Small change in the eat-in-kitchen (Decluttering)

Today I just have a simple change or actually a decluttering project to share with you.  It is one of the things that I mentioned I wanted to change in my Home Tour post of my eat in kitchen. 


You may have even noticed the change in my Valentine Day tablescape post.  A few of you caught on and mentioned it in the comments. Smile

Valentine's Day table

Any one guess before you read on??

Valentine's Day table

The cookbook stand in the corner – here it is from my eat in kitchen home tour post.  I told you I wanted to remove it.  I didn’t even use 1/2 of the cookbooks on it (but I hated to get rid of them) and it just was cluttery and rickety looking to me.  I honestly don’t know why I haven’t done something about it before.  One of the helpful things for ME about doing a tour through my home and showing you is I can really look at the room in pictures and see things that I might not have seen before or seen otherwise that I want to change.  AND some of you have had some more great suggestions too!

cookbook stand in kitchen

There it was!  And now it is gone.  Isn’t that a world of difference??  And  SOOO much better?


Funny story, actually.  About 2 days after I posted my eat in kitchen post, a little helper actually knocked the whole shelf, books, and all in the floor.   Since I didn’t want it there anyways, it was the PERFECT time to add the shelf to the growing yard sale pile in the garage and sort through the cookbooks.


A big stack joined the yard sale pile in the garage, the most frequently used ones went in the cabinet above the microwave for easy access,

cookbooks in cabinet

loose recipes got tossed or added to my family recipe binder,

Organize your Recipes

and the rest got put in the office to see if I use them again.  If not, they will get added to the yard sale pile at a later date.

LOVING the clean, open space now!



Here’s the before/after one more time.

Decluttering the kitchen

A FREE update and I get to cross something off my to-do list for the kitchen!   Check out the other things I plan to change in this post.

I have heard people say, take everything out of the room, then only put back one thing at a time and STOP when you like it.  You will probably end up with several things not put back into the room and the room will look much better and less cluttered.

Been doing any spring cleaning or decluttering?  I have been working on some other projects too that I may share later.


  1. WHEN I DO the one load a day-I love it 🙂 but with a growing family, I haven’t always kept up very well…. and am currently a bit behind. haha…. usually I do 2 loads 3-4 days and 1 load the other days, except Sunday. my problem lies in getting all the socks matched-no matter how hard I try!
    tascha recently posted..yellow lovelies…and where to find me todayMy Profile

  2. Wow moving the little rack made the room look much bigger. 🙂
    Stacey recently posted..The Girly RoomMy Profile

  3. What a bummer that it went crashing to the floor. I guess that was a sign, huh? It looks great! You also gave me an idea… take pictures of rooms to remove what isn’t needed. Thank you! 🙂
    Angie@SlipcoveredGrey recently posted..A Renewed DeskMy Profile

  4. Your eat in Kitchen looks great with the Recipe books gone! Clean and fresh!
    Leah recently posted..Days #16-18My Profile

  5. Looks great and more spacious now. Funny how we live with something for a long time then one day a light bulb goes off and the change makes us feel so happy. Luv decluttering… can be hard sometimes but once it is done… WOW! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Small changes can have big impact – looks awesome!
    Carrie recently posted..Thoughts – In HonorMy Profile

  7. You got rid of Martha?!

  8. Love the after photo! I donated a bunch of my cookbooks to my local
    library. That way if I ever want to look at them I can just check them
    out! Besides, they have more shelves than I do!


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