  • trim out the outside edges of nook to make it look more like a built in bookcase
  • refinish long dresser and tall chest – stain or paint
  • figure out what to do for nightstands – have 1 that matches set of furniture so either will do non-matching nightstands or find/purchase a set of second-hand nightstands and paint/refinish them or build a set of nightstands
  • make DIY upholstered headboard
  • paint walls and trim
  • clean the carpets
  • install new blinds
  • make/buy curtains
  • possibly stencil new curtains?
  • possibly make a piece of DIY art
  • find chair/ottoman for corner
  • continue to look for and find more thrifted décor/accessories for the room
  • add lots more pillows to the bed 🙂
  • decorate!

I will be back tomorrow to show you inspiration pictures for the room and ideas I have for curtains, colors, bedding, the furniture and more.  And then later this week or Monday I will show you some things I have already purchased for the room.   I can tell you that there will be NO black, red, or burgundy in the newly decorated room. 🙂 I would love to hear what YOU would do in the room – colors you would use, ways you would rearrange the room, what would you do with the nook, etc.  Now excuse me while I get busy on that massive to-do list I just shared above!  Looking forward to sharing this process step-by step with you in coming weeks.  Operation Master Bedroom Makeover starts now!


  1. What a great space! I love how big the room is. Can’t wait to see what you do to it!
    Erin @ DIY on the Cheap recently posted..My Favorite Power Tool Projects + RYOBI Power Tools Giveaway!My Profile

  2. jennifer macfarland says:

    I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone. It’s a great shape and size, looking forward to the afters.

  3. I am working on redoing our master bedroom right now too! I already got new bedding, which is a great start. Thankfully I don’t have hideous furniture! Yup. I just called your husband’s furniture hideous! 🙂 Excited for you to have a nice retreat in the near future!
    MaryEllen@ImperfectHomemaker recently posted..What I Learned From a Week With No InternetMy Profile

  4. I think an area rug would look nice but I know that whatever you do will look great…I can’t wait! I’m sure your hubby will be wishing he ditched that furniture years ago. LOL

  5. You have a huge bedroom with lots of potential so I know you will wow us with the final result! Can’t wait to see it!
    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos recently posted..Nell Hills Tent Sale MirrorMy Profile

  6. Funny that you start this now! We moved into a new house in April and our master bedroom is huge. We decorated everything in the house and love it but…. the bedroom is BORING. Tan walls, wood floors, brown furniture which all matches (which I hate!). I have been looking for ideas so I am anxious to see what you do!

  7. I can’t wait to see the after pictures. About the funny empty corner. We have several in our home, fortunately we were able to see our home as a model home. For our home these spaces were intended for built in cabinets/ cupboards. In the model the had closed in linen type cupboards in 2 and a third they had a entertainment unit. Have fun with all your projects!!

  8. That bed is hideous! I think most men come into the marriage with at least one thing like that. Ours was a hideous leather couch. I think it took about six years to get rid of it! Ha I bet your husband will be happily surprised and wonder why you waited!

  9. Christina – the space has great potential…I’m sure you are glad to be able to get rid of the 80’s furniture – but don’t worry, we all have rooms in our homes that aren’t blog-worthy. Thanks for keeping it real, it’s one of the reasons I love your blog!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG recently posted..We’re still here!!My Profile

  10. I love this grand space of a room, lots of great decorating and painting ideas are bouncing off my head right now. Have you ever considered making that nook into a nice office/desk/makeup area with a fabric framed bulletin board or mirror and putting the shelves on the side wall to house books & baskets. Also a small chandelier above that nook area would look fabulous to match another chandelier above the bed. A great color like Robin egg blue, aqua or amber color on the wall would give the space drama. My decorating brain is going haywire on this room, but no matter what you do to it I am sure it will be lovely.

  11. You guys are so lucky to own your own home and be able to redecorate and such. Anywho, I would change the ceiling fan light fixtures to something more modern, I would place a small day need or cushioned bench instead of a ottoman on the right side of the bed, replace the “wall art” with portraits or you and your husband and beautiful landscaped to really make it feel like a retreat. I noticed there’s no closet, is it separate from the room? I’d it a walk in? If so, I would get medium sized Chester dressers and place in the closets and you’ll have sooo much more space yowzah I have sooo many ideas. I can’t wait to own my own home! Good luck and have fun!

  12. I’m jealous of that huge master bedroom and all of the space! I follow you on Pinterest, so I’ve seen some of the recent pictures you’ve posted with master bedrooms. Sounds like you are on the right track with the ideas you have, not to mention getting rid of that bachelor furniture!! I can’t wait to see how you transform the space! I think the nook with the shelves, as well as the space you are thinking of putting a reading area have great potential! I would use the shelves for books and maybe storage with nice baskets. Also, if you leave the rocking chair where it is, a small love seat would look great on that wall. Or you could do an overstuffed chair and ottoman. Whatever you decide I know will turn out great….can’t wait to follow along and see the process step by step!

  13. Change is exciting!
    Susie@homemaker-mom recently posted..A Cleaner Home Begins with a Cleaning KitMy Profile

  14. Think you could move your bed on any of those walls. I change mine to different walls all the time…Can’t wait to see the results of your new room…Have fun….

  15. What a neat room. I would add cupboard doors of some sort on your shelves and make it look like a built in closet/storage area. I love the high ceilings. Can’t wait to see it transformed. Sitting in that corner looks so nice. I have a small recliner, it’s a Barcalounger. It is so comfortable and yet doesn’t take up the space like a huge recliner and looks more “dainty”–can’t think of the right word. Just not bulky. It’s not overstuffed. A lamp, a lounger, and a good book!

  16. Sandy Manning says:

    It wasn’t nearly as bad as you made it sound! However, I join the majority who really do not like the furniture. So if you need any support for getting rid of it, have your hubs read the comments! Me no likey! Can’t wait to see all the changes.

  17. Our bedrooms are just about the same so I am anxious to follow your progress. Good luck.

  18. Cheryl MacKay says:

    I can not wait to see what you do with your master! woohoo!! It took a lot of guts to do post it. But we’re all behind you. anxiously waiting.

    oh, please take the plastic off the shades – that was meant for shipping/store shelf purposes only. It’s like keeping the tags on your clothes.

    Happy homemaking!

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