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10 simple   frugal ideas to clean and organize your home

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So let’s talk a little more about how you can repurpose dressers to help you organize and store things in your house and also look at some examples of organized entryways today.  Because a lot of time the two can go hand in hand – you can use a repurposed dresser to help you organize your entryway!

Here’s a great post on 10 clever ways to repurpose dressers


I love this dresser turned entertainment system idea.  It doesn’t even look like the same piece of furniture!

dresser turned entertainment system

Dressers can be used as vanities in the bathroom too.  There are tons of information and tutorials on doing this in blogland.

dresser turned vanity

If you have space and it would make sense, add a dresser in your closet to give more storage room.

add dresser to closet

Store games in dresser drawers.

store games in dresser

Dresser turned into shelves

dresser into shelves

By the way you can double use out of a dresser that way.  Use the frame as shelves and then reuse the drawers as under bed storage!

dresser drawers into under bed storage

Here’s another drawer-less dresser filled with small plastic bins for lots of craft storage

dresser turned into craft storage

And you can even use a dresser in a kitchen or eat-in-kitchen area to serve as a buffet and to add extra storage.  By the way this is a dresser from Ikea.


If retro furniture is your thing, this piece is gorgeous!  I love how she redid it!  And she paid $10 bucks for it… that’s right… $10!

retro dresser makeover

Let’s talk about entryways now.  If you have any wall space by your front door or garage door creating some sort of organizational space will help so much!

It could be some simple hooks on a board – a simple DIY project.

hooks in entryway

Add a bench with some hooks – this is a $15 project – full tutorial over at Shanty 2 Chic.


Just a simple little corner can be turned into a great organization and storage area.

Even if it is just some simple hooks behind a door – can help so much to coral the “stuff”.

storage behind door

Looks pretty and yet so functional!

hooks behind door

Do you have a mudroom or entryway in your home?  Is there some simple things you could do to add some open storage in your entryway?  Or maybe you could add a yard sale or thrifted dresser to your home to add some storage.


  1. Kelly Palmer says:

    I really like the idea of getting an inexpensive dresser at a thrift store or yard sale and removing the drawers. I would love to do that and then add little clear plastic boxes and fill it with my shoes to be placed in the bedroom or closet 🙂 Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  2. How come you didn’t give Karen from SEW MANY WAYS credit for the drawer-less dresser filled with plastic shoe boxes for craft storage?? Her entire craft/sewing room is organized like that, and I recognized that dresser as one of her pictures!

    • So, I’m a little late to the party…about a yr after the post…lol..anywho…great ideas..

      OH…Diane…if you CLICK the red lettering (LINK) on the drawer-less dresser it will take you to “Sew Many Ways” page…so I believe credit was given when it’s linked to the actual site.

      • Yeah, but the author of this blog post still put HER watermark (the frugal homemaker, this website, at the bottom right corner) on Karen’s photo. That is extremely misleading! That photo isn’t that author’s to watermark, and her doing so gives people the impression to her readers that it is her photo that she took, and belongs to this blog, when it actually doesn’t. Whether she put a link to the original post or not, her taking the time to superimpose her watermark on someone else’s photo is super shady.

        • Christina says:

          I took care of this issue. The program I use to write my posts automatically adds my watermark to every image I upload so this was just a total oversight – I have to manually take them off when I do a round-up post like this and somehow missed that one picture. But I had linked back to her blog. I am sorry for the confusion. I completely understand the issue of that being her photo and was not at all trying to claim it as mine – just a simple mistake.

  3. some neat ideas !! you look at one your mind goes crazy with your own ideas .Love it ! thanks !!!!

  4. Great ideas!! Thank you for sharing!

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