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Friday Fun   Frugal Finds

So the title should clue you in that this week was a normal week around here – I went yard sale shopping and found frames, jewelry, and more!  Story of my life recently.  But I love my finds and I did find a few more things this week too.

I stopped at a yard sale on Friday and picked up all of this jewelry for $2.50.  Really loving the silver rhinestone bracelet!DSC_0946

Then it was on to my parking lot yard sale which was PACKED!  Took my almost an hour just to walk around and browse all the sales along with making a trip back to the car to unload! Smile

Picked up this large, ornate frame for $1.00!  Steal of a deal as this frame is probably 18x 24 or larger!  Would love to put a mirror in it but not sure how much a piece of mirror costs?  If not, I am sure I can find another use for it.  Would you think it is plastic?  It is but you can’t tell until you pick it up!


Then I visited my favorite jewelry man’s sale.  Found a few more pieces for $1.00 each.


Then here are some other random things I found:

  • Lantern – $3
  • 4 shutters – $1.00 for all 4
  • Patriotic apron with tags still on – 50¢


Then I picked up this series of 4 frames for $4.00.  She was asking $5 for the set but I offered $4.00.  What do you think of the prints?  They have that sort of botanical print look that is popular right now.  BUT honestly I just wanted the frames, especially since they are 4 matching frames.  Will be nice to hang all in a line or series and have matching frames once they are spray painted.  (On the back is a stamp  – they were custom prints from Sears at some point.)


Then I stopped in Value Village and found some games.  $2.82 for both games.  I am hoping the Jumble Plus is a fun game to play – looks like it might be!  But I really wanted the Taboo game. 


Can I tell you a secret?  I have been picking up these group/party type games when I find them and they are in good shape/have all the pieces/etc. to use as wedding gifts!  We work with the college age young adults at our church which means many of them will be getting married in the near future.  I know when we got married we had NO games!  And games are expensive – definitely wasn’t top of our “to-buy” list either especially after that first trip to the grocery store.  So I am hoping to supply them with quite a few games to start their game closet…

What did you find this week?  Did you shop any yard sales or stop in at your local thrift store? 

What is your favorite group or party type game to play?  Have you ever given a secondhand wedding gift?


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  1. Jackie W says:

    You really got some great deals and finds! I haven’t been yardsaling in years because it seemed that items weren’t priced to sell. My husband and I went to the 127 yard sales last year and had a good time. We didn’t buy much because again, things were way over priced. Have a great weekend!

    • Christina says:

      yes, I do sometimes find that prices are high. But I try to barter people down and if not I just walk it away! I usually find it cheaper later! 😉

  2. I say do a chalkboard in the ornate frame… and paint it a fun bright color. 🙂 Would be cute!!
    Renee @ Living, Laughing, & Loving recently posted..Beautify your Blog… Custom Landing Page for FacebookMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      A chalkboard would be cute too! Wish I had wall space in my kitchen to hang something like that – my wall space is all cabinets and windows – LOL! 🙂

  3. We got married 2 years ago and are working on “stocking up” on games. I always check thrift stores and garage sales and have found some awesome deals that way! How sweet of you to get them for young couples in your church – I’m sure they will greatly appreciate it!

    • Christina says:

      I hope so, Emily! I know I would have when we first got married. I am still working on building ours up 9 years later!

  4. What good finds you ran across! I have had to slow down on my thrifting. I have a stock pile of things I want to resale in an “occasional sale” shop along with new items from market and my silks. Can’t find a store front at this point that works and I have many bins of thrifted items! I love it though. I have not given a thrifted item as a wedding gift but if they are like new I see nothing wrong with it.
    Donna recently posted..Winter White and BlueMy Profile

    • Christina says:

      I am having to be more selective with mine. I am getting to the point where I don’t need much more stuff so defintely having to think twice before bringing home more clutter.

  5. Kathy in NC says:

    Using that pretty frame for a kitchen/computer area corkboard would also work. Just paint the frame, glue in the corkboard, and add some cute pushpins ! 🙂

    • love the corkborad idea for office area. just wut im need. gonna be on the lookout for such a frame. nice find!

      • Christina says:

        a corkboard is a a great idea. Our office is David’s – so he has it decorated with cars and old stuff. But I might use it for a jewelry holder in our bedroom! 😉

    • Christina says:

      Great idea, Kathy! I really need a jewelry holder so I am thinking some cork with some pretty hooks or pins would work perfect for that in that frame.

  6. I chose the week you had your own garage sale to go, and was so sad I didn’t find you!! I want to follow you around one of these days….I epecially want to find the jewelry man…I can’t find any true red to save my life!!! : ) GREAT job as always!

    • Christina says:

      the jewelry man is at the Antique store parking lot yard sale just about every Saturday. He has a small covered trailer and tons of jewelry out everywhere. 🙂 You will have to look for him next time you are there. And he is great at making deals too. Say if you are buying necklaces – he will probably take $4-5 for them. I got 5 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces this past week for $3 🙂

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