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Project Master Bedroom Makeover is underway!  If you missed my post yesterday, hop on over and check out the BEFORE pictures of our bedroom.  Then come back and give your eyes a break from that furniture and feast on all these pretty pictures! Smile  Today I am going to share some ideas I have gathered for inspiration on what I want to do in our room.  We’ll tackle paint, bedding, headboard, and curtains inspiration today and tomorrow I will talk about art for the walls, inspiration for that weird little nook, and some furniture ideas.  If you follow me on Pinterest than you may have seen some of the things I have pinned recently and over time for our master bedroom – you can see even more on my Bedroom Pinterest board.   Thank goodness for Pinterest – I love that I can gather ideas there over time and then scroll through them easily.

The following 3 photos have been my main source of inspiration for the look and feel of the room.  (And please if you are going to pin any of the pictures in this post, visit the original source from the link I share and pin from there.)

Dear Lillie’s guest bedroom – I just love everything about this room!  And apparently a lot of you do too when I shared it on facebook last week.

Dear Lillie guest bedroom

Paint color: Dark Gray

When I first started thinking about redecorating our room a year or more ago I knew that I wanted to do gray with lots of white.   And up until recently I thought I would go with a light gray on the walls BUT I kept seeing darker gray rooms and Ioving them more and more.  I asked about going darker with my paint last week on facebook and many of you said do it!  So I am!  It will be something different, something out of my comfort zone, and I am excited!   I LOVE natural light – literally the first thing I do in the morning is open blinds throughout the main areas of the house – even before I have my coffee! Smile  But our room has 3 big windows and high ceilings which will stay white so I think it will be still light enough for me.  I want this to be a HUGE change and it’s just paint so it could always be painted lighter if it just didn’t work or I ended up hating it.  

Curtains: White or stenciled on white background

Since I am going dark on the walls, I will go light with other things.  I am planning solid white curtains for now but if I see that I need or want pattern on them I will either stencil them or find patterned material with a white background.

I also love this bedroom that Desire to Inspire shared.

desire to inspire bedroom

I love the touches of yellow, the white big framed family pictures, and that gray bedding.

And Nester’s bedroom in her previous house. 

Nesters bedroom

You already know that her wall inspired my painted diamond wall in my living room.  BUT it also is a huge source of inspiration for our bedroom too.  I am going a bit darker gray on the walls.

Bedding: White comforter, lots of pillows, gray throw

I pinned several patterned bedspreads, but eventually over time I have decided to go with white bedding.  I found my bedding a few weeks ago for a great deal and I can’t wait to show you!  And I have been picking up pillows here and there at yard sales and thrift stores and have found some very specific, fun ones in the last month perfect for our room!  I have found a few blankets and throws too recently.

Bed/Headboard: DIY Upholstered headboard in either light gray or white

I have always wanted to make a headboard and am excited to do one for our room.  I mentioned I found a set of furniture but it is just dressers and nightstands – no headboard or bed.  So I have to do something for a headboard and bed and I really want an upholstered headboard!  For one it can be a DIY project and will be super comfy to sit in bed and lean up against.  

Here’s a great graphic with some basic shapes for headboards or upholstered headboards.  I am leaning towards Portman.   Which one is your favorite?

headboard shape graphic

And I know I am going to do tufting on my headboard.  Probably just a few like this one from Thrifty Décor Chick.

Thrifty Decor Chick headboard

But this headboard with lots of tufts from Dear Lillie is gorgeous too!  I haven’t decided if I am going to do white or gray.  Since I am going dark gray on the walls I will either have to go very light gray on the headboard or white with the headboard.  I like both looks – so once I get the bedroom painted I will lay out the bedding with the walls and see what I should do.  Which is your favorite – white or light gray headboard with dark gray walls?

Dear Lillie bedroom

Here’s another headboard with lots of tufting from Savvy Southern Style.

Savvy Southern Style headboard

Then I can’t decide if I should do any kind of nailhead trim – my husband says do either/or – tufting or nailhead trim but not both.  But I think that if you did it right it wouldn’t be too much especially on a white headboard.

I like this one from Centsational Girl with the nailhead trim closer to the edge.


But I love this headboard with the nailhead trim in from the edge. 

Amber Interior Design

And I think you could combine the nail head trim from that headboard and just a few tufts like this one from Jenna Sue and it would be perfect.  (By the way she shares a tutorial on how she made hers if you want to see the process I am planning on using.)

Jenna Sue design headboard

Would look something like this one but the shape of the headboard would be different.

nailhead and tufted headboard

What do you think?  Tufting, nail head trim or both?  And should the headboard be white or gray?

So here’s my decisions so far – what do you think?

  • Paint color: Dark Gray
  • Curtains: White or stenciled
  • Bedding: White comforter, lots of pillows, gray throw
  • Bed/Headboard: DIY Upholstered headboard in either light gray or white


  1. Sherri S. says:

    All of these are great rooms. I’m positive yours will be as well! I like just the tufting, no nailhead. Hope your week is going great. By your recent post on Facebook with your awesome delivery I say it looks like you are. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday…

  2. I love the last photo…its gorgeous. I love your inspirational choices. Also you can paint your old dressers, how about white high gloss and new sliver handles?
    millie torres recently posted..Frugalicious MakeoversMy Profile

  3. Awesome ideas!! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Whatever you choose I know it will be great!!

  4. Shirley Lange says:

    I love the tufted without the nail heads. As long as you have plenty of light in your bedroom, the dark gray walls will, most likely, be fine. You and I are among the ever growing group that loves white. Dark Gray is going to be a stretch. I am cringing. : ) The room will be beautiful and I must tell you how much I admire the planning that you have put into this project. I often make off the cuff decisions and end up having to change things. Following your example is something I hope to cultivate. Love reading your blog each day.

  5. Gray is so neat and will go with so many colors, you can always change for the seasons, especially if you stay with white bedding. Pink, red, purple, yellow, black, green, it’s endless!! I love gray walls with white trim, very classy.

  6. Christina,
    I love your inspiration pictures and your ideas for the master bedroom! I especially love the dark gray for the walls! We just painted our teenage son’s room and dark gray with white trim and it turned out great! I think you should go with a light gray headboard and the tufting – no nailhead trim! But I know whatever you decide will look great – can’t wait to see it!

  7. Ian Edmonson says:

    I didn’t know that grey will look like this, it is beautiful. It looks elegant and classic, thank you for sharing this one.

  8. I would love to know the exact paint you end up using. I am trying to decide on one for my son’s room and can’t quite get the look I am striving for.

    • Did you ever get a specific dark grey color? Not all dark grey’s are created equal and was wondering specially what the grey color in the first picture was.

  9. I would love to know where your rug is from.

  10. I love all of your inspiration and will follow closely because I am also planning a mater bedroom makeover!
    Post lots of pics!

  11. Hi!! LOVE the Dark Grey wall paint you used! I’m looking for something very similar to use in my small powder room. There are sooooooo many shades of dark grey. Specifically, what was the exact color you used? Was it from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore?

  12. I love the dark grey for the wall – I have just finished a make-over in my bedroom but opted for a light grey wall – I wish now I had done a dark grey wall – I love it. I have all white furniture but chose to paint the two bedside tables in yellow and added a couple of yellow cushions to ‘tie’ the yellow together, which I think would also look nice in your room. I would also go with the tufting 🙂

    I am also doing a make-over in my office and am going white for the walls, but am going for dark grey on the office furniture units and two black office chairs. I have been thinking if the dark grey will look good, but after seeing your dark grey I am thinking a lot more positive – so thank you for sharing 🙂

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